rips off shirt and dances

the voltron icarly au no one asked for

because i was talking about it with @vodka-aunt-coran a while back and recent events brought it back to life

keith is carly

shiro is spencer

lance, hunk, and pidge are all a mixture of both sam and freddie

allura is a mixture of gibby and mrs. benson (WEIRD COMBO I KNOW) because let’s be honest she would get excited and rip off her shirt at random moments and then dance badly on tables but she would also be strict at times and would also kick ass at fencing. and she’s still around the same age as shiro in the au, like in canon.

coran is t-bo, the guy at the groovy smoothie that puts everything on a stick

matt is socko, spencer’s friend that’s always mentioned but never seen

thebaehood  asked:

I need hcs of Otayuri dancing together because Heather you slay me

                                DANCING OTAYURI HEADCANONS 

There are many forms of dancing. We all know that Otabek couldn’t keep up in ballet. But that doesn’t mean he still takes basic lessons as well as lifting lessons. So when Yuri was practicing a simple routine (easy enough to where you get the basic steps down by watching) Otabek just comes in and grabs his hand and starts spinning him around and lifting him with his jumps. And at the end they are both breathless, not because the dance was hard but because it was so sensual to dance together like that. And they just kiss.

Just for the funs, I can see Otabek learning a Magic Mike routine, and one night while Yuri is just stretching on the floor, he just bursts into the room with a stereo on his shoulder, clicks play, sets is down and just RIPS HIS SHIRT OFF, and starts dancing. And Yuri is just in a state of shock like. Damn thats hot. Once the dance ends, They just laugh. Because despite the fact that is was Hot Af, I can see them both just laying on the floor laughing till they can’t breath, because it’s just funny for some reason.

I can see them doing Lyrical type dancing together like. It has elements of ballet, but it’s not as proper I guess. I don’t know how to explain it well because I was only in dance for about two years maybe? Idk.  Now just give me a minute here because I need to find the video well videos…

Fight me on this. Idk but like… Yes?!?!?!?? I can see them making dance routines in their living room, all their furniture pushed aside. Spending hours on something no one else is going to see, just because they love dancing together. Spending hours searching songs and when ever they find one they stop everything just to show the other because “just imagine…at this part where it picks up you spin me and then here…you dip me…and then here you can…”etc.  

And then… There is ballroom dancing. With Yuri’s amazing fashion, I can see him in something fancy and fluffy, to give off that ballroom dress effect when spinning. And Otabek Altin in a TUX. A black tie that Yuri can just tug on to get Otabek to kiss him. They go out to social ballroom events and spend hours dancing formally. Otabeks hand a little too low on his back, and Yuri’s hand slipping lower on Otabek’s chest. The soft smile they give each other, their breath mixing in the small space between them. Intoxicating and thrilling. 

And let’s not forget the Tango. Talk about sensual. You literally are bringing sex to the dance floor in the most romantic way possible. Just imagine after a couple of lessons for each of them, their first time dancing together. Just…lust filled gazes and Otabek has the huge smirk on his face, and Yuri is just lightly licking his lips and Otabek growls softly, and Yuri purrs from the attention… Their hands leaving heat everywhere they touch.

 But let me just bring this up as well…..and let me just throw in a quote here and I’ll give you a cookie if you get it. No cheating.

–“First there is, desire…Then! Passion!….then, suspicion! “ 

And just let me also bring up that yummy OT3 OtayuriJJ
(whatevertheshipnameis) If you got the quote then you know the song and just IMAGINE IT!! Unff

AND LASTLY! and most importantly! ((See what I did here? brought up a musical to lead into)) 


Because you can beat your sweet ass that they watch them religiously! They learn every single song and step! When they are watching they stand up and sing at the top of their lungs! Doing the dances that they can do together.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you write sth with dance line reacting to you being picked as the main dancer who will have to do the slow sensual dance in their upcoming mv? Thanks and you're awesome in satisfying my fangirl feels ehhe

MY DREAM~ Thanks for the request!! Enjoy!


J-Hope would probably be really into the idea, especially if it was someone he liked. He’d get really into the dance, and practice really hard for it to be perfect, for both his fans and for you. I see him letting you get comfortable with it, if you were uncomfortable that is, until he went full on sensual. If it was ever awkward, he would just make you both laugh to get out of the awkward state.

Jimin would easily be the most confident and forward about the dance, and would be very excited. Once you two learn the dance, and start practicing on your own, he may throw in his own sensual features, say ripping his shirt off and dancing shirtless. He’d be very kind about the dance, but also excited and very, very sensual, to a point where you just join in the sensual mess.

Jungkook would be very shy and nervous at first, and would wonder how he would pull it off. When you two first start practicing, he’ll be very stiff and nervous, not wanting to embarrass himself, but as time goes on, and practice becomes more frequent, he easily looses that uneasy and nervous feeling, and surprises you with how intimate and comfortable he becomes.


Hope you liked it!!! ^_^

~Admin VJinHope

  • *Nicki starts playing on Percy's ipod*
  • Percy: *starts singing*
  • Jason: *rips off shirt and starts dancing*
  • Leo: Hold up! Lemme get in on this. *starts twerking*
  • Frank: *turns into a monkey and starts twerking*
  • Piper: ...Jason, no.
  • Annabeth: ....Oh my gods. they're so embarrassing.
  • Hazel: ....Why are we with them?