Insights from Rippld's CEO: Put Down the Keyboard. Pick Up the Pencils.

–By Wilbert Fobbs, Rippld CEO

Many startup books mention that coding should start right away. The Rippld team makes it a point to first learn our business processes manually, then write software. That means we put down the keyboard, and go into the real world.

Because software development has an inherent cost associated with it, we model what our software will do on paper first. Then, we test our new manual process with real clients. At Rippld, we also sold our manual process before we ever sold our software.

Why do we do it this way?

  • It helps us hone in on what the client finds valuable so we can get rid of the frills and fluff.
  • Changes and updates to the process are much cheaper to implement than software development.
  • Most important, if a client is willing to pay for your manual process, then the scalability and efficiency of software you create will endear the customer to you for the life of your software.

So, sharpen those pencils and get to writing!