rips your heart in two




Requested: Husband!Shawn and his wife at one of the Q&A’s before his show but she’s standing off to the side but Shawn makes her come sit with him and they’re just being really cute together and the fans have some questions for her

sorry this is super short and kinda rushed but let me know if yall want a part two that may or may not rip your hearts out 

you can thank @kidinlovewithakid for this love ya lex!

“Shawn!” one of Shawn’s crew members burst through the door, “You’re going to be late to your Q&A if you don’t come right now!  And put your damn shirt on!”

Currently the two of you were in Shawn’s dressing room, alone, and needles to say, it was getting a bit heated. You joined Shawn on his summer leg of his 4th world tour, you were a kindergarten teacher so you already had the summer off. Shawn just hired this new security guard and he was an ass, Shawn hated him, Geoff hated him, everyone hated him. He didn’t know that they liked to keep everything calm, he was very particular about things and when they didn’t go his way he liked to yell.

“Asshole,” Shawn muttered as he quickly buttoned up his shirt that you had unbuttoned only minutes ago. “I hate him.” He fixed his hair in the mirror before grabbing your hand and pulling you to the Q&A. Another thing this new security guard didn’t like was the fact that you were on tour too. He thought you being here was a distraction for Shawn and he usually did everything he could to interrupt you two when you were alone. Andrew had already talked to him, letting him know that you two weren’t 18 year old kids anymore, you are adults and married and you definitely weren’t a distraction.

“Finally,” he sighed when Shawn finally arrived outside the doors of the Q&A. “Y/n isn’t coming in with you. She’s a distraction, she can go on the bus or something until you’re finished the show.” He forcefully grabbed your arm, pulling you away from Shawn. Luckily, Geoff was standing there too and jumped to your defence along with Shawn.

“Hey man,” Geoff said as Shawn pulled you away from him. “She’s his wife and you definitely can not be touching her.”

The guard just scoffed, “She’s a distraction, wife or not.”

“I will have your ass fired with the snap of my fingers,” Shawn butted in, tightening his grip on your hand. “never touch her again or we’re going to have real problems here.” He was interrupted by Geoff telling him it was time to go in. Shawn went in first, taking his seat in front of the crowd before you, Geoff, and everyone else followed. You were leaning against the wall when Shawn’s security guard came and stood next to you. Shawn must have noticed your nervous glances as he stood next to you, because me motioned for you to come sit with him at the front.

“Do you guys mind if my wife comes and sits up here?” he asked, earning a room full of high pitched screams as a yes. You shook your head, hoping Shawn wouldn’t make you go sit up there where there would be cameras recording your every move.

“Come on Y/n, there’s nothing to be scared of, they don’t bite.” Shawn got up from his sitting position and made his way over to you, ignoring the looks he got from his security guard since he got up. He grabbed your hand before pulling you back to the front where he was originally seated.

“Sorry guys, I noticed Y/n wasn’t very comfortable over there.” He said, swiftly jumping onto the table where he was seated before. “Where were we?”

“A little help?” You said, crossing your arms over your chest. The table was very high, and unfortunately not everyone could be 6 feet tall so you were having trouble jumping up.

“Oh right,” Shawn chuckled, taking your hand again and helping you onto the table. “I forgot you’re a little elf.”

“I may be small, Shawn, but I’m not that small. You’re just a giant.” you shook your head.

“You’re like 4 feet tall,” Shawn commented. The fans laughed, clearly enjoying your playful banter. You almost forgot they were there.

“For your information I’m 5’5 and a half.” you said, “Now go back to your fans.” He pecked your cheek before turning back to the fans and answering their questions. They asked him the typical questions, a few were directed to you too, which caught you off guard.

“So Shawn, when are you and Y/n gonna have a baby?” A fan asked, earning many screams from the fans. Shawn laughed uncomfortably, clearly being caught off guard by such a personal question. You weren’t sure how to react, you decided on letting him answer the question even though he was looking at you to answer.

“Oh, uh, we haven’t really talked about that yet.” he stuttered. “Probably in a few years I guess?”

You looked away, you couldn’t look him in the eyes. You knew if you did, you would burst into tears. He carried on with the questions, more and more fans asked about you two having children. For a few of his answers, Shawn gushed about one day there was going to be little people running around that would have your hair and his eyes, and your charm and his talent. You were getting more and more uncomfortable with the questions as Shawn continued to answer them. He chose another girl in the back who had a question for you.

“You’re a kindergarten teacher right?” the girl asked, you nodded. “So you love kids right?” you nodded again, not understanding where the question was going. “Then why do you look so uncomfortable when we’re talking about babies?”

Shawn interrupted before you could answer, “You don’t need to answer that Y/n,”

“Actually, I think I’m just gonna head back to the bus or something.” you said, hopping off the table. “I’ll see you later.”

You ignored Shawn’s protests for you to stay as you walked out of the room and made your way to the empty bus. Once you arrived, you listened to that dreadful voicemail you received a few months ago again, you  didn’t want to believe it. You chucked your phone onto the table before climbing into your bunk and letting the tears fall.

It must have been hours that have passed since you returned to the tour bus, because you could hear Shawn and the crew pile into the bus followed by Shawn telling them he was going to check on you.

“Y/n?” he whispered, gently pressing his lips to your forehead. “What happened back there?” And were you crying?”

You mentally slapped yourself for forgetting to wipe your eyes before he came on, you were sure they were still red and puffy from before. You quickly wiped them before sitting up, “I’m okay, I just needed some air before.”

He raised his eyebrows, not believing a word you said. “Y/n, you can tell me what’s wrong. You would want me to tell you right?” Noticing the tears threatening to pour again, he pulled you into his chest, “Does it have something to do with the fans asking about babies?”

You stayed silent, not wanting to answer him.

“Come on Yn,” he begged. “Please, i can’t stand to see you sad.”

“You’re going to hate me Shawn,” you cried. “You’re going to leave me.”

“Hey,” he cooed, rubbing his hand up and down your back in attempt to comfort you. “I would never leave you babe. What’s up?”

“I-I can’t have kids, Shawn.”

hesitant | school series 6

characters: you x woojin

summary: hesitating moments with woojin

quote: “i’ll always be by your side”

school series: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10  | 11

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loving someone seems like a good idea until it’s been almost 2 weeks since they left and you’ve still never felt so empty in your whole life, like your heart has been ripped in two. it’s a good idea until you’re sobbing on the bathroom floor screaming to god asking why you weren’t good enough, begging and pleading to have them back, swearing that you’d do anything in the world just to have them back. it’s a good idea until you realize you gave them everything and now that they’re gone, you’ve become absolutely nothing.


two updates in a row!!! yay!!!!!!

sorry if this one seems a little bit shorter (〒︿〒)

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High Tensions - Nine

Spencer Reid x Reader

The next 11 days were hell for everybody. A case involving missing children and a sex trafficking ring had taken the team out of town and it hadn’t ended well. 

As per your agreement the game was suspended when you were out in the field, so aside from the initial teasing and question’s from rest of the group when you’d first come in, you’d had 11 full days without any flirting and innuendos. You hadn’t had time to miss it or to think of your next step either. 

