ripper street s2 spoilers


Ed Bruce was nice enough to share a few behind the scenes of Ripper Street 2x02 yesterday on twitter.

You can see the pictures with Matthew Macfadyen in this photoset, but be sure to go on his profile to see every other photo.

Here was his caption for the second picture:

#matthewmacfadyen wanted a cuddle. #RipperStreet


So I need to give further opinion about this event. I see the words again and again in this fandom, YOU HAD ONE JOB!

The idea that he slept through Merrick’s murder doesn’t wash with me. First there were Shine’s footsteps coming down a dead quiet hallway, then a door opening and closing, some conversation, then our poor victim gasping for breath and again a door opening and closing and more footsteps. I mean COME ON!, it’s not like the Jedediah wore sneakers. Ok I realize that Joseph Merrick was destined to to die by his hand in this plot but I think Flight’s role in it could have been better written, maybe something like an event that delayed his arrival, giving Shine enough time to slip in and out or just some better idea than him sleeping through it.

So our new character starts off being lame after promising not to let anyone down. If you felt yourself nodding off then you should have gotten your ass up out of that chair and did whatever you had to do to stay on guard until help arrived.

Strike one Albert.