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My friends and I noticed that Draal and Kanjigar have basically no physical resemblance aside from being blue…

Thus we have Ypsa (named after Gypsum). By far the scariest and foulest tempered troll out there, but she still loves her boy more than anything.

She probably hails from a different troll clan, and once Draal was old enough to take care of himself she set off for home.

Perhaps one day she’ll come to troll market for a visit…



Look, at the end of the day, artists are still people.

Yeah, sure, there are assholes not only everywhere, but at every level of art. Yeah there are going to be the artists who are so full of themselves they think that ANYTHING similar to their stuff is copying.

But the better the artist, or the more popular they are, the more likely it is that people have stolen their stuff. Does anyone here believe that there aren’t a hundred different rips of popular characters with no more than changed colors and the ‘artists’ promise that they’re not the same as the popular character? I don’t mean ‘this is based of this character but they’ve become more of an OC’ I mean ‘wow I like this design it’s mine now’. Gawd, how many posts do we see go by of people stealing artist doodles and selling them as adopts? Or just people straight up stealing OTHER ADOPTABLES and selling them as their own??

Look the point here is that if I see

It doesn’t escape me. ok. it doesn’t escape the original artist. it doesn’t escape half the community.

The artist on the left has taken the picture/post down now, so I won’t @ them because taking it down was the respectable thing to do, but honestly. Why post it in the first place? Why not ask the artist if it was okay to post it with credit?

Is it traced? Probably not, or if it was there were a lot of transforms made.

But if you’re going to ‘’reference’’ something that heavily, POST CREDIT TO THE ORIGINAL ARTIST. or hell, just FIRST ASK PERMISSION.

I’m not talking about general feelings of ‘oh imperial dragons have borzoi heads!’ ‘mirror dragons have moose horns!’ ‘spirals have goat eyes!’ by all fucking means, have a borzoi imp or a moose mirror or a goat spiral or a boar tundra. But at least make it your own.

The better an artist gets, the more likely it is that someone will steal from them. It’s unfortunate. It’s inevitable. But WE, the ARTISTS are not required to go quietly into that good night and just do, say, or think NOTHING of it. That is OUR shit.

And there’s this feeling in the community that being called out by a popular artist is m e a n. Like usually people who are doing this are young(er) or new(er) artists, and by saying ‘hey maybe don’t copy my stuff’ somehow the ORIGINAL ARTIST is to blame. And that’s fucked up.

No. The original artist is NOT to blame. The original artist had things stolen from them. They are well within their rights to be MAD. Sure, there are things that can be handled better, but if they’re not, please try to understand that people are upset because their things were stolen.


Hell, even when they’re fuckin’ dead. If you do a Picasso reference, please say so. Let alone if you’re referencing a living peer. We are people. Not art machines.


late final fantasy ix week ◦ day iv ◦ favorite boss

I commend your courage, but I will show you no mercy.

hanna barbera had really clearly gay coded characters and based some of their archetypes on cinematic cues for homosexuality, just as they clearly ripped off other live action characters and archetypes regularly in all their cartoons. Obviously not positive tropes for gay characters, but when someone point them out you cant just claim hanna barbera created a vacuum cartoon universe when their rise in fame was precisely because they mimicked adult media of the time.

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Stargate SG-1 for the meme

I have zero reference for who ANY of these characters are as people but googling “Stargate SG-1 characters” and judging purely on hotness alone I’m going with Samantha Carter and Teal’c. CELARLY THE BEST WAY TO CHOOSE.

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Do you think that if 5 of my ocs are "rip offs" of anime characters, they're not mine anymore? they have different names than the originals and even different personalities, but similar designs. kinda like rebecca did with lapiz lazuli. sorry if my english is not good.

Honestly OCs are yours no matter what the base for them is, but if you plan on showing them to people and especially if you plan to make a profit out of them you have to make them unique enough that it can’t be considered plagiarism. but if you just make ocs for fun then who cares, knock yourself out

AU where Kagome brings hair ties to Fuedal Japan and forces Inuyasha to tie his hair back before she goes on those expansive piggy back rides.

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Weird ideas...

My inner weirdo and nerd is about to come out but you guys already know I’m a screaming toddler so, I guess it’s all good. Anyway, I do some creative writing on the side and when I was in high school I created a young character to solve various mysteries. However, now that I’m older I realize I’m not very good at writing mysteries so I dropped her.
However, now that herinteractive is struggling, many people are claiming that ‘Miss Clue can carry on the legacy’.
First off, bullshit.
Second, one thing that’s always irritated me about Miss Clue (among various ND rip offs and terrible voice acting) was them ripping off characters from pride and prejudice. At least five nights at Freddy’s rip offs have different animatronics.
So I’m tempted to go to miss clue people and be all 'ok here’s this character I created, it’s not fantastic or super original but you know what? It’s better than a blandish Jane Darcy. At least Nancy has this quirky personality where she’s a kleptomaniac and she wears weird clothes but she’s confident in herself. What the hell is jane? Nothing but nice. Bland. Boring. At least mine has variety dammit’

Let me guess tho just looking at the preview of fujimaki’s golf series - the main guy ignite laserbeams his ball and then the gen of golfballs are like not on my watch kuroko/akashi/kagami rip off!

The next preview will be of the blond model like character and not forgetting the tsundre green head!! …and then maybe we get a highbred version of the emperor because you know the main guy is a rip off of akakuro/kagakuro combined powers of golf balling! the excitement is real

I am still not over Aomine’s long lost twin brother tho! WTF why rip off your own characters???

Anyone wondering about this: here & here

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I know the Photography Club is just a rip-off of Scooby Doo characters (hi Fred!) but coupled with the insistence on using middle school uniforms the outfit + heroic blonde blue eyed guy gives off a (hopefully accidental) Nazi vibe. And the Music Club Leader? No, just no. Even if we accept anime hair color logic hers is clearly dyed and for a guy who can't shut up about realism he should know Japanese schools won't let you dye your hair and be in high standing like that.

Music Club Leader is a Lunar Scythe reference. I’m calling it.

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Modern horrors films:
  • most of the scary bits are just friends appearing in doorways randomly (miraculously the main character didn’t hear their footsteps?) 
  • accompanied by “jesus christ, you scared me!”
  • overly loud music effects that are bound to scare you anyway
  • white couple and kids move into new house
  • someone doesn’t believe someone about the ghost and ends up getting rekt
  • someone thinks someone is crazy and doesn’t believe them
  • teenagers doing stereotypical things that real teenagers actually don’t do lol
  • fake versions of google and rip-off Google search engines
  • main character doing furious research on said rip-off search engine accompanied by unnerving music
  • cliffhanger endings that don’t even make sense???