You weren’t sure the team believed that you two hadn’t done the deed. You’d fielded texts from Garcia and Emily the day after you’d followed Spencer’s hasty exit from the bar, both girls curious as to what had happened when you’d left.

Considering it had looked liked you’d won, they were more believing of you when you said that the game was still on than they were of Spencer when he’d told them. 

What neither of you told them though was how close you’d both been to jumping each other, and how over the game had nearly been.

The team had returned to headquarters feeling weary and deflated. Hotch had offered to let you all leave straight away, providing you all turned in any paperwork by the end of tomorrow. The flight home had been long and uneventful so you’d finished most of your own then, choosing to stay behind at HQ. You knew if you could finish what you had left then you could spend tomorrow relaxing and winding down, and you definitely needed that after this case. 

You’d about finished and had gone into one of the supply closests, needing some new folders. You’d taken your papers in with you so you could sort them at the same time, saving you a job if you forget any items. As you were filing, a photo of one of the kids you hadn’t been able to save fluttered to the floor. 

You bent, picking it up and just standing there staring at it for a moment, tears coming to your eyes. You’d had to tell his mom that he wasn’t coming back, that you hadn’t been able to rescue him from the hell that no seven year old should ever have to go through. The look in her eyes when you’d told her had ripped your heart into two. 

Normally you tried very hard to separate your work from your own emotions, but sometimes it was incredibly difficult and this had been one the cases that had gotten right under your skin. 

“You okay?”  a voice came from behind you. Spencer. 

You hadn’t heard him come in. You stuck the photo back in it’s correct place inside the file and wiped away the tear that had escaped before turning to him. 

“I’m fine,” the crack in your voice giving away the truth. 

He crossed the tiny room quickly and wrapped his long arms around you, pulling you to his chest. “It was a tough one wasn’t it Y/N? It got to me too.“ 

You clung to him for a few moments, his warm embrace comforting you somewhat, his voice low as he whispered encouraging words to you. 

Composing yourself, you released your grip on him and pulled away giving him a watery smile. 

“Thanks Spence. I needed that.”

“No problem. You gonna be okay tonight? Do you want me to come over?” he still looked concerned. 

“No I’m good. I’m just going to turn these in to Hotch and then probably pass out in my bed. Tomorrow night maybe?”

He nodded and you told him you’d text him to make plans before grabbing your files and leaving the closet. 

You woke up the next morning feeling revived. You’d done literally as you said you would; come home, stripped and fallen into bed, passing out almost immediately. 

Grabbing your phone, you sent a quick text off to Reid checking he still wanted to do something tonight. 

“Sure. What did you have in mind?”

“Take out and a film? I can’t be bothered to get dressed up and go out.”

“That sounds fine to me. In fact Y/N, just don’t even get dressed at all.”

Ah okay, so you were back to that now. 

“You wish.”

“Well I’ve already seen what’s on your bottom half, I’m only missing the top.”

He was right. Hmmm. 

You peeled your top off and rolled over to your front so that your boobs were pressed against the bed. Flipping your phone to selfie mode and making sure your hair was half way decent, you took a quick snap. No nipple was showing, just your face and an expanse of creamy white cleavage, but he’d be able to tell that you were topless. You hit send. 

“Nice but I get that view all the time when you bend over in front of me. I was hoping for something a bit more……arousing. Maybe something with a flash of your erect nipples?”

“Well it’s not exactly cold in here Spencer. Why would they be hard?”You couldn’t help but laugh at him…. Spencer Reid was now essentially asking you for nudes. 

“Well you’re talking to me aren’t you? And I presume that you’re not one of the eight per cent of women who don’t experience any breast or nipple sensitivity when they’re aroused. So it’s a natural assumption that as we’re conversing, your nipples would be hardened in anticipation of me sucking on them.”

You checked. Yep, they were. Dammit!

Another text from him before you’d even had chance to reply. “You’ve just checked haven’t you?“ 

He knew you so well.

“Yes and yes Spence. Just a fact for you to store away for when we eventually do this. I have ridiculously sensitive breasts. A girl made me come once by literally just playing with them. We were in the library at college and she snuck up behind me when I was putting some books back and slipped her hands up my shirt. Libraries are meant to be quiet places as you well know. It’s suffice to say that when we emerged from behind the stacks, everyone in there knew what we’d been doing.” God that girl had had amazing hands, and an amazing mouth now you thought about it. 

Okay stop thinking about that Y/N. Stop it. STOP IT.  

“Brilliant, thanks for that Y/N. Now something of mine is hard as well. And I can’t do anything about it.”

“You could if you really wanted to.”

“Shhhhh. I’m going for a shower. A cold one.”

You rolled back on to your back and threw the sheet off entirely. Holding the camera as high as you could, you took another photo of yourself. Breasts fully exposed, hard pink nipples and all. You hit send. 

He didn’t respond for around fifteen minutes and when he did you burst out laughing. 

It was a picture of Spencer, well you presumed it was Spencer as you couldn’t actually see his face. All you could see were a pair of pink mens briefs attached to a pair of nicely toned legs. You could see the outline of a very hard and very satisfying looking bulge pressing against the fabric of the briefs. The photo was accompanied by a message. 

“For Christ sake women. I was getting dressed and then I saw that. Shower time again. You’ll pay for that later.”

You just grinned and sent another photo, this time the camera aiming away from your face and down at your legs. You spread them widely, making sure your pink panties were visible. 

“Pink… We match. Are you gonna make me pay with that bulge of yours Spencer? Or will I being looking down at your head from this angle.”

“Just wait and see Y/N.”

new taste

member: ong seongwu
genre: angst
summary: first loves are great, but you think it’s time for you to move on.
a/n: once again, this isn’t requested (i’m sorry l o l). anyway, i got the inspo from a line of my favorite adele song, first love. 

“i need to taste a kiss from someone new.”

  • falling in love with ong seongwu was one of the best decision you’ve ever made.
  • he’s your best friend, personal comedian, the guy that gave the type of kisses you crave, and your first love.
  • at one point in your life, you thought he was the one––the guy you’re going to marry. 

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On My Own- Auston Matthews

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Ok so I’m not sure how I feel about this one… so let me know what you guys think! Especially you anon! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Could I request an Auston Matthews imagine based off the song Own My Own from Les Miserables, where y/n is in love with him and she thinks he doesn’t like her at all, and Mitch sees her crying about it one day, so she explains to him why she’s crying, and Mitch tells her to tell Auston she loves him because he knows he loves her too?


              You were so dumb.

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The One That Got Away [Chapter 7]

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Chapter 7 of The One That Got Away

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6

Series Genre: Angst/Fluff/Smut

Your heart dropped to your stomach as nausea crept over you. How did you not know he was seeing someone else? Your job was to promote them. You definitely would have known if he had a girlfriend.

And furthermore… why did JYP send you all those signals to reach back out and make up for lost time if Jaebum HAD A GIRLFRIEND? Why didn’t Jinyoung tell you before you foolishly traipsed over here, hoping that you’d see him and sparks would fly?

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Vampire! Tae: The Unlucky Ones (Part 1)

Vampires have soulmates too. But there were unlucky ones whose soulmates turned out to be human. 

