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Jealousy’s A Bitch

Pairing: Klaus x Damon x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1987

Today you’re supposed to meet up with your friend, Bonnie at The Grill. You arrived there before she did, so you decided to sit at the bar. Sadly, after 20 minutes of waiting, she texts you saying:

‘Sorry, Y/N. Something came up with Jeremy. I’ll make it up to you.’

You sighed after the reading the text because you were looking forward to hanging out with Bonnie since you haven’t seen her in weeks. “I’m already here, I might as well have a drink or two.” You thought to yourself.

“I got this round. Get me the usual.” Damon demands to the bartender, sitting at the stool to your right.

“Thanks, Damon.” You smiled at Damon.

“Yup.” He popped his lips. “So what brings you here, being a loner and all?”

“Bonnie bailed on me.” You replied.

“Witches.” Damon rolled his eyes, then picked up his drink to cheers with you. You couldn’t lie though, Damon is very attractive with that crisp jaw line and gorgeous blue eyes, but, as your hybrid friend, Klaus once said, he’s an ‘arse’.

From the corner of your eye, you see Klaus and Kol enter The Grill. He saw you from afar and decided to give you a wave. 

Oh, Niklaus Mikaelson. Something about him intrigued you. You couldn’t lie to yourself that overtime, you grew some sort of feelings for this hybrid of a man. The Mikaelson’s mansion was a place you visited regularly to hang out with one of your best friends, Rebekah. Weirdly, whenever Klaus was home, it made you happy. Sometimes, he even made you nervous. Although he is a “bad boy” to most, he was always kind to you.

Instead of sitting at a table or walking towards the bar, Klaus and Kol went straight to the pool table. It bummed you out a little because you’d rather be hanging out with them instead of Damon. You didn’t want to seem desperate by going up to them, so you just stayed where you were.

20 minutes later…

The past 20 minutes consisted of drinking two more rounds with Damon. By this time, you were already feeling a bit tipsy. Every couple of minutes, your eyes would wander to see what Klaus was up to.

Damon received a call on his phone from Alaric, so he excused himself to the bathroom to take the call. Again, you couldn’t resist so you looked again to see was Klaus was doing. It was perfect timing (sarcastically) because some random girl comes up to him to talk. From your view, she sat up on the edge of the pool table chatting with Klaus, while he stood about 2 feet away, grinning at her. It did make you quite jealous because you wanted to be in her spot right now. Being the human that you are, you wished you had vampire hearing so that you could hear what they were talking about.

Damon returns which gave you the idea to boost your self esteem a little. Yes, it’s wrong to use people, but this is Damon we’re talking about here. No harm done.

“So, where were we?” He sat down in his original spot, smirking while raising a brow. In response, you started twirling a piece of hair with your finger. The alcohol was already getting to the both of you, so everything was somewhat a blur right now. “Oh yeah. That pretty little number you’re wearing is very…tempting.” Damon gave you the elevator look.

“Oh is it?” With your elbow leaning on the counter top, you rested your chin on your hand, slowly inching yourself closer to Damon. Damon notices so he scoots over closer to you, then starts slowly rubbing his hand on your thigh.

One more round later and you found Damon holding your hand to guide you to his car. You failed to walk with balance, but you didn’t care because you were drunk. What you didn’t realize is that Klaus noticed you leave The Grill with Damon, with knowledge of what that is going to lead to.


Luckily for you, you still had your morals. Although it was tempting at first, you didn’t let the alcohol get to your head by sleeping with Damon. So instead, you had a bright idea to have some fun by blasting music while dancing around the living room with Damon. He respected your change of plan and was up for whatever you wanted to do.

Sadly, it wasn’t long until your fun ended because it awoke Stephen which led to him shutting down your two person party. Damon turned off the music, then you both made your way to his bedroom, taking two glasses and a decanter filled with liquor with you.

“No sex alright?” You chuckled, setting the glasses and decanter on the nightstand. After that, you removed a few articles of clothing, leaving your shirt, bra and panties on.

“Fine by me. Go ahead and get your cuddle on.” Damon removed his shirt and pants, then covered the lower half of his body with his blanket.

