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Is face throwing canon for twins? If yes, how did they come to do that? Because Lauma told them their dad is bad and they didn't want to look like him in any way either?

Locket would rip off his face out of his self hating-ness that he resembled knife and caused his mother discomfort with his face. His sister would tear off her face because mom wouldnt let her go out at night to parties unattended!!!! or something petty like that and so she’d throw tantrums that way. she is a bratty princess. 
They probably actually did face throwing at dinner too though, as a more light hearted thing. cause sometimes the two of them would get into wild moods (if one of them started the other would likely roll along with it too) and just be really annoying disasters because their society is really prim and proper and full of manners and rules and stuff and the two of them are annoying little potato rebels!!! that flip people off and make fart noises!!!!!!
this was before Locket discovered he would be sent out of their home though, after he found that out he didn’t really.. act out and do anything annoying anymore. he was too busy savoring the sights and smells of his home before he would have to leave forever. 
Locket’s sister might feel the same exact way as him, about her face resembling knife’s, but if she does she just keeps it a secret and likes to pretend shes oblivious. because if she self loathed herself like that it would make Locket sad too. So she can’t do that!! 
Also fun fact! the twins shared a single egg.


My God, how I hated you. There was a time in which I could not conceive of how I could ever forgive you. And in this moment, I am you.


someone: you’re reading warrior cats?? those books are for kids wtf

me: one cat literally got his intestines ripped out and died nine times and two young cats were mauled by dogs one got her face ripped off one cat created a racist cult clan and told a half blood cat to murder two kittens and when he refused he was murdered execution style and one cat literally was impaled in the throat by a stick

me: but you know

me: for kids

Dating Klaus Mikaelson would include...

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bc he wants everyone to know that youre his 

“hello, i’m her boyfriend, look at her like that again and i’ll rip your face off” 

calling him niklaus 

being best friends with rebekah 


being super protective 

hiding you upstairs when marcel or any of the witch come over to do business 

being jealous when you speak to elijah 

“i’m yours niklaus, i swear, elijah is nothing more than a friend to me”

his accent turning you on\













having a summer house that you two can escape to when his family overwhelms him 

helping you with your studies 

“klaus, i don’t get ittttt”

“darliing you have to try”

klaus loving you more than life itself

“i love you so much darling, so much”

“i love you too niklaus”

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Though he likes to be a tough little cinnamon roll, I think Ardyn is almost always on the edge of a breakdown that could go either way. If someone showed him genuine affection he might just ugly cry.

Alright, I’m finally ready to tackle this one.

One particular scene I think about a lot is when Luna tries to heal him after he stabbed her. The way he lowers his hand and extends his fingers after Luna holds onto his arm. I’m like… the fuck is going through your head, dude?

Well… first… maybe he’s intrigued. This woman, who is now bleeding to death because he’s a world class piece of fucking shit (seriously I was so goddamn angry when he did that), is fucking….trying….to help him. And if he’d let her… well… perhaps he’d be a normal man again? 

And we all know where that went…

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Fuck you Ardyn if you ever lay a hand on Luna again I will fucking rip your beautiful face off and shove it up your glorious ass. ...I have a lot of feelings about Luna, too. Anyway…

As he’s leaving, he stops and stares at his hand for a moment…

Okay bud…what are you thinking there? What if he thought something like “Fuck I’m going to have to think about this later and I’m gonna hate it”

Just staring at his hands…like… Yeah, he had to kill Luna. All part of the Plan™. But why… god fuck WHY did she have to do that? Why’d she have to go and see something worth saving? What could she have POSSIBLY been able to surmise about him that made her do that?

I like to think that sometimes he has a bit of an “inner dialogue” with the daemons within him, and he can see the monstrous form of himself before him. That, even after all these years, they enjoy taunting him. Even though he’s working with the power they give him. Daemons are just…dicks like that.

“Are you regretting it now? After everything we’ve done?” They flash a grin at him and he glares in wordless response. Of course he doesn’t regret it… It’s just…

They’re right, of course. They usually are. But he swears he can still feel her there, holding onto him, trying to save him… And he really could have allowed that to be the end of it. He shouldn’t dwell on that. But…

Well.. it’s a lot to think about….



Made the two hour trek to the Sunshine Coast today with my parents and brother. Beautiful place, the water was warm (sadly not safe to swim in) and the sun was bright and I saw lots of dogs. Dogs! Afterward we took our picnic lunch up the mountain and sat in this little park, eating sandwiches and krispy kreme donuts. A good day.

The Flaming Pile of Garbage that is the Sun newspaper (U.K.) has written an entire article about how the women in Mass Effect Andromeda are made to look ugly for the sake of being Politically Correct.

And I just can’t. I can’t express how ridiculous this notion is.

Apparently my friends, the way you look is now the prime example of pandering to the liberal crowd.

Excuse me whilst I go rip off my face, the face I was born with and have no control over, in order not to offend the gentle snowflake sensibilities of you “average gamer”.

HOW DARE YOU make cunty fucked up “triggered” and “safe space” jokes if YOU can’t even go outside and look at a real woman’s face. That’s 50% of the entire planet that fucks you up apparently.

*mashes face into keyboard whilst screaming*

There now I have the Keyboard imprinted in my ugly ass face, you happy now, does that make more agreeable to you?!

Ugh I am so angry I’ve lost coherence.

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So nice that he’s willing to offer his professional opinion of your husband’s teeth for free. Did he have some good news for you? Does it involve pliers?

So I had a CT scan, and lots of other stuff done, and they “couldn’t find anything immediately wrong” on film, which he very quickly assured me, didn’t mean there wasn’t a problem.

He thinks the pain coming from one particular tooth (the one making me want to rip my face off) is a filling I might be allergic to which is causing the tooth to self destruct, so before he takes the whole tooth out he wants to see if he can fix the filling and pack it with something I wont be allergic to and just try to save me from any more surgery. So that’s what I will be doing next week to try and get me out of pain. (We need to wait for some testing to come back before he feels happy putting things into my jaw)

He’s also willing to extract my root canal teeth because in his own words “there’s no way they should hurt like that”, but first he wants to send me to an orthodontist, to evaluate my bite because my jaw muscles are a mess, and it’s because my teeth have been ground so far down by the previous dentist none of them touch, so I’m performing gymnastics just to be able to chew and eat. And braces would help with that.

We also discovered that I also have a cluster of excess of nerve bundles, all on the lower left side of my jaw, which is why I can get drilled on the right side of my face and not flinch, but the left side never goes numb. Which is why no matter what they are doing, they are not able to get me numb for procedures.

Which is why the root canals on the left side of my face all feel like they are failing, despite appearing fine on film and upon re-opening. It’s my face recovering from the trauma of being fully “live” while having the roots stripped out. When I described my root canal experiences he sat with his eyes closed gripping his head in his hands. He also doesn’t think with my inflammation issues I am a candidate for root canal or implants, he thinks my body will reject them based purely on the fact that my root canal teeth just won’t heal, like my jaw is trying to push them out.

He also thinks one of those nerve bundles might have got hit by a needle when they were trying to get me numb—based on some residual bruising I have inside my mouth. So now my nerves are all freaking out and healing from being quite literally stabbed multiple times, which explains why NONE of my pain killers are working either.

He was very much “why are you not screaming from pain right now” and I was very “I am too tired to scream, just help me, please help me”. He promised me he’d find a way or find someone else who could.

I cried.

Several times.

Because someone believes me.

And they think they might know what to do. Also they made me a cup of tea when I started crying and held my hand.

They seem like good people who care. So I’m hopeful.

I’m still in a LOT of pain, but I’m really hopeful.