Vamp!Taehyung x OC
Part 1 out of 5

Links to other parts: Part 1Part 2 | Part 3

A/N: I wanted to do something a little more dark, angsty, and seductive :3 so here it goes ~ haha ^^

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     "Vampires have soulmates too. At least that’s how we explain the intense attachment and that ‘electric’ feeling everyone who already has a soulmate exemplifies. Most of the time, it happens with another vampire in our town or vampires from our neighboring city when trades happen. But there are rare cases when a vampire’s soulmate is human.

        We call these vampires 'The Unlucky Ones’. Once you’re branded as an 'Unlucky one’, people look at you with sympathetic, worried eyes and they begin to distance themselves from you. When you realize your soulmate is human, there are only 3 things a vampire could do: one - walk away and force yourself to never see your soulmate again, two - watch from afar and protect them in the shadows until the end of their mortal lives, or three - turn them into a vampire. While many try to stay optimistic, all of these options are painful in their own right. The first option being the most unbearable. Apparently, once your soulmate has been found, your body feels like a magnet that needs to be constantly near that person. If you separate yourself for too long, your body will ache with a level of loneliness that people could only describe as 'feeling as if your heart was being ripped in two’. These vampires grow mindless and lose their personalities to the sadness and the longing. They begin to get warped and uncontrollable. These are the vampires that go on killing sprees and terrorize towns, putting everyone in danger of discovery.

        Not wanting to lose their sanity and endanger their loved ones, most people choose the second option. They remain in the shadows as their soulmate’s protector and guardian, but this usually requires a lot of inner strength, will, and determination. To live while having something precious dangling in front of you, but never being able to get close enough to grasp it, is insufferable. Every day is a new battle between your instincts and your reasoning. The inner turmoil tends to make vampires go mad IF they are weak willed and lose sight of what’s important. But most of the time, it ends with as happy an ending as an 'Unlucky One’ can hope for.

        The last option is picked ever so rarely, and out of those few cases, even fewer have ever successfully turned their soulmates into vampires. It might be good to add in here that vampire teeth have plenty of functions.

        For one, the most commonly known is that they are indeed used to suck out blood. Another less known function, which most people lump together, is inserting our own vampire blood into a person. Inserting vampire blood into a human can turn them into a vampire, if their body is compatible. However, more times than not, it kills them. Even with our long lifespan, vampires know the pain of loss and no one really wants to risk killing their soulmate with their own hands. Up until date, no one knows of any one who had successfully turned a human into a full-fledged vampire. There had been close calls, but it always ended in the human going mad and on a rampage of thirst and hunger that they had to be subdued. Their primitive instincts overwhelm them to the point that they lose any personality and reasoning. They turn into someone else, no longer capable of love or thought…“

        "Are you reading Taehyung that ridiculous book again?” a roar rumbled through the house.

        “It isn’t ridiculous Dad!” Kim Taehyung crossed his arms as his father walked into his bedroom after his night hunt.

        “Welcome home, honey.” Tae Hee smiled and greeted her husband. “You know he loves this story.”

        “That’s cause you love that book too, and he can’t even understand what it’s saying.” Tae Koo kissed his wife and his child warmly. “I brought us home dinner.”

        “We’ll finish the story another time, sweetie.” his mother ruffled his hair. “I’ll bring you dinner here.”

        Tae Koo looked at his wife disapprovingly. “Tae Hee…”

        “Okay ~” Taehyung grinned widely and opened the book. “I’ll try to read this while you’re gone.”

        Tae Hee giggled at her son’s cuteness as he opened the book upside down and the two stepped out.

        “You can’t keep shielding him forever. He’s a man! He needs to learn how to hunt!” Tae Koo hissed.

        “He is 3 years old, Tae Koo.” Tae Hee snapped.

        “But you keep feeding him these thoughts that we could fall in love with a human, that there’s an option of just hunting animal’s blood, or controlling the amount of blood we take from humans.” Tae Koo groaned. “What if he does it?”

        “I’m hoping he does.” Tae Hee walked into the kitchen. “Killing anybody or anything is unnecessary. I believe we can coexist if we really tried.”

        “Oh sure. Like humans are going to just allow us to take their blood as long as we promise we won’t kill them.” Tae Koo rolled his arms.

        Tae Hee sighed as she collected blood from the dead human on their kitchen table into a bowl.

        “Tae Hee, I’m the best human hunter in our town. Everyone’s going to expect Taehyung to be the same!” her husband complained.

        “Do they?” she looked at him amused. “Everyone knows your son is quite carefree.”

        “He takes after you too much.” Tae Koo chuckled and hugged his wife. “Please read him a story with vampires killing humans next time, okay?”

        Tae Hee nodded and walked to her son’s room. She found Taehyung upside down as he tried to decipher the words on the page.

        “Taehyung, what’re you doing dear?” she laughed.

        “Mom, the words make sense if I’m upside down!” he grinned.

        “Honey.” she set the bowl down and turned her child upright again. “You can just turn the book instead of turning yourself.”

        Taehyung blinked and laughed, “I guess you could do that too.”

        Tae Hee smiled and kissed her loveable son on the forehead. “Drink up and get some rest. The sun’s going to rise soon.”

        “Mommy?” Taehyung called before she stepped out of the room.


        “Why’re they called 'Unlucky Ones’?” he questioned.

        Tae Hee smiled sadly, “Because there’s no way that a vampire and human can end up together happily.”

        With that, she shut the door, leaving Taehyung to let that thought sink in. He frowned as he laid down in his coffin shaped bed.


[A few years later]      

        “You sure your son isn’t….'vegetarian’?” one of the other hunters in the town whispered to Tae Koo.

        “What?” Tae Koo scoffed. “He isn’t! Tae Hee is just quite protective over him.”

        “My son saw him hunting rabbits in the forest while picking out some herbs. Come on, he’s 8 years old already. He should’ve started hunting by 6.”

        “After this hunt, I’ll make sure to take him on a hunt with us.” Tae Koo nodded. “He just hasn’t experienced the thrill because of his overprotective mother.”

        “Alright, if you say so.” the hunter laughed. “It’ll just be too sad if the best human hunter’s son decided to not hunt humans.”

        Tae Koo clenched his fists, “Don’t worry. That won’t happen. Not while I’m around.”

        “Oh good. You didn’t leave yet.” Tae Hee waltzed into the bar. “You almost forgot your cloak. It’s chilly tonight.”

        The hunters whistled at her teasingly, earning a glare from Tae Koo. Tae Hee rolled her eyes and kissed her husband.

        “Be careful tonight, and come home safely.” she frowned.

        “You and your nightmares.” he grinned as he embraced her, gladly flaunting his beautiful wife. “Don’t worry. I’ll come back home. My beautiful family needs to eat!”

        “Please do.” she hugged him tightly. “Stay safe. I love you.”

        “I love you too, Tae Hee.” he kissed her forehead. “I’ll be back before dawn.”

        She smiled and nodded. With a whip of her cloak, she disappeared.

        “Wahh I wish I could’ve had her as a soulmate. Wooo.” one of the hunters whistled.

