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What if Sonic was in Crash's world?

-Due to his awe-inspiring speed, he would inevitably garner the unwanted attention of Oxide.

-He might be amused by how there’s another blue anthro that jumps a lot (Ripper Roo).

-He might take a liking to Coco due to how she has a lot in common with Tails.

-He would hate Dingodile due to the latter’s sadistic tendencies directed at little critters.

-He’d make fun of Pinstripe and N. Tropy’s accents the first chance he gets.

-N. Gin’s arrival on the scene makes him wonder if he’s doomed to be harassed by guys with giant machines for the rest of his life.

-“Darn! We’re not gonna make it! Let’s speed up!” becomes a catchphrase when dealing with Platinum Relics.

-Cortex now knows what it feels like to deal with a bothersome pest that talks back. He does not like it.


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