You sat up on the bed, then reached over to pour yourself a glass of liquor.

The next couple of hours led to the both of you talking about your life, his vampire life. Still being a little drunk, you even brought up your little crush on Klaus. If you were sober, you wouldn’t have.

“Klaus?” Damon looked at you confused. “That dude’s a murdering maniac.”

You rolled your eyes at Damon. “And you are?” I mean you had a point. Damon isn’t an angel and neither is Stefan. Stefan had his ‘Ripper’ phase.

“Touche.” Damon scowled, then got up to point at the empty glass and decanter on the nightstand for you to hand to him. After he filled ¼ of his glass, he raised his glass to cheers with you. “A toast.”

“For?” You questioned.

“A fun, sex-less night.” He chugged his glass. You let out a laugh as a response before chugging yours. “You know. You’re not too shabby. Tonight was fun.” Damon added on.


After about an hour of non stop chit chatting, you fell asleep in Damon’s bed. The following morning, Damon was still asleep, so you put on the rest of your clothes and your shoes, then headed home to freshen up and make yourself brunch.

The food you cooked left you satisfied, so you spent the next couple of hours watching Netflix. Eventually, you got bored so you texted Rebekah to let her know that you’re stopping by to hang out. 

You got inside your car and still no word from Rebekah, but you oh well, you had your own key copy to The Mikaelson’s mansion, so you headed there anyways.

16 minutes later you arrived, parking your car on the large driveway. Before entering the home, your phone vibrated, so you pulled it out of your purse to see a text from Rebekah:

‘I’m on my way home from the store. I’ll be there soon.’

Entering the home it was silent and the first person you saw was Klaus resting on the couch drawing. He didn’t look up to say hi to you at all. You figured he was just too caught up in his drawing that he wasn’t aware of his surroundings, so you made your presence known saying, “Hi Nik.” 

Nothing. Not a word came out of his mouth. It was obvious by now that he was giving you the cold shoulder, so you tried again to get a peep out of him by walking up closer to him, waving your hand in front of you at your eyes’ view. “Hello?”

“Oh hey.” Niklaus replied sternly. But still, he didn’t look up to make eye contact with you, he just kept his eyes at his drawings.

You put your hands on your hips, looking at him in confusion. “Okay seriously, whats going on. Are you mad at me?” After knowing Klaus for months now, you already knew that whenever he is drawing or painting, he doesn’t act this standoffish, he’s normally more talkative with you.

Klaus took a deep breath in, then stood up, leaving his drawing on the couch. By the looks of it, he looked like he was ready to snap at you, but instead he put his bad temper aside, leaving a sly grin on his face. “Well. I’m not mad, love.” You sighed in relief to his response, then he added, “but I am disappointed in you just a tad.”

You crossed your arms in front of your chest. “What are you talking about?”

“Oh. Well. I don’t know. Maybe going home with Damon doing god knows what.” 

“Wait what?” You glared. “First of all, I didn’t even sleep with Damon. And second of all, why does it matter if I go home with another man?”

Klaus didn’t respond. Instead, he glanced up at the ceiling then looked back at you. It irritated you, so you decided to add on, “And you shouldn’t be the one to talk. You were also having the time of your life with that brunette last night.” You’re right though. How come Klaus is all of a sudden making it his business? You were wondering what he was up to with this.

“I wasn’t, actually. I was just being a nice lad to the girl.” Klaus walked up closer to you. “And I might even hate myself for saying this.”

“Okay, now you’re confusing me.” You tilted your head, putting your hands back at your hips.

“I don’t know how and I don’t know what it is about you, love.” Klaus lowered his voice, making it sound crisp and soothing. Then, he walked up even closer with his face being just inches away from yours. You didn’t know where he was going with this, so you just stood there speechless, giving him the spotlight. “To my surprise and to yours, I’ve grown quite fond of you, Y/N.”

Your eyes widened and butterflies started making their way into your stomach. “You what?” Is he saying what you think he’s saying?

Niklaus wrapped his hands around your upper arms, then continued with his little speech, “If your feelings don’t match mine, that’s alright, love. I know that it’s hard for a fine lady like yourself to have mutual feelings for a monster like me. But I had the need to tell you.” You can see the sadness in his eyes after saying his part. He let go of the weight of his hands around your arms and let it fall, then he quickly looked away then looked back at you once he heard a peep out of your mouth. 