        “Hey, hey. You’ve got to be the best to deserve the best.” Tae Koo teased as they ordered another round of blood shots to hold them over for their hunt.


        It was before dawn when the hunters returned. There was a light knock on the door and Tae Hee perked up, hoping it was her husband having misplaced the key. As soon as she opened it, dread filled her entire body as only 3 of the vampires stood before her, injured.

        “We’re so sorry…” they whispered before passing out on her doorstep.

        “Taehyung!” she called, trying to fight back her tears at what she knew had happened.

        Taehyung rushed out of his room at his mother’s urgent tone. He gasped and hurried to help her pull them in.

        “Get those medicine herbs we brewed and get me my clamp. We need to remove these stakes out.” she instructed. “Then go run and call their wives over.”

        “Yes, mommy.” Taehyung obediently scrambled to get the materials and hurried to their houses. He was the fastest vampire in the town, second to his father. His mother was a known vampire doctor and one of the most beautiful female vampires. Everyone had their expectations of greatness from Taehyung, however, he had grown to be the complete opposite. While he was exceptionally handsome and strangely athletic for his stature, his head remained in the clouds and he had no goals or plans of becoming a hunter like his father.

        The wives hurried to their home to help tend to their wounded husbands. Taehyung’s mother had already removed the stakes and stitched up their wounds when they arrived.

        “They need rest. Please leave them here until the sun sets.” she instructed and led them to the guest rooms, which was more or less used for injured or drunk human hunters that were acquainted with her husband.

        Once they were all settled, Tae Hee stepped into her bedroom where Taehyung waited for her. They looked at each other and Taehyung asked the one thing that had been on both of their minds.

        “Mommy, where’s Dad?”

        The question echoed in the dark room and it brought Tae Hee to her knees. She began sobbing as the realization hit that her husband had been killed as her dreams foretold.

        “He’s dead, Taehyung. He’s dead.”

        “But…vampires can’t die…” the child’s eyes widened in horror. “You said…”

        “Taehyung, listen to me.” Tae Hee wept as she approached her son. “Humans can kill vampires just as vampires can kill humans. That’s why I never wanted you to endanger yourself like your father. That’s why…”

        “You…you lied?” Taehyung whispered as he stepped back. “YOU LIED TO ME? You said humans were kind and loving! You said they were weak!”

        “Taehyung!” she cried as she reached out for him. “They are. They really are.”

        “Then WHY DID THEY KILL MY FATHER!” he yelled. “WHY?”

        He sank down into a corner and began weeping. His mother crawled to him and embraced him.

        “Not all vampires are evil and not all humans are evil. We have a lot more in common than we all want to admit. If we attack, they figure out how to defend and attack back. Taehyung, that’s why I want you to be different.”

        “Different?” he sniffled.

        “I want you to be able to be friends with humans and co-exist with them. That was my selfish wish.” she whispered into his hair.

        Taehyung couldn’t quite understand what she meant and didn’t want to ask. They were both in pain. They were both in despair at having lost someone they loved. For the rest of the night, they slept wrapped in each other’s embrace with tears in their eyes. Their perfect world had been shattered.


        As his father wanted, Taehyung began training to be a hunter and he learned the ropes rather quickly. He really had inherited his father’s strength and reflexes, his knack for tracking down humans with precision and striking them down. By the time he was 15 years old, he was the youngest vampire in the front lines. At times, he would even be voted in as leader of the night’s hunt. Everyone’s high hopes were revived and they all waited in anticipation for him to take over as the best human hunter in town like his father. Taehyung wanted nothing but to fulfill his father’s wish for him and to provide for his mother. It was as simple as that. He trained to be the best so that he would never have to see his mother cry again. He killed so that his mother would never starve. He buried his past self in the casket along with his father and took up his weapons in his stead. And all was well.

        Until the day he met his soulmate.





Why we were fighting

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To say that Waller made a huge mistake was misunderstanding. Everyone who at least once looked at the Squad knew that (y/n) (y/l/n) and Chato Santana together were no good, to say the last. From the very begin of work of the (h/c) metahuman with the squad, they hated each other. They were always fighting, not ever once giving up on the opportunity to hurt each other, physically or emotionally.

And yet, Amanda Waller send them on the mission, together, without of anyone to accompany them. The effect of that was that, that not even three hours of the official start of their mission, they were fighting with each other, which ended with them being captured by the guys they were supposed to take down. Some kind of gang or something like that, (y/n) weren’t sure, taking that she weren’t listening after she was told, that she is parred on this mission with Chato.

Now, they were, tied to each others back, sitting on the cold floor of the cellar of some sort. She with big cut on her brow and blood slowly running down her face, and him, still unconscious.

“I swear to god, if you won’t wake up in like two seconds, I will personally rip your heart out!” She growled at him, showing her head back and hitting him on his own. Finally he groaned and opened his eyes, looking around.

“What’s going on?”
“Oh, finally our beloved princess had woke up. As you can see, you stupid fuck, we got captured by those assholes and now, we are probably going to die, just because, you were too stupid to shut your stupid mouth as I told you!” She showed her head back, once more hitting him.

“Ow! Stop it!”

“Ha! What more? You got us in this situation, then I’m going to punish you!” Before she was able to hit him again, he burned slightly her arm, that was pressed tightly to his. She growled at him. “You son of a…”

“You try to hit me again, I burn you. Easy enough for you?” She scoffed at his words. “And we wouldn’t be in this situation if it weren’t for you and…”

“Shut up.” She furrowed her brow.
“What? Can’t face the truth…”

“I said shut up. They are coming, but I can’t count them, because of your talking.”
“Or, because you can’t count.” She ignored him and closed her eyes. When she finished, she pushed herself slightly to his back. “… How many?”

“Four unarmed and two with guns.” Mexican cursed under his breath and moved his head, to lean it on her shoulder.

“What are we gonna do?” She did the same with her head. She moved a little opening her mouth, but doors of the room they sat at opened, showing six men, two of them holding guns.

“Our lovebirds are awake? Good. Now, tell us who send you.” One of them crouched in front of them with smirk on his lips. They both scoffed at his words, not saying a word. He sighed and got up. “And I though that you would be clever. Take the girl.” He moved out of his men way and watched as they untied them, just to take (y/n) and tie Chato once more. To Diablos shock, when they dragged her away, she looked at him with fear in her eyes and mouth opened slightly in quiet scream. It was probably first time when he saw her so scared. He tried to move, but it was for nothing. “You two, have an eye on him, shot if needed. And you, little one, we are going to have a little talk.” He took her by her (h/c) hair and dragged her out.

Chato sat still, waiting for (y/n) to be her usual self and use her powers to got out from them, just to show up and help him, probably not letting him live this up for another year or so, but his hopes shattered in moment when he heard her terrified scream. He looked up and swallowed hard. It’s true that they hated each other, but still, they were teammates. He knew her, and knew that even burned, she never screamed.

Chato felt rage building in his chest when (y/n)’s screams were still heard. He looked at the two men near the doors, who were only smiling at the girls scream. His breath became shallow and quick. He felt as his skin became warmer and warmer with every passing moment. And before he though about pros and cons of situation they both were in, the fire exploded from his body, burning the rope he was tied with and killing men who was watching him. Getting up, he destroyed doors and went out of the room to the long hallway, where we burned to death anyone who tried to get in his way, while he went in direction from where (y/n) screams were coming from.

