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HULLO, HULLO! It’s Lisa here with a review for you guys! Written version will be up soon after this so keep your eyes PEELED! If you’re 110 pounds or less I suggest you look at this to keep options open in terms of your bushing choice.

Wheel Clearance? What's that?

External image
Truck Template project teaser!  I did the front end of the pintail, mounted the truck and realized that I had forgotten something… Holy wheel bite Batman!

Looks like I’m going to have to run some 60mm wheels instead of my beautiful 76mm… plus I’ll probably have to sand that wheel well to be a little deeper… Whoops!

In other news, it appears that Sack has taken over the site… I have to step it up a notch!


Haha, whoa! Can’t find myself falling behind on you guys!