As time goes on you expect things to get better. You’d expect the pain wouldn’t be has strong but it remains the same. The only difference is knowing that you’re safe.

I love you & miss you!

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'And I'm gon' try to hold it all in
Try to hold back my tears
So it don’t make you stay here, yeah
I’mma try to be a big girl now
Cause I don’t wanna be
The reason you don’t leave”

#Tbt We Miss You Trav #RipTrav #TravFetch

It has officially been a year September 19th 2012 an angel claimed his wings. A prince was crowned… I can honestly say your presence is missed. It’s the little things that matter most. I will never forget our jokes, our talks and just the way you had my back when I didn’t even know it! I remember getting the call so vividly, it’s like it replays in my mind all the time because I’m constantly in disbelief. Travis you were the brother God didn’t give me biologically. You were the perfect Godfather. You are missed. I know today might be hard but I’ll think of all the amazing times we had together, all the jokes we shared & just how awesome of a person you are! I love you Trav!!! REST IN PEACE! #RIPTrav

Love you Travis. You were my best friend and a brother to me. Not a day goes by that something doesn’t remind me of you. Actually I need a lunch buddy right now and you aren’t here to go with me! πŸ˜” Until we meet again, I love you and you are forever in my heart. Rip TJC πŸ’”πŸ’‹ #riptrav #teamtrav #misshim