When he got to the room he stood still, looking in terror at what was in front of him. Two men were at the girl’s sides, now looking at him with terror, while she was sitting on the chair, tied to it, looking down, not moving, with many curs and bruises on her body. Her breaths was so shallow, he weren’t sure if they was there at all. He burned the guys alive and moved to (y/n), quickly cooling down and crouching in front of her, trying to make her look at him, but she was looking at the ground with empty eyes. He furrowed his brows and toke knife from ground and cut ropes from around her wrists and legs and toke her in his arms and walked out of the room, and from the building they were in, burning it on his way out.

He laid her on the bed in the hotel room they got from Waller on the beginning of their mission and walked to his bag to get first aid kit.

When he finished with girl, she still wasn’t moving, but at least her breath got normal. He sighed and laid on bed next to her, because of course, Waller being herself got them the room with only one bed… It was the reason of their argument before they got captured. Chato sighed closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.

He woke up in middle of night feeling arms sneaking around his waist and whole (y/n)s body pressing against his back. He blinked and furrowed his brow hearing her sobbing. He moved slightly, hoping that she would move away, which she didn’t. He sighed and turned carefully, looking her in eyes. That’s probably the closest they ever were to each other, their bodies pressed together, her face buried in his neck, with hot tears rolling out of her eyes and onto his collarbone. He moved and awkwardly patted her head. (y/n) moved a little, looking him in eyes. He furrowed his brow, not sure how to ask her about what happened to her back there, when they tortured her. And fortunately he didn’t have to, because she hugged him, really hugged and started talking.

“When I was a little girl and I started… mutating… my mother called to someone and they took me to this lab… they done many different tests to me, and some other stuff. They tortured me, only to see how my body worked, and it was years before I got out… like really many years, because, when I did get out, killing everyone on my way out, the government and Waller got to me and they showed me to Task Force X, or as you want to call it…”

“Our squad… How old were you?” She hugged him a little harder.

“Seven…” He sighed and patted her head. “Today… When they toke me, it was as if I was seven again. Everything got back to me and… and…”

“Shh.” He putted his forehead to hers and looked her in the eyes. “Do you know what I did?” She shook her head, so he told her, not even once looking away from her eyes. When he finished, she hugged him tighter, hiding her face in his neck.

“We are both fucked up.”

“That’s probably why we were fighting with each other.”

“No, we were fighting with each other, because you are a shit brain who can’t concentrate on simple task.” He backed a little and looked at her with hard expression on his face, right before he bowed his head and pecked her on the lips. She looked at his speechless.

“Go to sleep. And if you say something, I’m going to burn you alive, you got it?” (y/n) only grinned and kissed him, sneaking her arms around his neck and showing him back, to saddle his hips. He only smiled into the kiss and hugged her closer to his body, warming his fingertips and slightly warming her while he touched her.

“You think Waller knew what she was doing while she send us here?” She sat up, looking at his face, which showed his annoyance at her stopping her movements.

“Really? Right now? While we are in middle of something?”

“This something is called sex. And yes, right now, because i’m fucking curious. She even got us one room with only one bed. Do you think that she is shipping us?” Chato only groaned and pushed her, so he was above her.

“The last thing I want to think about right now is Waller. So shut up, and maybe we will talk about it in the morning.” She sighed.


“Why are you looking at me as if it your sad responsibility now?”

“No I don’t.” He groaned and laid back, looking at the ceiling.

“So, what do you want to talk about?” She smiled and laid on her side.


Cracks~ Pete Dunne Imagin

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Toughest part about letting someone else have your heart, is that it’s theirs. They will always have a piece of it. A piece of it that they will always keep. You can never have it back. 

You haven’t felt like yourself in months. 

He was taken away from you felt like everything crashed, every moment you spend together and ever memory you made haunted you at night. Keeping you awake. It was so hard to even look at him anymore, the smile. The smile was no longer for you. He no longer looked at you as he entered a room with Trent and Tyler by his side. His voice made your heart rip in two as you heard it. 

Was everything worth it anymore? 

Pete had been in your first love, first kiss and first man you were intimate with. He would be the first thing you would thought of when you wake up and the last person you thought of before going to sleep. It didn’t feel like he took a piece of your heart, felt like it you didn’t even have a heart anymore. 

When you started to date Pete it felt like an adventure and you never stopped smiling, his every tough made your skin on fire. 

You had met him through Jim Smallman during a Progress show, you were just debuting when you caught Pete’s attention. From the way you jumped off the top rope, the way you were careless in the ring. The way you would smirk and especially the way you made your opponent scream with your submission. He talked you after the show, at first he was surprise you shut him down and then as he got to know you better, everything hanged. He’d flash you that perfect smile whenever he catch you looking at him. He made way to make a home in your heart. 

You fell in love with him, with everything about him where no other man matter besides him. You wanted to be with him all the time. But everything crumbled. He was suppose to be your one and only. 

She stepped back into his life. You were no longer important. You no longer mattered. She did. He would see you less and less. It felt like there was no relationship going on anymore. You grew apart and it was the end of you two. She was his full attention. He would always talk about her, and she her. She’d be in the crowd watching his matches. No matter how hard you try, even Trent and Tyler tried to help and get him back. 

You wish to go back in time.

To the time where you would sit outside and look up in the sky holding his hand in silence. To when you would help him along with making a design for one of his shirts. To where you two would sneak off to a room to share heated kisses and fuck. To where you two worked out together and trained together. To where every night he held you in his arm telling you how much you meant to him. 

Now, you weren’t even anything to him. You were alone, Trent and Tyler no longer talked to you. You had fought hard to get him back but it had became clear that he stopped caring. Your relationship with him died.

You needed him. You used to constantly check on him making sure he was faithful. It wasn’t your fault that you felt insecure, you never had a boyfriend before in your life. You’d make so many mistakes, fight with him and you shouldn’t have. You wished you were more supportive girlfriend from the start, he would go the states and back. It was like that for a while. It was hard to be away from him. You said some things that you shouldn’t of, things that made him tick.

Then she came along and the trust began to vanish, you could not be okay with him being around her. He came back with her scent on him. He seemed much happier than he was with you. He started to pull away. 

When you confronted him about her, it resulted into a huge fight, everything came out. All the horrible things you thought of one another. All the things that been changing about him. All the things you wanted from him but he could not give to you.  Things that you never had meant and could hope for. 

You both were stubborn and both were passionate about the things you loved. Both of you needed one another, both of you knew it would be difficult without the other in each other lives. You shouted, screamed and cried for him until there was nothing left. 

“ We can’t be together…” 

Pete had left with the slam of the door and when you moved out of his apartment the following week, he didn’t stop you. Never called you again. Never texted you. Not even bother to look at you at work.

He was gone out of your life. You felt depressed for week spending the time crying yourself to sleep and barely moving. Only driving to cities if needed, showing up for your matches and traveling. You had to pretend that you were okay. 

