• Gregor:can rats love
  • Ripred:*to himself* are you serious? Are you fucking serious? Did this human ass just do this? Is he seriously asking this? I can't believe it. This is fucking bullshit. His ass wanting to know if we have feelings. What the fuck, humans? What the fuck?
  • Ripred:*sarcastically out loud* yes we love ourselves very much
  • Gregor:figures
  • Ripred:dumbass fucking bought it
RIPR is bad

Recently on Facebook I got into a discussion on why the government having unregulated access to any data on the internet is a thing I don’t like. In an attempt to stop posting content into the locked-box of Facebook, it’s here too.

So, the issue - for me, other people may be more militant - is that right now I - as a citizen - have no protection against the police. To arrest me, they need probable cause. To search my house, they need a warrant. To get my personal data from my bank, from my ISP, from my water company they need a legal document *about me* that explains why they want it and a judge has to approve it. The measures the government are currently using, the ones that they want to keep, and the ones they have been using on the *flimsiest* of legal technicalities, allow the security services to access and record my data (which includes financial transactions, personal relationships, business proposals, and data which I am under *legal obligation* to protect to the best of my ability to be not allow access by third parties) without notification, without record, without probable cause, and without protection from abuse. That’s me as a citizen.

Second issue is that I personally own a server, which provides internet services to people I know and trust. It’s SSH access, it’s email forwarding, it’s web hosting. Am I an ISP? Am I under obligation to keep the data that goes though my server? I’m not doing it as a business, I’m a private individual. If I do, then I simply can’t do it. First, morally, but also I don’t have the disk space to keep all this data for three years, and I’m not willing to be responsible for the security of it. That’s why I only forward emails in the first place. It will force me to cease to offer *to my friends* access to a property *that I own* because the government think they have a right to look inside it. It’s not quite being legally obliged to allow an employee to live in my house and record conversations I have when my friends are around, but it’s not far off.

And last, I am a white male, 18 to 35. I do not have any traditional reason to believe the government is predisposed to assume I’m guilty, and *I* have all these problems with the concept of my data being kept without any legal process; I can’t imagine the feelings of people who have good, and historically backed, reasons to believe the government does not have their freedom of expression at heart.

i just spent 3 hours looking at everything i want to buy from elf and reading reviews and choosing colours even though i know they don’t ship to canada #rip



Pictured above: Reporter Kristin Gourlay and Panelists Amy Nunn and Lynn Taylor

Hepatitis C: Cure, Cost, and Challenge

Moderator: Kristin Gourlay - Health Care Reporter, Rhode Island Public Radio


Michael Poshkus, MD - Thundermist Health Center

Amy Nunn, ScD - Executive Director, Rhode Island Public Health Institute, Assistant Professor of Public Health, Brown University

Thomas Sepe, MD - Director, Liver Center at University Gastroenterology & Clinical Associate Professor, Brown University

Thomas Stopka, PhD - Assistant Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine Tufts University School of Medicine

Lynn Taylor, MD - RI Defeats Hep C, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Brown University and the Miriam Hospital

Last Thursday, I attended a forum sponsored by Rhode Island Public Radio, Brown University School of Public Health, and the Rhode Island Public Health Institute about Hepatitis C.

The first thing I thought leaving the Metcalf after the hour-long discussion (plus another half hour of Q and A), was “Why did I not know about Hep C until now?”

I went to the event because I was hearing about it on RIPR all week, I appreciate Gourlay’s work, and I was interested in learning more about the disease. However, I did not know that Hepatitis C was such a massive issue. 

Although I came home to a large amount of homework to do, I was glad I went. It seems as though I was only high school student there, but I think the small number of rather young looking people were college/public health/med students. I did not realize until the discussion started, but the rest of the people in the room were doctors and health care workers or public health officials. 

One moment from the panel that I keep thinking about is the discussion between Nunn and Taylor. They were obviously very passionate about their jobs and both incredibly hard working. It got tense at one point when discussing the issue of the cost of treating Hep C. Nunn kept insisting on pressing government and business for price cuts as an answer to high costs. However, Taylor responded with saying that we should not even have to do that since these medications cost only dollars per each dosage. 

As soon as they said this, there was these waves of pangs inside of me. In my research, I have come across this issue of the cost of medicine and pharmaceutical companies again and again and again. 

Each time I find that it hinders patients’ wellbeings, I get angry and incredibly frustrated. When I look at it from a larger perspective all I see greed and injustice but most of all - irrationality. 

Below is a link with audio and highlights of the event and a link to Gourlay’s series on Hep C called At The Crossroads



I don’t know if anyone even remembers the superhero AU that was floating around a while ago, but I do and I love it. So much. I have never been able to let it go, I even have like a whole story worked out and everything (that I will never write heheh)

So here’s some costume designs again. I redesigned Luxa because tbh her frist one was crap, Gregor is mostly the same with some minor changes, and I’ve added Ripred! I felt like he would have an affinity for guns?  I don’t know, probably just me. I made his skin the color of a hairless rat because nothing else felt right to me. 