“You know what?” You said, softening your tone of voice to express your feelings.

“What?” Klaus asked.

You rested both of your hands on Klaus’s chest, then made direct eye contact with him. “You don’t understand how long I’ve felt this way. I was too afraid to tell you because I was scared you wouldn’t feel the same. I didn’t want to ruin the friendship we already had.” It felt as if a huge weight has been lifted off of your shoulders, and to your relief, you were overjoyed that Klaus feels the same way about you.

“Well that’s just peachy then, sweetheart.” Klaus smiled, then grabbed both of your hands to slowly kiss at them both, making you blush.

The timing was hilariously perfect because in walks in Rebekah from the front door, struggling with her shopping bags, looking confused as ever seeing you and Klaus standing way too close to each other. You and Klaus just froze. To the both of you, it felt like you guys got caught making out in front of your parents or something. 

Rebekah instantly sensed that something was going on, so she stopped what she was doing and asked, “What are you two doing?” 

  • Damon: Okay, I admit it. Maybe I wasn't as nice as I should have been. But, Stefan, do you really want to kill me?
  • Ripper Stefan: Just think of it as you're being let go. That your life's moving in a different direction, that your body's part of a permanent outplacement.
  • Klaus: Hey, that's kinda like what he said to you a while ago!
  • Ripper Stefan: I know. It's called a "cruel irony", like my dependence on you.

Cute II  KL.M Part 2

Warning contains mild violence and foul language

(Klaus finds out she is involved in the plan and grows increasingly angry however he has more to deal with like the fact that she is dying…)

Word count: 933

Klaus POV

As soon as I saw the wooden stake plunge into her torso my eyes widened and I already found myself sprinting towards her as her limp figure fell to the floor. She dropped to her hands and knees, before reaching to touch the blooded stake- just seeing the red liquid ooze from her waist made me more aggravated. Y/N gasped in pain just as I was a few feet away from her, her head flicked up and I caught sight of her distressed eyes but it was only for a second before her head hit the concrete.

“NO!” I yelled, dropping to my knees in front of her- I could hear both Damon and Alaric running towards us however they weren’t my main concern. I immediately picked up her flimsy body and pulled her into my arms desperately trying to get to her to wake up.

“Y/N- love, come on stay with me!” I yelled however there was no response. “What the bloody hell is wrong with you?” I roared as Damon and Alaric approached. Without a second to lose I bit my wrist and bought it to her lips, forcing the blood down her throat, I sighed in relief when I felt her start sucking- she was okay.

“I’m so sorry- I-oh shit, will she be alright?” Alaric questioned as he stood by my side panicking.

“Save it Saltzman, she’ll be fine” I barked while still caressing her in my arms. She looked so peaceful and innocent, I never thought she would have had it in her, this girl saved my life and for that I was eternally grateful.

“This is all your fault!” Shouted Damon as he stared at me with beady eyes and  an aggressive demeanour. It took awhile to comprehend his words but I began chuckling at the Salvatore.

“My fault? I do believe you and Mr trigger happy are the ones at fault here, if you hadn’t barged in and threatened to kill me then none of this would have happened and Y/N here would have been fine” Damon started walking back and forth as if debating with himself the right thing to say.

“That’s where you’re wrong Klaus, you have probably forgotten so let me refresh your memory- Y/N was the distraction, she doesn’t really have feeling for you, who would?” He laughed as Alaric stepped back knowing full well that I was not one to be messed with.  

My speed came in handy and before Damon even realised what was happening I had him by throat dangling in the air, my grip growing increasingly stronger. “Before you say anything else that may jeopardise your life I suggest you and your little friend leave-”

“No, she’s not staying here with you!” He interrupted, a smile formed at my lips, he left me no choice. I peered into his eyes, “Leave, take Alaric with you and give a little message to your friends; Don’t think you can beat me because we both know you can’t” with that I threw Damon from the patio of the mansion and onto the grass a couple of metres away. I waited for Alaric to gather Damon and leave before I turned my attention back to Y/N who was lying with her head resting on my suit jacket.