Your feelings changed over the months, feeling anger towards him. For not asking how you were doing or talking to you after all of it. Anger at yourself for how much you still cared about him. Anger at him that he chose her so quickly over you. Anger at yourself that you lost yourself in all of this. 

The anger disappeared to just a hallow, empty feeling. You weren’t feeling a thing anymore. As you stared at him as he talked to Trent and Tyler over at the merch table, you began to feel a stabbing sort of pain in your chest all over again.

It’s been months, and still glancing over at him felt like your insides were twisting inside, you hated it. You decided you weren’t going to be one of those grills that you would mop over some guy, even if you loved him. 

Sipping your tea, the warm seeping through your fingers from the plastic cup. You turned going to your merch table, next to Eddie Dennis and Mark Andrews. 

You finally were getting back to yourself. You had an upcoming match with Toni Storm for the title, it’s been months since you dreamed of this match. All the hard work you have bee doing was finally pulling off. 

Of course Pete was excited to watch this match. He was so proud of how long you come and now you were getting your chance. 

You had no idea on how much Pete wanted to talk to you. He notices every time your in the room, he’s terrified hearing your voice. It was one of his favorite things about you. You would glance at him from time to time as you folded the shirts on the table. His hair was underneath a black cap, he was wearing a hoodie and shorts. He was more handsome than he was before. 

His eyes shifted to her, the woman he was with now. She was pretty and was nothing like you. Her hair was in a pony tail, wearing a dress. They had chemistry, she was his first love. That what was different between you and her. 

You felt yourself look away hearing her call his name, feeling your stomach turn. Your gaze focused on taking out pictures of you to autograph for the fans putting them on the table. It was a picture of you in black in white with a smirk on your face standing against the wall with your foot propped in the back. Today was the night things were going to change, the match between you and Toni for the title. Before the show was meet and greet with the fans. The room in minutes started to fill with fans and other wrestlers, people chatting with them and the fans gushing how much the wrestlers mean to them. Some came up to you, taking pictures and telling how much they loved you. 

Your eyes wonder over to Pete again, he was taking a picture with a fan doing his snarl while the girl smiled standing close to him. He took his time with them, listening to what they had to say and appreciating them. You could feel yourself getting tired and sweaty. You wondered if Pete ever notice that you kept looking at him, he would always know. He told you it made his skin crawl with goosebumps. 

Maybe he wouldn’t notice the way you look over at him. Maybe he would continue to greet fans. Maybe you should go. 

“ Stop sending him sex eyes” you heard Eddie yell to you. Your eyes got wide as you shoot him a glare. Did he just say that? Your face turns bright red as you take one of your shirts throwing at him. He laughs, mouthing a quick sorry to you taking your shirt to keep. 

But Pete’s eyes were glued on you as heard what Eddie said. As your gaze turn to look at him it felt like your stomach dropped to the ground. It felt like someone banged you over your head. His expression was unreadable, showing no emotion as his lips parted. 

Your teeth gnawed at your bottom lip, swallowing the lump in your throat as you stared right back at him,trying to look like you weren’t really looking at Pete Dunne. 

A fan brought you out of your looking at him, asking you a question. You brushed the question off that they caught you looking at the Bruiserweight. You could still feel Pete’s gaze burning at your head. 

It felt so strange, to have attention on you after all this time. You see him mostly every day. You still had the album of him and you in your phone, tucked in the very bottom of your photo stream. The necklace that he gave to you after two months of dating hung around your neck still. You hadn’t have the time or chance to get rid of it yet. It was difficult to move on from Pete, but you hated more that Trent and Tyler stopped being your friend just because you and Pete ended. 

The moment no one went up to you, you packed up and got help from one of the crew members, tossing the empty cup of tea that you drank into the trash bin, making an escape. 

You felt your heart shatter again and again. Every time you looked at him. You weren’t about to let him crumble it more. 

With one of the boxes in your hand, you moved to go backstage and to the parking lot dogging other peoples. 


The parking lot was just up ahead, brushing past other people and even a confused looking Smallman. You were almost there when you felt it, a touch on your bare shoulder. 

It felt warm, familiar. It was him. His touch still felt a burning against your skin.

“ Turn around” his voice was calm and soft. Slowly, you turned, holding the box in your hands as you faced him. His expression was still unreadable as he stared at you, gaze flickering to your eyes and to your lips then back to your eyes. 

“ What, Peter?” you asked, giving the box to the crew member that was helping as you step back a bit giving yourself space. You folded your arms across your chest, not wanting tim to know that he can make you crumble inside still. 

“ I want to talk to you” he responds, he takes his cap off running his fingers through his hair before putting it back on his head. His eyes travel around your face, his voice getting a bit louder because of noise around you two. 

“ Do yeh want t’ go for a walk?” you couldn’t help but roll your eyes, shaking your head.The first time you spoken to him in months, he asks this. You didn’t want to talk to him or be around him at the moment. 

“ No, thanks”.

He nods as he watches you, taking your wrist in his hands. “ Let’s go” He says, gesturing down to the parking lot with his head. He ignores your answer. 

“ Say what?” 

“ We’re going for a walk. Let’s go” He says, again, he tugs on your wrist but notices you weren’t moving. The way he say it, sounds like he was making a demand more than just a saying. 

“ Why?” you ask, uncrossing your arms from your chest, letting them hang to your sides. 

“ Because yeh haven’t been outside much” He said like he knows everything, his hand going back to his side as he removed his hand from your wrist, “ I want t’ talk to you”

“ Why Peter?” you ask, sighing. “ What do we possibly have to talk about. There is no need to worry over me, I don’t need it” 

“ It’s not it” 

“ Then what?

Pete open and closes his mouth but closes it, taking a step closer to you. He looks towards the ground finding it hard to say what he has to say. His jaw clenches, it was like he was fighting with his mind debating what to say to you. The words were just in the tip of his tongue. Why couldn’t he say it?

“ It’s not just that” He says and raises his head to look at you, his words making you nervous. You hated when he took his time, keeping you here and it drove you crazy. The way he kept avoiding eye contact, it scare you what he had to say. 

“ What are you doing Pete?” you sigh, getting tired of this. 

“ Am I not allowed t’ talk to yeh?” He asks, he snarls. His eyes letting you know he was annoyed by your question. You would tease him about his snarl when he used it around you, and it would change into that stupid smile you loved. 

“ Yes but I’m your ex girlfriend. Ex’s don’t talk to one another” you shrugged, but your heart felt like it was going to be ripped out of your chest from the way he was looking at you. 

“ There were things left unsaid” He said, through his teeth. His arms crossed over his chest, flexing over his shirt. He had taken his hoodie off. 

“ But you didn’t say it when were were still together” you responded, sighing again. 

It felt so weird standing here with after everything you two went through. He still had a piece of your heart, the cracks in it still there. You could deny all you want but you still loved him, you missed him terribly and you still wanted to grab him and kiss him and tell him how much you loved him. 

He rose his hand brushing your hair aside. Your breath hitched feeling his fingertips brush against your cheek. He hasn’t changed much, he was still a softie. You can see it in his eyes. He was still the same Pete that would stay up with you to play video games. 

He was still the guy that take you to the beach to watch the sunset and the waves. He was still the same guy who took you to the arcade, playing air hockey and winning you a stuff turtle.

