Imagine: The Winchesters finding out you’re an angel…

The sounds of ripping skin, tore through the currently empty bunker. The shower was on, only to drown out your cries of pain, as the skin on your shoulder blades stretched and tore in two, sending pools of blood down your back. Sitting in the bath tub, you let the warm water fall over you, trying to keep your heart from exploding out of your chest, while you groaned and writhed in agony.

Dean strode into the bunker, dumping his bag tiredly at his feet. He was beyond tired, caked in mud, with bleeding, burst knuckles. Sam wasn’t far behind, looking equally - if not more - exhausted, with a few cuts here and there, and a blue bruise on his eye that would soon become black. He almost tripped over Dean’s bag, sending his brother’s back, a tired glare. Cas zapped into the room, face stern and very serious.

“Where is (Y/N)?” He asked, his voice deeper than normal. The Winchesters shared a confused glance, as the sound of the shower filled the now silent room - followed by an agonising scream from you. The three practically sprinted up the stairs, trying to open the bathroom door only to find it locked from the inside.

“(Y/N)! Open this door now!” Dean shouted, trying to shoulder the it in. You couldn’t move from the pain, the skin ripping on your back spread across your shoulders and down your spine, as more and more blood turned the water into a crimson river. The ripping pain became sharper, as you felt something start to protrude from the skin, pushing up and out forcefully. Sam and Dean started to kick and shoulder the door, harder and harder until you heard a loud crack! The door crashed in, off its hinges onto the bathroom floor. The ripping finished in one big burst, as wings flew out from your back, wrapping round you defensively.

 Sam and Dean turned into fish, their mouths opening and clothing with no sound coming out of them, not a peep. They just stared at the crimson slick, cream feathers, that now concealed you completely, keeping you safe from no visible threat.

Cas slowly walked over to you, gently stroking one of your wings with his finger tips. You peeked out shyly, under one of your feathers before slowly retracting them so they stayed raised behind you. You turned the shower off, stepping slowly out of the bath tub as Sam gave you a towel, still staring at your wings, that dripped with crimson water. In the mirror you saw that your eyes had turned a sparkling purple, and your hair was dry, completely dry along with your now cream wings.

“So, you’re an angel?” Dean finally spoke, Sam’s eyes finally met yours.

“Yes,“Cas and you answered at the same time, as you stroked your fluffy ‘baby’ feathers on the tops of your wings with a smile.

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26/8/15 - Vanity of a Bonfire

I lost a friend today.
Not the sad kind requiring
funerals, nor the comedy
of errors in a maze -
just the lack of a smile
on a passing street,
an absence that said so much.
You had called me vain before,
and I guess you thought my head
had grown too big to love you.
In reality, I have come to decide
that I’d rather be a Narcissus
touching the outline of my lips
against a glassy lake,
than the more who wanted to rip
the skin away from his face for years,
to see if at least his skull
could be salvaged - could be beauty.

So no, I didn’t care that much
when your eyes just passed right through me.
You missed the me that gleams like gold,
the silver I used to mistake for iron.
So yes, my head has grown so huge -
pregnant with self-love, repelling
the small-minded that would break me.

- Benjamin Campbell


So, I practiced the Zombie make-up on my face, I like how it turned out for my first try at it :) My girlfriend thinks I still look cute when I have the make-up on, She’s crazy XD I took a picture before hand so you can see what I actually look like normally and thanks for the great response to my hand make-up yesterday. Can’t wait till Halloween :D

My 18th birthday is right around the corner and I have been wanting to get a tattoo for my birthday for months now. It didn’t take me long to know it had to be something Captain America related, but a shield seemed a bit overused. So after awhile I came up with this. I have been telling people for at least two months now that I was going to get a tattoo of the Winter Soldier star on my left shoulder that would look like the skin ripped to reveal the metal arm underneath. Today, fter watching many ripped skin tattoo videos and viewing many images of the same variety, I finally drew what I wanted. I will definitely leave room for the tattoo artists to make a few suggestions coloring wise but this is the gist of it. It’s roughly about 3 inches high and 4 inches wide.