Though still angry I knew better than to just leave her outside, so I slowly walked towards her and hoisted her up into my arms before continuing to walk inside where the party was still very much alive. I figured that walking through the ballroom with both of us bloodsoaked was not a good idea so I carried her through the hallway and towards the private library.  

“Niklaus” I turned my head to see Elijah approaching from the ballroom, confusing was clear in his eyes as he looked the girl in my arms, “What happened to her?” he questioned.

“Damon Salvatore and that history teacher came here thinking they could kill me, turns out they aren’t as good of a shot as they thought” I seethed still enraged by everything Damon had said. Although most of the time Elijah was very good at keeping a straight face I could tell from the slight dilation of his eyes that he was hiding something.

“Don’t worry brother we’ll get them, we always do. I’ll go inform Kol” before I could protest he disappeared back into the ballroom. Within seconds I had whisked her into the library and placed her on the couch, the up and down movements of her chest was a good sign that she my blood was working.

After placing her on the couch and shutting the door I could only pace back and forth, with every step I grew angrier. Was she really part of their plan? Were the feeling she had for me fake? Did she have any at all? Why did I care so much about her?

It was clear to me that Y/N was my weakness, no matter how much I tried to deny, you could never deny the inevitable. How could I trust her, there were all these things we needed to discuss and the more I paced around the room in the silence the more the future became unknown. I had never felt like this before and it annoyed me that I couldn’t pin point how to deal with these- dear I say it, feelings.

My head flicked towards her as she stirred on the couch, a groan escaped her lips and her eyes blinked open making contact with mine…


(Part 3 coming soon)

anonymous asked:

Can you show examples of stelena knowing each other better than anyone? :) I love ur gif threads

In terms of SE and DE I think one of the most telling moments is 4x21.

Damon doesn’t know how to get through to Elena, he doesn’t know what to say or how to act or what to do but Stefan knows how to connect with her, what to say to her and how to say it to her:

Another telling moment is 3x14 because Stefan knows what Elena is like, he knows that she’s stubborn and if she’s hindered she’ll act “recklessly” to do what she wants, so it’s better to be there for her and support her decisions and act as a backup so she won’t get hurt than try to get in her way and cause her to risk her life whereas Damon can’t grasp that:

Of course, 3x22 is another display of how much Stefan knows Elena over Damon because despite how much it killed him to, when Elena asked Stefan to save Matt first he did:

Because Stefan understood that there’s a difference between being alive and living and if Elena had lived while Matt had died, she would not be able to forgive herself, the guilt would eat her alive and he couldn’t do that to her. He saw what she was like when she thought Bonnie had died:

4x01 is also an example of how Stefan knew Elena better than Damon because Stefan wanted to exhaust every possibility to get Elena back to being human before accepting defeat and Elena admired and treasured his optimism because it was what she needed:

In terms of knowing her better than Matt and Bonnie and Caroline, I mean he’s the one in season 1 who pinpoints what was lacking in her life, who knew she was sad and how to get her to move on:

As for SE and SC and SK and SR etc. I find the way Elena knows Stefan better than anyone else a bit more interesting because it’s more abstract, it’s more spiritual and about emotional chemistry because emotionally, the way Elena knows Stefan is unparalleled.

Katherine understands Stefan’s psychology, she has a deep knowledge of how his mind works:

and Caroline, I think the way Caroline knows Stefan is the way everyone knows Stefan, as in he is a good, admirable man who strives to do the best he can which makes him a worthy human being:

Rebekah has an insight into a Stefan we rarely see, the deviant, dark, ripper Stefan:

and Damon knows that Stefan will do literally anything for him:

But Elena can reach a part of Stefan that he keeps hidden away from everyone else, it isn’t exactly logical and it’s not intellectual but it’s profound:

There’s a moment in 1x10 that’s very telling, when Elena strokes his veins, Stefan blinks rapidly:

because she’s seeing him, all of the walls, all of the self-hate, all of the pain and the guilt disappears when she looks at him because she’s actually seeing who he is and she continues to see him:

even when they’re physically not in front of each other

and it just compels Stefan to give himself over to her completely:

and we don’t get that intimacy, that sense that Stefan is giving himself completely over to someone else with anyone other than Elena, like there is such an inherent distance with SC even when they’re supposed to work through their issues:

and Elena is always the woman that Caroline, through no fault of her own, can’t begin to compete with:

In 8x04, Stefan’s mind automatically goes to Elena

and Caroline has to bring up their moment:

while Katherine and Rebekah had always known it was always going to be Elena:

On my blog we also talk about SE sex a lot and I think that Stefan and Elena know each other’s bodies better than anyone else and I say that because of how they respond to each other:

With DE and SC it’s like, getting the ob done, and with SK and SR I think they have really intense sexual chemistry but with SE it’s like their bodies speak to each other:

to the point that without humanity, Elena was still affected by the physicality of their relationship

and Stefan says in 4x19 that he was stirred by their dance and you see that pull between them that you don’t see with anyone else:

So. That is my explanation. I hope it sufficed :)

*not all of these gifs are mine*

How They Would React To Your Death.....

Featuring The Vampire Diaries Characters/ The Originals in platonic instances. (only the ones I’ve been introduced to. Don’t judge, I’m only on season four. I hopped on the TVD bandwagon a little late, okay?)

Elena Gilbert

You and Elena had been best friends since before you could remember a time without her there. You two were always attached to the hip and never once did you ever think for a moment she wouldn’t be apart of your life. And while you thought that so did Elena. After losing her parents, Jenna, and then losing you was her breaking point. She lost her strength and collapsed into the pain. Elena couldn’t breath, causing her to hyperventilate and get swallowed whole into an anxiety attack that no one could pull her out of. Elena cried for days until she physically couldn’t. A part of her would forever be broken without you.

Jeremy Gilbert

Similar to Elena, you were like a sister to Jeremy. When Elena or Jenna couldn’t get through to him, you were able to. The two of you had a different kind of bond and it didn’t mean he loved her any less because he loved the both of you the same. You were just more understanding and less judgmental. Jeremy could tell you things and know that you would never use it against him. So, when your death reached him, he was instantly in denial. You couldn’t be dead, that wasn’t possible. You couldn’t die, you couldn’t leave him like everyone else did. You weren’t gone, you couldn’t be. 

Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie came to you first when she found out that she was actually a witch. It brought you two closer and it was because of you that she was able to tell others. You became her crutch when her Grams died. You supported her in ways that fueled her to continue witchcraft. You believed in Bonnie even when she didn’t. And with your death, Bonnie not only felt it emotionally but physically too. She cried out in pain when you took your last breath. And for months, she wasn’t able to practice because without you to tell her she could, she felt like she couldn’t no matter how hard she tried. 

Caroline Forbes

Caroline would never admit it but she was jealous of the friendships you made. It was easy for you to make friends and while Caroline could be charismatic, she would always find a way to ruin it somehow. But in the midst of her suppressed jealousy, she knew you and you knew her. You’d always be there for her no matter how many times she would let her green monster show. And with you gone, Caroline felt like she had wasted so much time giving into her jealousy to actually cherish the friendship she had with you. Guilt consumed her thoughts, Caroline hoping you knew that she loved you like she was suppose to.

Matt Donovan

You and Matt had jokingly made a pact that the two of you would stay human and beat the odds Mystic Falls threw at them. Even though it was a silly pact that was meant to have no truth within its spaces, it did. Matt was so sure the two of you were going to be the badass humans that it never occurred to him that one of you would actually die. And when you had, it opened up his eyes that despite never seeing you again, it was a blessing in disguise. You were too wrapped up in the supernatural world and he was only glad that weren’t stuck living in Mystic Fall’s nightmare. Matt grieved over the loss of you but was also the one who bounced back to reality quicker than the rest. 

Tyler Lockwood

You had been a friend to Tyler long before everyone else had. With Tyler being a prick, he was never one to you. You were the ear he desperately needed and never once spoke a word of what he shared. You were there when he learned of the curse and promised that you’d always be there. You guided him in the right direction and with you no longer here Tyler was afraid he was going to spiral downward. His chest hurt, the feelings of grief intensifying with every second he reminded himself that he would never see you again. He locked himself in the old Lockwood cellar, crying over the friend he lost. 

