Owens is the man. Check out an interview with him about his new gig at TWS HERE

This shot is by Jaime Owens from the Blind Video Days 20 Year Reunion shoot we did for Skateboarder where we got the cast of the iconic skate video together to reminisce about shooting Video Days and skateboarding in the ‘90s. It was an awesome experience with one of the heaviest line ups I’ve ever been around and I’m pretty sure it was my first and only time meeting Gonz. 

The shoot took place in a big photo studio that’s used mainly by automotive magazines and like many studios it looked the walls had some natural transition. As soon as we were done shooting, Gonz threw his board down and went for a fs ollie up the wall, came down and broke through the thin transition. The guys in charge of the studio freaked out and said it was going to cost five grand to fix. Gonz scooted right out of there and I’m pretty sure it ended up being a much easier fix, but all in all it was a good first time meeting Mark. 

You can see some of Roger Bagley’s videos from the shoot on Skateboarder’s Vimeo page HERE (part 1), HERE (part 2) and HERE (part 3)

As an aspiring writer in the very late 90s, I contacted as many skate mags as I could for a chance to get published. TransWorld and Strength were the first two who let me in … But none made me work for it as hard as @skateboarder_magazine and Aaron Meza did. I’ve always been a fan of hard work and tough love so I really respected and enjoyed the mission. A few articles later, when they asked me to do this piece with @lancemountain, I was floored and honored. Thank you Skateboarder and Aaron Meza for giving me a chance back then and for also raising the bar. @jaimeowens I think you may have assigned me this piece … So thank you so much as well. #ripskateboarder and good luck to all my friends who worked there. Hit me up anytime @asmithphotos @roger_bagley @nolanw @bucclife!

R.I.P. @skateboarder_magazine 1964-2013 Thanks for constantly inspiring us with the stories and photos and everything we love about skateboarding throughout the years and major respect to @jaimeowens for making such a rad magazine for the past decade+ at the helm…. And thanks for always showing us the love @nolanw and @asmithphotos #ripskateboarder

Dammit. Terrible news. @skateboarder_magazine is the latest piece of skateboarding to succumb to the gauntlet. I’m glad I had the opportunity to have some of my work featured with This legendary mag, thanks @jaimeowens @asmithphotos #ripskateboarder photo taken in @johnnyonedick’s office, the man who gave me my first job in the skate industry at the local shop. I think this banner is from the mid 80’s.