“ Y/N…” he said softly, the way his said made your legs feel like jello, his fingers tips going to your cheek, cupping your cheek with his hand. 

Her voice brought you two out of the moment as she made her way over to you to. You took a step back from Pete as she reached him. She flashes you a smile before turning her gaze to him. Your chest felt like it was close as his head turned to look at her. 

“ Trent and Tyler need you, babe” She said. But her thumb pointed to you, “ Or do you need to talk with Y/N? I don’t want to be a bother if you two were talking about something important” she added, glancing over to you. 

“ No, we are done talking” you spoke for him.  “ I need to get ready for tonight” you said, nodding at the two before turning around and jogging away from them. 

The air made you be able to breath again, your fingers brushed over the door handle of the car. You crouched down, grabbing your head with your hands taking deep breath. You stood up, fingers fishing into the pocket to fish your keys out to unlock the door. 

On the way back to the hotel, a sigh fell from your lips as you drove. You had to take a long breather, you would be back in time for your match. This was too much for you right now. Taking off your shoes before pulling your hair up in a messy bun. You sat down on the edge of your bed, putting your head into your hands. One of your hands going to the necklace around your neck. You had a piece of him still. It seem pathetic, how much you thought about him, it was like you were hooked on him. 


54. “I don’t hate you, I could never hate you. That’s the problem.”

Well, since both @lenaa-chwann​ and anon requested the same thing, I made this extra long 2.4k clusterfuck of angst for you because again, I can’t drabble worth a shit. Also, this is a continuation of the one-shot here because it just worked so well together. I apologize for the wait bbs <3

*Oh, and may have switched the order in which the prompt was said, rip.


She was nowhere to be found.

For a solid week her seat remained empty, the classroom always a little less bright; it was as if she were the sun itself, and without her the world seemed a bit grayer.

Bakugou couldn’t understand why he gave a shit to begin with; she’d clearly made her decision when she decided to let that extra hang all over her like a brat to his mom’s teet, and yet for seven days straight, his eyes wandered towards her empty chair wondering where the fuck she was.

Why the fuck she was avoiding him.

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Never Again

Peter Parker x reader, Tony Stark’s daughter

word count: 1,798

based off of: x x x x

a/n: sorry this is a little crappy and choppy I had a limited time to write this and its my first oneshot in a long time, I hope you enjoy xx

You had just gotten home from school after a long day and all you wanted to do was see your best friend, you trudged up his buildings stairs and reached his door however as you looked outside you caught the sight of a familiar sports car. You frowned your brows and knocked heavily on the door.

“(Y/N)! So nice to see you every time you come here I always miss you.” Aunt May exclaims as she pulls you into a tight hug.

“Hi Aunt May, um is my father here?” you ask, your eyes scanning around the room for any sight of him, just as the door to Peter’s room opens.

“(Y/N)…” his voice trails off, he clears his throat before walking towards you and grabbing your shoulders. “I’ll let him explain.”

He simply walks out of the room after that, Aunt May looks just confused as you do as your eyes meet hers before turning to the figure across the room, standing in his doorway. He nods you over and invites you into your best friends room.

“Why was my dad here?” you get straight to the question as he closes the door behind you, you were a little hurt that your dad would come see Peter and not you, you were sent to a boarding school ever since you could remember and only saw your dad a couple of times each year.

“I need to tell you something…but you have to promise not to freak out.” Peter explains slowly, he backs up towards his closet at the same time. You adjust your glasses and roll your eyes at the strange boy.

“Peter my dad is practically a robot in a group full of other superhuman weirdos, I’m not going to freak out.” you sigh and drop your backpack onto his bed and cross your arms.

“Yeah speaking of that group…turns out I may kind of be apart of it?” Peter scratches the back of his neck and flinches awaiting your reaction.

“What do you mean.” you walk closer to him, he turns around and reaches into his closet before facing you once again, in his hands he holds a red and blue suit.

“All those videos you were sending me today of that guy spiderman? Turns out I’m him.”

“I’m going to kill my father.” you stare at the suit before running your fingers along it, you stared up at him, feeling a lump in your throat. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“I didn’t want to freak out and I knew you wouldn’t have approved of it.” he whispers, he brings you in for a hug, wrapping his arms around your waist and burying his face in your neck. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, atleast you told me…am I the first one you’ve told?” you pull away and look at him, his mouth formed into a smile as he nodded. “That makes me feel a little better then.”

You jumped in surprise as you felt his lips brush against yours, your cheeks reddened as did his. He cleared his throat and pulled back, throwing the suit in the closet and breathing in heavily.

“Sorry I should’ve asked you first.” he bit his lip awkwardly as he walked over to his desk, nervously shuffling things around, avoiding eye contact.

“It’s okay… I liked it.” you whispered, he dropped one of the CD’s he was holding and looked towards you in shock, before rushing over to you and planting his lips against yours.

“Oh dear I’m so sorry.” you both jumped apart at the new voice, there stood Aunt May at the door, she had her hands up against her smiling mouth. “I always knew this was going to happen.”
It was finally Summer break, you were filled with joy at the fact you got to go home, you could finally see your dad and everyone else but you were also holding back the tears as you hugged your boyfriend, Peter Parker. You had been dating for two months now, well officially that is. it was no secret that you two would flirt with each other now and then over the years.

“It’s okay, I’ll come visit once I have enough money.” he stroked your hair out of your face. “Besides I have to come up soon anyway, I’m in the crew now.”

He winked at you, you only rolled your eyes. That was another thing that you had to talk to your father about. No way were you onboard with that whole situation.

“I’ll call you every night.” you promised and hugged him a little tighter, he sighed and kissed your cheek gently.

“Go before you miss your flight.” he hugged you one last time and squeezed your hand before letting go, you held back tears in your eyes as you grabbed your suit case and wheeled it to check-in.

You tried not to look back, that would only hurt even more but you couldn’t help yourself having a little peak as you looked over your shoulder for a split second to see him waving. You waved back and blew a kiss before walking around the corner.

You landed in your hometown, of course your father sent someone to pick you up, you don’t even know why you bothered calling him father seeing as he sure didn’t act like one. From year six he had sent you to boarding school, he never visited you. You couldn’t even remember the last conversation you had with him, Pepper had told you it’s because of the way your mother had treated him but even then you were a completely different person to her. Or so you hoped, you had never actually met her.

“Welcome home.” your father forced a smile at you as you walked into your shared home. “How was the term.”

“It was great, we learnt a lot of new and exciting stuff.” you answered dull like.

“What’s going on with you and Peter Parker?” he shot out quickly, your eyes widened at his approach.

“Um… you know….” you cleared your throat, he seemed to get the message as his jaw tightened. “Well I have a lot of work to get to so I’ll um…see you at dinner.”

that night you laid in bed and smiled as a special name popped up on your screen, you answered the call only to have your smile quickly fade.

“I’m sorry I just, I can’t do this I need to keep you safe and in order for me to do that I can’t be around you, we can’t be together or seen together.” what you thought was your soulmate ripped your heart in two with those words, you couldn’t hold in your sobs as it racked your body, you hung up on him, not saying anything back. You were so frustrated that you threw your phone across the room and watched it break into a million pieces.

