ripping my eyes out


– but Mint Eye Yoosung tho ((mmmMMm how r u gonna smooth all that edge))

SPOILERS!!! [sort of] gr8 now i wanna draw mint eye rfa Flipped!AU zzz ((basically the only good people are saeran and rika ++ MC idk AAAAAAAA))

sorry ive been a bit inactive bc of work but hhh here’s some quick sketches sjkdfhdk O<-<

some unlucky kiddos :’)

I didn’t know that it was possible to grieve someone who’s still alive.
—  I’m not being dramatic it’s just that missing you is like ripping my heart from my chest

i know i’ve posted this before but look at the love. look at it. look how in love dan is.

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I have a suggestion, can I kill Cuphead and Mugman? Here's a list on ways! *ahem* Cut their limbs off slowly, throw them into a pool of acid, rip out their guts with my bare hands, gouge their eyes out with spoons, cut their heads off, stick metal poles through their heads, mummify them alive, impale them with spears, drown them in a tank full of ink, bury them alive, stab them a thousand times, throw them into acid tanks, throw them in front of a bus.... *voice fades**to be continued*


non of these sound intresting enough tho

keep on thinking my demonic friend

friendly reminder

there’s a difference between being upset with how sjm handled mor being a lesbian and being upset that mor is a lesbian.

If any of your complaints about this development fall along the lines of “but azriel” “she doesn’t seem like the type” “she never showed any signs” “amren would be a better fit” you really need to reevaluate your judgment 


“Please come back to Earth, and report to my elder brother in front of his grave with me. Report to him… that we protected Edo… Cause if you don’t, I’ll never forgive you.”

I need a Sheith The Addams Family AU so bad lmao

  • Shiro as Gomez Addams. Eccentric, handsome, athletic multi-billionaire. Loves black and white suits. Obsessed with spaceships and in his study he’d blow them up just for fun, he can always buy a new set anyway, no big deal. He is such a romantic. He adores and would literally die for his husband, Keith. Loves making morbid jokes, it’s his thing. Randomly takes the husband and him on trips to Bermuda Triangle because it’s their typical destination. 
  • Keith as Morticia Addams. Handsome and quiet, makes a lot of people do a double-take just like with his husband. Always in all-black suits. Sometimes wears a red tie. Red is the only other colour he will wear. Rarely smiles but when he does…
    Keith: Let me go just get my dagger, will you wait for me, Mon cher?
    Shiro: Cara mio, will it be painful?
    Keith: Extremely.
  • As a married couple, they are quite a sight to see. They move so gracefully like they came out of a black and white film. Never do people see them wear normal clothes. They always have to look elegant. They are multilingual. They know Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French and English. But Japanese is the language that just drives Shiro nuts whenever Keith uses it for sweet talks. 
  • When they go on dinner dates, they get weird looks. The waiter in charge of their table is always scandalized when they hear them talk.
    Shiro: At your request, I would rip out my eyes. At your command, I would crawl on my belly through hot coals and broken glass.
    Keith: Why wait, my darling?
    “What the hell is wrong with you people?”
  • A bit weirded out by normal people.
    Keith: Takashi, that child is… smiling as if he’s happy. How hideous.
    Shiro: Look away, my love. Look away.

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lmao i actually started working on this when i tried scouting for her first UR and didn’t get her and so i decided to draw her out of sheer spite :)))) but i never finished it… but now i figured her birthday would be a good occasion to finish this~ (plus i heard @sukutomo‘s holding a giveaway for this occasion and this might as well be my first time entering hehe)

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He stood half naked in the kitchen hand holding a croissant waiting for you to come home. He had on his Calvin Kleins and made sure to moisturize so when you were feeling him up later it would be silky smooth, now he just had to wait for you to get home from work. He heard the door unlock as his mouth was full of french cuisine, quickly swallowing it wont be the only thing he  started walking over talking dirty wasting no time 

KAI: ‘Hey baby, im all softened up for you tonight, you should come here though because we dont want everything to be soft, in fact im feeling….Baekhyun??? wtf are you doing here”

BH: Honestly if i was Y/N right now id literally superglue my underwear to my legs bc i cant think of a way to be more turned off by what you just said.

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*After sending you continous flirty messages he was convinced he had you hooked even though you legit ignored them all, but he thought you were playing hard to get. You were, just slightly. You walked through the front door to find him leaning on the counter in only his boxers, giving you the biggest grin*

SH: Hey babe, im glad you finished work, but we got some more to do in the bedroom ;)”

Y/N: “Go back to your laptop Sehun, thats where you do most of your work anyways”


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*He had bought you an expensive necklace, ready to put on you when you came over, in more detail he wanted to put it on after bang time bc he was feeling hella needy. When you came over earlier than expected you saw it sat on the table and stormed over to find him

Y/N: “Junmyeon i told you to not buy me things like that, you are much more than money, you are kind and talented and wonderful, and ive already got the most expensive thing in my life and thats you”

*He smiled at you and kissed you on the lips”

Y/N: “Anyways now ive told you the facts we can bang, lets gooo”

i needed to give Suho a win he deserves it ANYWAYS stop making reactions abt Sumoney byE

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*The boy and his mullet has crazy ideas for tonight, it involved a whip and a saddle and someone yelling “yee ha”. It wasn’t going to be you though. You received a strange text from him saying “you wont believe your eyes when you get home tonight”. He was right.

BH: “Hey sexy, do you like what you see?”

Y/N: I kind of want to rip my eyes out Baekhyun”

then stick them on u bc kinky shit

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*You started sexting him whilst he was at work, he tried to reply when he could but decided you were in for it later, he was gonna give you the wildest night of your life. And he did in some aspect. He comes back home with a tin of hula hoops, some soup and a bagel and ur wondering wtf????

CY: Hey i thought we should try sloshing tonight babe, you know sex involving food”

Y/N: So anyways idk you get out my house”

*he stod looking up at the balocny


grind with the baked beans hunny

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*Kyungsoo was honestly having such a nerve wracking day planning out fun times tonight, he didn’t think you were gonna go along with it. He bought the mask, the whip, the leather blindfold he was ready. You came home stared at him in disbelief before pushing him into the bedroom*

KS: “Wait you are ok with this?”

Y/N: M8 ive been waiting for you to crack out the whip, spank me sir”

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ill do the rest in another 1 this is long

Torn Part 3

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Prompt: You’re Parrish’s girlfriend and you catch him getting way too close to Lydia. (whoops)

Pairing: Jordan Parrish x Reader , Lydia Martin x Jordan Parrish

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