Stefan Salvatore

The friendship between you and Stefan was unlike any other. Sometimes you swore that you were falling for him but other times, you knew you weren’t. You reminded him so much of Lexi and that was exactly what he needed when she passed. You kept him in line despite your mundane nature and inability to understand the need to feed. You promised to always be there for each other in times of desperate measures. But with you gone, who was suppose to keep him from going backwards? The grief was too much for him, the repeated pain of losing a great friend was tearing him apart. Stefan had spent hours at your grave the four days after you were buried. He didn’t know it but you were there watching him when he decided to turn off his humanity. Turning it off was the only way to make it all go away. Stefan needed you and without you, he would lose himself in the Ripper. 

Damon Salvatore

Damon never understood why you were always so nice to him. He could insult you for hours and every time you would just treat him like he hadn’t. He found it weird that you never hated him despite how hard he tried. Eventually, he gave up and accepted your friendship. And when he found out that you died, he wished he hadn’t succumb to your persistence in being a friend.Because then maybe it wouldn’t hurt so bad to know that you were never coming home. Alongside Alaric, he drank himself under the table, numbing the memory of you. Damon hadn’t fully gone off the deep-end but the trail of bodies he left behind wasn’t exactly a good sign either. 

Alaric Saltzman

You reminded Alaric of the kind of girl he would want his future daughters to be like. Strong, independent, smart, witty, accepting, and loving. It hurt to watch you die. He had gone through two bottles of bourbon that night, desperately holding onto the memories of the two of you training in the woods every morning before school. Alaric was slowly losing grip on reality. Every time he tried to sleep, all he could hear was your laugh echoing in his ears. He would never be the same. Your death was one that he wouldn’t be able to get over so easily. 

Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus and you hadn’t started on the right foot in the beginning. While he tried to hurt your friends and pit them against each other, you resented him. But, he he had quickly earned your trust when he came to your rescue against a few vampires that were new to Mystic Falls. Even though he had done bad things, you gave him a chance. Klaus always being suspicious and paranoid took a bit to warm up to you but nevertheless, he did. Klaus had felt anger boiling inside of him as he learned of your death. He broke everything that was in sight, smashing them into pieces. Yelling in anger and knocking everything off the walls and tables. Klaus swore to avenge you by going after every being that was involved in your death despite what it would cost him. He wouldn’t dare let the only person who was willing to give him a clean slate be wronged. 

Rebekah Mikaleson

Rebekah trusted no one in Mystic Falls except for you. You had showed her genuine kindness despite her vindictive ways. She appreciated your friendship and promised to take it to the grave. Rebekah knew you would never lie or attempt to betray her like others. You kept your word and had even undaggered her against the pleas of your friends. While she trusted you, you trusted her. So when the news broke that you had died, Rebekah grew silent. Pain swirling inside as she defined the words that came from her brother’s lips. She went unspoken for days while her heart broke into a million pieces as the truth of not having someone she could trust sink in.

Kol Mikaelson

Kol contemplated flipping the switch. He had witnessed you take your last breath and every time he closed his eyes, that was the only thing he saw. He was distraught on the inside despite him holding his facial expressions still. Kol blamed himself because he could have tried harder in trying to save you. What he had done wasn’t good enough. You were one of the few he had met in his lifetime that didn’t try to change him. While you admitted to him that you didn’t like the person he could be at times, it didn’t change how much you two could get along. And for that, he saw you as a friend, an ally. And because he lost you, he couldn’t bear the pain of never seeing you again. So, he did what he does best. Became the monster he tried so hard to contain when he was around you. 

Elijah Mikaelson

Elijah was the only one who hadn’t gotten the pleasure to know you. He had met you briefly in the beginning of his encounter with Mystic Falls but never got the chance to figure you out as a person. When he had heard of your passing, apart of him felt saddened by the fact that he would never have that chance. Elijah dug through his brain of all the qualities his siblings had told him about you and silently mourned with a slight twinge of regret that he will never have the chance to know the beautiful person you were.