My Facebook conversations are a little concerning...
  • Friend: Can you think of a good murder?
  • Me: H. H. Holmes, Hannibal Lecter, Jack the Ripper
  • Friend: Murder not murderer
  • Me: Oh
  • Me: oops
  • Friend: But I'll paw through their cases thanks darlin'
  • Me: I know a lot of forms of fatal torture if that'll help any
  • Friend: That would be excellent
  • Friend: The most efficient and swift way to kill someone and dispose of the body
  • Friend: I'm just a writer not a serial killer
  • Me: Piano wire to slit their throat, dispose of the corpse in a septic tank
  • Friend: That is an Excellent idea
  • Me: You could also mix three crushed cherry pits into their food/drink and that equals a lethal dose of arsenic for two adult men
  • Friend: That is even better
  • Friend: Thanks for the ammunition
  • Me:
  • Friend: Oh my god
  • Me: If the killer has a little more time on their hands, cut the body up into small pieces (head, feet, hands, separate the two halves of each limb, separate hips and ribs by cutting in half at the waist) and from there many things can be done. The body can be ground up and turned into fish chum, hidden in separate cars scheduled for compacting in the dump, buried randomly over a several mile radius away from the killer's home town, put i various dumpsters, dropped into the sewage line at random intervals, scattered through the forest/mountains/ocean to be consumed by animals, and even buried in fresh graves
  • Friend: You are a fucking genius

“Are you admiring my heart, sir?” - Col. Madoc Faulkner

Recently got into Ripper Street with a friend of mine and Iain Glen’s episode was very powerful and I loved his characters story with Drake’s character. And I’ve always had a thing for Egyptian Culture so when I saw his necklace I decided I would love a version of my own and managed to find an antique Egyptian Revival scarab pendant from Cairo that almost matched but was kind of my own version. :)

“Are you lost…?” 

This is fragment from AO3 “The Ripper”, writen by my talented friends @sassyjacobfrye

Here’s a link :

This is my first collaboration with my friend @sassyjacobfrye. I do art and she write this awesome fic. I will upload some of fragment from this fic for next day. I m so exciting…!!! :D :D

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So. You're the infamous Jack the Ripper my friends have all nearly died from. -@ask-the-real-hell

Heh, Jack the Ripper? Is that what they’re calling me? I’m honored to receive a nickname of such a great man. But I suppose you could say that I’m acquainted with your friends.

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didn't ripper literally kill stamets' best friend like........ sure he was fascinated by ripper but that was from a purely scientific standpoint

YES IT DID i even made a sad edit about it and i’ll probably make a few more at some point because i’m still mad at how the show handled straal’s death lol

the ripper also killed landry like,,,, i know she wanted to stun him or whatever,,,,, but personally i value human life over gigantic worms

UPDATE: ok no, i just remembered straal died because their ship couldn’t handle the spore drive. the tardigrade still killed landry though.

Let me tell you about my otp and why all this stuff I’ve seen about it ‘being out of character’ is a lot of nonsense. Basically, let me tell you why Alana Bloom is queen of the universe and Hannibal Lecter actually gives a shit.

The whole entire show has implied that Alana and Hannibal have had a working best friendship for freaking years. Let’s discuss how she shows up to his office completely and totally uninvited. You know what’s horrifically rude? Showing up on someone’s personal territory and expecting them to take time out of their daily schedule to entertain you. Like, does Alana mean an ounce of harm by it? No. Hell no. And you know why, and do you know why she gets away with it? Because Alana Bloom and Hannibal Lecter have been catty-secret-sharing best friends for years and they have a working relationship that centers around a mutual respect and love for one another, and the core of it is comfort. They sit on the couch with their knees turned toward one another, bodies angled to face the other, and this sort of language is an openness of trust, the very posture for telling secrets, intimate conversation.

If I even have to bring it up (and I do, it sends my heart atwitter), she was placed by him to examine PhD candidates during the week of the Ripper investigation. And friends, do we know why he did this? He did this because he genuinely cares for the well-being of Alana Bloom. He loves her and he didn’t want to have to hurt her if it could be helped. Don’t say ‘it was for his personal gain’. Hannibal Lecter fancies himself the King on the chessboard of life. If it was him in mind he would have let her on the case, and then he would have fucking killed her like he does to everyone who gets too close. He didn’t want her too close, because Alana Bloom has a special appeal to him— intellectual, fiery, capable of matching him in conversation, culture, and wits— and it would be a universal loss to have to take her from polite society. It would be removing something beautiful from the world when Hannibal Lecter is obsessed with making society more decent and appealing. 

