ripping bongs

I was tagged by @peacefulpothead 💕😍

I would like to see @its420passiton, @rachelsfuckingzooted, @coffeepotsmokin, @fatbongbabe, @smilingstoner, @budmuffin, @spaced-queen, @lunaingenue, @paradisiak,

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! ✌💕🔥💨

First time ever doing this, but it looked too fun to pass up a chance to stop drop and take a hit!
Of also like to invite some of my fellow stoners to do the same! @somegirlwhosmokes @weed-kitten @eminemmademedoit @stoneroftheshire @weed-breath @thc-mx @earlymorningbonghits @smoketonumb @wheresthedamnlighter @sativa-mermaid @godshideouscreation @smokinghiigh @lady-cannabliss @haisies