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What if Sonic was in Crash's world?

-Due to his awe-inspiring speed, he would inevitably garner the unwanted attention of Oxide.

-He might be amused by how there’s another blue anthro that jumps a lot (Ripper Roo).

-He might take a liking to Coco due to how she has a lot in common with Tails.

-He would hate Dingodile due to the latter’s sadistic tendencies directed at little critters.

-He’d make fun of Pinstripe and N. Tropy’s accents the first chance he gets.

-N. Gin’s arrival on the scene makes him wonder if he’s doomed to be harassed by guys with giant machines for the rest of his life.

-“Darn! We’re not gonna make it! Let’s speed up!” becomes a catchphrase when dealing with Platinum Relics.

-Cortex now knows what it feels like to deal with a bothersome pest that talks back. He does not like it.




Aw shit, I had a feeling I forgot to post these here. 

Little known fact, before I was a devoted follower of the Church of Miyamoto, I was a Sega/Sony baby. And one of the first video games I ever played was, you guessed it, Crash Bandicoot. Despite my taste in games changing over the years, I still see the original trilogy as my favorite gaming series. Mainly because it felt like I was playing a cartoon. The good folks at Naughty Dog did a fantastic job in capturing the “Looney Tunes-esque” personality into both the character of Crash and in the games…

But when I saw the trailer for the N.Sane Trilogy, that pretty much confirmed what I wanted to get for X-mas. So with that being said, here’s my tribute to the gaming world’s favorite marsupial.

And Ripper Roo is one of my favorite video game boss designs. 

Up Tilt: Death Tornado Punch

That’s right, Crash Bandicoot is getting in on the Smash Bros moveset speculation.

Crash is my all time childhood favorite video game character. Ahead of even Diddy Kong and Rayman. I absolutely adored his first 3 games and it was sad seeing him drop harshly in quality after CTR, but I liked Twinsanity. He’s been passed around among developers so much that he’s now 3rd Party, so despite being an icon of the 1st Playstation and Sony’s former mascot, he now has a legit chance of being in Smash. Anyway, I could gush about his oldschool self for paragraphs upon paragraphs, but let me detail this moveset idea instead:

Crash swings his arm upward and then spins it wildly above him, while the rest of his body remains balanced and stationary. Those that are hit by this move receive multiple hits until the attack ends and are lifted slightly higher to the tip of the tornado, but not high enough to escape. The duration of this move lasts exactly as long as a regular spin from him–about 2 seconds, which is how long his regular spin is in his Naughty Dog games–but it doesn’t knock foes away and simply stirs them around as it nudges them upward while damaging them. The name of the attack is meant to distinguish it from his Neutral Special, which of course is high on knockback when used on the ground and has the same duration, but doesn’t rack up damage. Since foes are pushed upward ever so slightly while being hit with this, the Death Tornado Punch is a good setup for Crash’s Up Smash, which explains why his other fist is clenched as if ready to strike.

Overall, Crash is a silly but dangerous fighter in my moveset. Not as erratic as Ripper Roo but still an energetic combatant. This is inspired by Crash 2’s Diggin’ It and Bee-Having levels, where Crash would attack bees by sticking his hand out of the ground and spin them away.
Done digitally. Crash currently belongs to Activision