“Woah, woah, woah” Your father walked in and saw the mess on the floor before looking back at you.

“Peter broke up with me.” you wiped the tears from your face and watched as your fathers face seemed smug.
“Oh dear that’s horrible I mean I wouldn’t even worry, he’s not even that cute.” your father sat on the end of your mattress. “ Did you want some hot coco?”

“No I just want to go to sleep.” you whispered, for the first time in forever your father nodded and kissed your forehead before turning to leave.

That night you didn’t get one bit of sleep, you grew frustrated and kicked back the covers of your sheets and grabbed your purse before walking out of your room. You tip toed out of your house and into the freezing cold air of your hometown. You didn’t even notice as you began shivering, your mind only on Peter Parker. You kicked yourself mentally as he probably wasn’t even thinking of you, how could he? If he even cared about you he wouldn’t of hurt you the way that he did.

You were so caught up in your thoughts you hadn’t even noticed where you ended up and only when you heard laughter behind you did you look up from the cement ground and find yourself in danger. Standing in front of you were four grown men, you pulled your robe closer to your body, completely forgetting to change out of your revealing pjs.

“Damn what a nice piece we found tonight.” one of the men stepped closer to you, you gulped and stepped away and as they continued to walk towards you, you turned around and broke into a run.

You hadn’t even noticed the shrieking that came from your mouth as you ran down alleyways to try and escape their grubby hands. You gasped as you felt an arm wrap around your waist and pull you back into them. You cried out in pain from how tight his grasp was, you tried kicking and screaming but nothing was working.

All of a sudden you were on the ground, you let a tear fall as your cheek scraped against the cement. You looked at the men in front of you only to see an extra figure. The black shadow moved around the men, and each single one, one by one went down with a single touch by the figure. You silently praised your saviour.

You coward away as the figure knelt down besides you, your eyes turning back to the men on the ground before facing your saviour. Your breath caught in your throat as you realised who it was.

“Black Panther to your rescue.” he whispered, the accent seeping through each word.

That night you spent it in a hospital bed, with tears staining your pillow and as you heard a familiar voice your heart sped up. Your father however seemed to let out a low growl, you frowned at his actions before turning towards the door as it opened, revealing your favourite human being.

“(Y/N)” he dashed towards your bed and threw himself on you. “I am so sorry, I promise I’ll never push you away again, I’m never leaving your side ever ever again.”

“It’s okay.” you let out a whisper as he cupped your face, he wiped away your tears and pulled you closely.

“Your father told me to stay away from you, he said it was better as you wouldn’t get hurt.” he admitted, you turned towards your dad, your face growing more red by the minute as you balled your hands into fists.

“Well I’ll take that as my queue to leave.” Your father cleared his throat and dashed outside.

“I’m never leaving you again.” Peter whispers before pressing his lips against yours.

Feelings are tough

(Teamiplier x Sister!Reader)

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Request:Another baby sister x teamiplier if that’s okay? (15/16?) basically one where she’s going through her first heartbreak with a boy that she dated, but he treated her badly and she thought it was all her fault and is just really emotional and crying but everyone gets into major protective mode (especially Mark) and makes her feel better?

You had always thought that feelings for guys weren’t your thing. But then you saw him, and your heart fluttered and it felt like all the emotions everyone had told you about. You dated for a while and it seemed perfect, but then the comments would start. It felt as though he hated you then he loved you. He’d comment on anything you did or other people said about you. Finally after weeks of it you asked him to stop and leave it alone. He blew up screaming and yelling comments and swears at you. The entire altercation got so out of hand that he broke it off called you a terrible selfish person and told you, your relationship was through. It felt as though your heart was ripped in two, you were convinced it was your fault that you caused this.

You said nothing as you walked into the house. You ignored everyone for a long time and spent most nights crying silently. Mark had grown worried he saw that something wasn’t right at the moment. Softly he knocked on your bedroom door “hey bug, can I come in?” He asked hearing nothing in response he opened the door slightly to check on you. He was meet with your back to the door in a dark room, it looked as though you were asleep and decided to leave you alone. When the routine continued and he slowly felt the disconnection between you two he asked his friends for help.
When you had finally come out of your room Mark sat with his friends. You tried to walk by them only giving a small wave and heading straight for the kitchen. “(N/N), are you okay?” Amy asked “yeah, I’m fine” you answered quickly and gave a small smile. “Bug, what’s wrong?” Mark asked as he got up and went over to you. “I’m worried about you what happened?” He persisted. Your eyes watered and you looked away “um Alex broke up with me a few weeks ago.” You said not looking at him. Mark grew angry as he heard those words, the idea of a guy making his little sister feel so shitty made his blood boil. The entire group who had heard the conversation piled in to the kitchen to hear the rest. “I just…” you trailed off shrugging slightly. You broke out into a sob as you recalled all the awful words that were spoken. Mark immediately hugged you as you sobbed into his chest. Amy and Kathryn who had already heard what had happened understood immediately what you were going through. While Tyler and Ethan were oblivious but completely worried. “Bug, what did he do?” He asked in a soft tone, “it was my fault… I wouldn’t leave him alone and-and I caused it. Mark and the boys grew angry at the thought of you talking down about yourself. Amy and Kathryn’s heart broke that a boy made you feel this way. “You don’t really thinks it’s your fault do you (N/N)?” Amy asked you in a soft voice. You just shrugged and nodded. The group shared a silent conversation, “it’s not your fault (Y/N)” Ethan said. “Yeah don’t listen to that dick.” Kathryn spoke up “his opinion shouldn’t matter.” Tyler said and everyone nodded. Mark wiped your tears and hugged you “(N/N), I love you and it shouldn’t matter what anyone says about you. You are the best person I know and I can’t ask for a better sister.” Mark stated and smiled at you.

The group spent the rest of the day doing things you enjoyed to help you forgot. Cracking jokes and making fun of each other to enjoy and appreciate your time together. Chica who knew you felt sad had stayed by your side all afternoon not leaving your side at all. Mark wanted to implement that you were loved and it worked. He kept you by him and hugged you all the time. It was the best remedy to fix a broken heart.

Melancholic Desire

JANJAAAAN~ HAAAAPPY belated BIRTHDAY @kashphia!!! heres a special lil otp present hehe. the reason i chose chrobin is because i saw youve been drawing chrobin so really part of this fic was an inspiration that came from you c: i hope you enjoy this oneshot and have your heart being ripped out into two fluttered in glee <3

 He couldn’t lose her.

 White dust twinkled weakly in his shaking hands. Pupils shrunk to tiny dots. Lips paled and parted. Tears were heavy in each socket, yet none ever trickled and instead blurred his dizzying vision. Fingers shook and twitched violently. Hands trembled and stiffened all the way up to his bruised shoulders.

 He couldn’t lose her. He couldn’t lose her.

 The sound of Grima’s deafening roar finally reached a silence. The force around them changing so suddenly, Chrom only felt his body being pressed downwards, elbows scraping the dead dragon’s back and forehead bumping against the cold, scaly ground.

 He couldn’t…He couldn’t lose…her…

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