riptide bushings


The Machado Classic – The Official Edit

Thanks to Kavon for knocking out a pro edit in one day, such a boss. So proud to have been a part of this event. Thanks to all the sponsors that made sure all the skaters walked away with rad swag. The weather wasn’t perfect, but it couldn’t have gone any better. We are a family and have to take care of each other. This event was the best possible example of that. People drove over 10+ hrs to a secret location in Oklahoma for some dope racing this past weekend. We miss you Jason, hope to have you back in our state soon. Love you homie.

Riptide/PSD Footstops
In the world of downhill skateboarding much about a riders set up is all based on preference. For the longest time I didn’t use a footstop/toestop, because, well, I didn’t really know they existed, and my set ups felt fine without one. Once I notices people using a bushing to wedge their foot up against I decided to give it a go, and found it to be extremely useful. The only problem with using a bushing was that it has a somewhat small surface area and when really trying to dig your foot into it can sometimes be uncomfortable. Then I discovered Riptide/PSD Footstops. There are two kinds the more traditional “In-Side” footstop and a more freeride friendly “Out-Side” footstop.



Both footstops come in a resealable bag with a Riptide sticker and a small washer. The footstops do not come with hardware and require somewhat lengthy hardware depending on if you run risers or not. As you can see the Out-Side footstop is rounded and allows foot placement to work in your favor.

The In-Side footstop is awesomely customizable to each riders stance with a lot of room to work with. For downhill it feels awesome the concave on it isn’t too deep and isn’t too shallow. It feels great and really allows you to dig into the footstop for ripping through corners or downhill. For freeriding though it just isn’t that comfortable, there’s really no good way to say it…it just isn’t. For positioning your feet the corners can sometimes feel uncomfortable or just not work in your favor, 

The Out-Side footstop feels absolutely fantastic for freeriding, it sits higher than a bushing and lets you really dig in for throwing the board sideways. It does feel good for downhill as well, however you dont get the same locked in feeling you get from the In-Side footstop. 

The footstops come in at $19.99 a piece which is a pretty reasonable price compared to some Roger Bros. footstops which are far heavier. If you’re looking to get one of these hit up your local skateshop or Riptide directly to hook yourself up.