Let’s dip further into the ‘I learned as much from her as she did from me’, the conversation that discusses Alana as an intern at Johns Hopkins. We can land her at a few years of friendship with Hannibal (as we see by her personal reserve of beer, her impolitely showing up without warning but being politely received) and let’s face it, Hannibal doesn’t keep people around consistently often. He has friends, people he cares about because he feels the world a more positive place with those people he feels kindred to in it. Camaraderie among doctors can be a tight bond. Late shifts and long nights and frustrating emotional situations— and Alana is absolutely the emotions run high sort— it’s easy to get close to a mentor or a doctor in that same field who understands the struggles of the career and the stress. Easily inferred is the fact that they saw a lot of each other (‘You realize they thought we were having an affair’ ‘Why didn’t we?’) and he doesn’t bother closeness and extracurricular time spent with anyone he does not wholly and completely find worthy investment in.

Hannibal Lecter is a strange man, not entirely a sociopath (after all, we ‘have no word for what he is’), but he loves and he bonds. The difference is he can sever these things like quick flashes of light without caring very much for it. Do I think on a deeper level he’s inflicting huge and staggering damage on his psyche by so carelessly snipping away ties that bind? Oh, totally. But I also think he loves Alana Bloom. He’s going to manipulate her relentlessly, hurt her, harm her to the point of inevitably and unwieldily trauma. But somewhere inside himself he loves her, the way a boy loves a butterfly before he seals it beneath an unforgiving pane of glass.

The fucking darkest and most stupidly complicated OTP. So don’t you sit here and tell me Hannibal Lecter sleeping with Alana Bloom is out of character, because the signs have been there from the goddamn beginning. While we’re at it, how about those of you against it quit hating on Fuller like the whole show is imploding to shit for it? It’s pretty uncool and disrespectful.

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Great exegesis of one of my fave moments in S1. I love how ambiguous it is. The Hannibal equivalent of a Mona Lisa smile: you can infer almost anything in Will’s expression, as it is both carefully blank while still teeming with some deep layer emotion. It’s a moment where Will, if he possessed an impartial perspective, could finally connect all the clues to expose Hannibal. But instead he latches desperately on to the wrong interpretation and falls ever deeper under Hannibal’s influence.

I’d love to hear your take on this scene from Hannibal’s perspective, Bear. A sister meta to this one. Though God knows you have enough writing to do!

Thank you! I especially appreciate the endorsement from someone who’s opinion I respect so much! :) I wrote most of my season 1 metas (and now season 2) without the benefit of having the scripts to look back on at the time of writing them, so it didn’t occur to me until just now to check and see if there’s some direction in the script about what Will was thinking. But as it turns out, the script describes Will’s expression as “inscrutable” and that’s all it says, so I guess I can’t go wrong, lol. Hugh Dancy does a damn fine inscrutable.

I don’t know if I have as much to say about Hannibal at that moment, really. He clearly notices Will watching him, and–like us!–he’s definitely in the know, so he’s got to be thinking about the same thing: that Will has “all the elements of epiphany…present in [his] head,” to quote Harris’s Hannibal. But there’s nothing to do but wait it out and look innocent, and count to Will’s fondness for him and associations about him to allow the moment to pass. He definitely is prepared to say words that will cement his place in Will’s imagination in the world of life and healing, when Will asks about it in the subsequent scene. He’s even the one to bring it up. He makes sure they talk about it.

The other Mona Lisa moment I’ve always wondered about in this episode is actually Hannibal’s in that kitchen scene. When Will tells him there’s no connection between Devon Silvestri and the other Ripper murders, Hannibal casually says, “Jack must be devastated,” and Will responds, “I imagine he is." 

Hannibal’s gaze comes up as if this answer captures him somehow, even though logically he shouldn’t be surprised either that Jack would be devastated (he was probably sadistically hoping for that, after all) or that Will would imagine it, implying both that Jack wouldn’t talk about it and that Will knows exactly how Jack feels anyway. All of this is well within Hannibal’s past experience of both men. But he still looks arrested by these words. 

I guess if, while in the ambulance, it did occur to Hannibal to wonder whether Will would connect the dots, he’d probably know that Will’s attachment to him was at least part of why Will didn’t make that connection, and that knowledge would have to warm and gratify him–especially after his recent reflections on loneliness and friendlessness.  I suppose, in that episode, he’d been almost constantly forced to consider that Will might not actually care much about him, after Bedelia was so firm with him about the boundary between psychiatrist and patient, when Will (albeit inadvertently) stood him up, when Will scoffed at the idea of the Ripper having friends, and even by comparison with his own disinterest in Franklyn.

So I’ve wondered if that’s why Hannibal appears so taken in that moment when Will uses that word: imagine. He’s seeing a confirmation in the knowledge that Will would care deeply and intrinsically enough to impede his own lightning-fast connections. Those insights are as good as confirmed fact for everyone else on the planet (except, perhaps, Abigail). Thus Will might actually reciprocate some of Hannibal’s own feelings, enough to unconsciously fool himself. And those feelings are reflected in Will’s awkward smile at Hannibal just before he leaves.

Like Will’s Mona Lisa moment, this is mostly just guessing on my part, trying to fill in the blanks about a part of an actor’s performance that the narrative itself doesn’t really explain. But if it’s true, I guess it’s no wonder Hannibal seems both so heartened and so contemplative at the end of that scene in his kitchen.