ripper carnival

Marcel Lumabas

Happy Birthday, tsundere-sam Sam!! <3 Thanks for stealing my birthdate >.> lol jkjk <3

I know you love Marcel, so I had him sing something that was sung by one of your favorite VA’s ;3 (Kaji~~)

I hope you like!!! <3 Enjoy!


Kiriseki Carnival - Kanato Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)
English Lyrics by Michaela Laws
Cover by Marcel Lumabas

—- Lyrics (Feel free to use and abuse like Kanato on a bad day) —

Welcome princess. How are you tonight?

This castle of dreams that no one has ever thought to dream about

Holds all the sad and painful things you carry, but forget about it all.

I’ll sing for you a fairytale aloud.

So listen carefully.

Step one, just close your eyes (Thank you..)

Step two, make sure to close your mouth (I love you…)

Step three, be sure and cover your ears (I love you so much….)

Hey~ You heard everything, am I right?

The lovely little sound of screaming~

But wait, the smell of the sweet butter

Just woke up dear Teddy…

The knife you can get in the end

Will promise to be a friend

(Hey.. let me cut you up)

Come! Come dance with me now! Twirl around, trapped within my hands.

I’ll spin you ‘round both left and right tonight! I’m sure that you won’t even see the wounds appearing everywhere!

Now come on! Just take in some sweet tea and a ginger cookie man!

Let’s dance around in circles holding hands in an endless Waltz!

Now let the never-ending Ripper Carnival start tonight between me and you.

Goodbye princess. Shall we say goodnight?

It is time to end this lonely love stuck between you and me