I can imagine Ares impregnating Nike shortly before their trip through Hades Hall, and since Nike is a bat, she prevents fertilization/implanting of embryo/etc. until after the war because it was unsafe to be pregnant.

After Luxa and Ripred bond, Nike stops delaying the pregnancy, and her mother slowly catches on. Finally, Queen Athena demands to know when Princess Nike had the time to mate, and she confides that it was before the war, and it was with her late friend Ares. She then reminds him that she can’t do anything to Ares; Ares is dead. To get out of Queen Athena’s control, Nike resides in Ares’ old hideout, where Aurora sometimes visits. Aurora helps Nike raise her two pups, and the boy, covered in black fur, is named Ares.

Years later, Gregor comes back accidentally, and he is caught by a bat that too closely resembles his old bond to be a coincidence.

AU where Henry never betrays Regalia and helps the gnawers.

Henry letting Gregor train on Ares because he doesn’t have abond yet, and the three of them getting very close.

Henry insisting upon coming along with Gregor and (or without) Luxa on all of the quests, even if the prophecies don’t apply to him.

Henry seeing Nerissa before anyone else after he arrives back from a quest.

Henry backing up Gregor when he doesn’t kill the Bane.

Henry and Ripred glaring at each other and fighting, but they ending up saving each other’s lives more than once, and trusting each other finally.

Henry showing Gregor the turtle passageway out of the castle.

Henry comforting Nerissa.

Henry training Gregor and teaching battle moves.

Henry playing friendly pranks on Gregor and Luxa.

Henry being able to tell Gregor and Luxa’s crushes on each other before anyone else.

Henry slowly trusting Howard, and become good friends with him.

Henry and Gregor and Luxa exchanging glances with each other.

Henry letting Gregor fight his final battle on Ares because he knows how close the two have gotten.

Henry sacrificing himself Ares because he’s hiding in the back of the cave in case he needs to drag Gregor’s body back.

TUC all the feels playlist
  1. Hero (gregor)-Family of the year
  2. Long Way Down (gregor)-Tom Odell
  3. Beleive (gregor)-Mumford&Sons
  4. Hyrocartes (luxa)-Marina and the Diamonds
  5. Breaking Down (gregor)-Florence and the Machine
  6. Lover of The Light (gregor)-Mumford&Sons
  7. Only If For A Night (gregor)-Florence and the Machine
  8. Broken Crown(luxa)-Mumford&Sons
  9. Numb(solovet)-Marina and the Diamonds
  10. No Rest For the Wicked(Underlanders)-Lykke L
  11. Flicker,Kanye West Remix, (Luxa)-Lorde
  12. Seven Devils (the bane/the gnawers)-Florence and the Machine
  13. Timshelf (gluxa, hazard, Thalia, Ripred, boots, Lizzie)-Mumford&Sons
  14. It Takes a lot to know a man (gluxa)-Damien Rice
  15. Spectrum (gluxa, the underlanders)-Florence and the Machine
  16. Blue Jeans (gluxa)-Lana Del Rey
  17. Hero(luxa)-Regina Spektor
  18. Born to Die (gluxa)-Lana Del Rey
  19. Walk Through Hell (gluxa)-Say Anything
  20. We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow (gluxa first kiss)-Soko
  21. Dyin Day(gregor)-Anais Mitchell
  22. Smother (Hamnet, Ripred)-Daughter
  23. Babel (gregor,ares the bane)-Mumford&Sons
  24. Glory and Gore (the underlanders)- Lorde
  25. Leave My Body(gregor, ares)-Florence and the Machine
  26. Pompeii (the underlanders)-Bastille
  27. Youth (gluxa, hazard, thalia, the underlanders)
  28. No Light, No Light (gluxa)-Florence and the Machine
  29. Happy Ending (gluxa)-MIKA

Imagine Gregor pranking Underlanders by giving them Hot Cheetos.

Imagine hardened soldiers panting from the spiciness.

Imagine Ripred eating one, spitting it out, and shrieking “WHAT IS THIS POISON?” as Gregor shoves a handful into his mouth smugly.

Hogwarts AU (I did this a while back ok let’s go)


brave, competitive, reckless, impulsive, daring, adventurous, attention-seeking

  • Gregor
  • Henry
  • Mareth
  • The Bane


determined, cunning, ambitious, leaders, clever, resourceful, confident, blunt

  • Luxa
  • Ripred
  • Ares
  • Twirltongue
  • Solovet


curious, peaceful, thoughtful, open-minded, creative, wise, independent, witty

  • Nerissa
  • Lizzie
  • Nike
  • Vikus
  • Howard


loyal, just, kind, teamwork, down-to-earth, tolerant, humble, fair, honest

  • Boots
  • Aurora
  • Dulcet
  • Lapblood
  • Temp
  • Tic

The adjectives in italics are general traits of the four houses. Not every trait of each house is there, and each character is not going to fit into every one of the traits.

Questions? Suggestions? I’d be happy to answer.