ripped him to shreds

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((“calibrations accounted for.” Greetings to the grumpy Shockwaffle and mun! C: I would have brought gift baskets. But alas, I cannot shove them through a screen at this time. So imaginary baskets of gifts will have to do.))

{{OH god someone actually summoned the mun, DON’T YOU KNOW THEY ARE MORE TWISTED THEN THE MUSE-}}

“Baskets of gifts are always welcome! Especially imaginary ones, you get to imagine what c͏̬͉̤́o̘̙̜̣͓̹͙ṇ̜̼̖̲̲͘͜͝ͅt̻̕͝ẹ̴̦̯͇̱̲̪̫̠͢͢n̡̠͍ț̫̳̘̫̥̭ͅs̢͚̪͉̼̦̜̬͔ ͉̗̥̠a̬͙̱͟r̶̙̹̙̘̠̗̪e̷͉̗͕̕̕ ̝͕͍̖͔͍̹̀o͈ṋ̸̣̰̭͍͈̞̠̀ ̷͎͉͓̖̬̜̭͚t̨̫̦̫̳̣̖͝͞h̸̦̣̻͍͓ę̼̦̺͉̩ ͉̮̼ị̭̣̝͙̳̦n͓͖̖̹͚̭̜͉͍ś̸̟͚i̵̡̖͘d̦̥͠e͕̟̠.҉̩̱̘.̜̹̰͝.̸̭̼̯̪̬̀͡"̡̞́͘

they pause, tilting their head.

“Don’t mind the muse. I won’t let him rip you to shreds. YET. He’s a tad protective over that adorable conjunx he has- I h҉a̷d t̴o͡ ̵ground͞ h͡im the last time he tried acting out. Thank you for reading my rules though, little one.“

Something tells me that, on the off chance that Marinette and Chloe actually agree on something (gasp!) the two of them would be a force to be reckoned with. 

Two confident, no-nonsense, gives-no-shits, will-shut-you-down-in-a-heartbeat girls working together on something? They’d be unstoppable. 

Like imagine the two of them just happen to both walk by a douchey boy in their school laughing with his douchey friends about, I don’t know, posting a really rude, sexist, gross comment on a picture of one of the girls in his class. 

Marinette would straight up take this boy’s phone out of his hands, delete the comments, and just leave Chloe to drag this kid in the corner and rip him to shreds over being downright disgusting. “How dare you think you can talk to girls like that, you soggy dish towel. I have half a mind to tell Marinette over there to screenshot everything you just said and show it to everyone in school so they’ll see how much of a pig you are.”

“Way ahead of you Chloe.”

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: the reveal of a court of wings and ruins cover was today, the sky is clear, the world is at peace and it's so pretty, feyre looks amazing and strong and looks like the high lady she was meant to be, the colour is also beautiful and we finally have a full body view of feyre and if rhys saw it he would be so proud, her dress screams night court tamlin can FUCK HIMSELF SHE'S GONNA RIP HIM TO SHREDS WHILE RHYS SUPPORTS HER I'M SO FUCKING READY FOR THIS BOOK TO BE RELEASED

I think Beatrice, from Much Ado About Nothing, is the Great Hope of Shakespeare’s female characters even though she ceases speaking after they publicly declare their love for one another because you know if Benedict ever fucks up she will tear him apart.


36) The Mouse King intends to punish the meddling human. Either mauling the weak boy to death or ripping him to shreds with magic works fine with the fiend.

37) The Nutcracker would have none of it.

38) Regaining his spirit, the Nutcracker sets the dear human free, intent on protecting him. The battle continues, resulting in the Mouse King being cast out of a window.

39) Worn from the battle, whatever little he did, Kankri is still in shock. The Nutcracker helps him up. “I knowv of just the place to patch you up”, he says, heading towards the toy castle little Nepeta would often play by. The two pass through the front gate and a small foyer and the next door leads to an open-air glade. The sun shines brightly, the hills glimmer with what seems to be snow yet is actually fine sugar; a slight scent of mint is in the air. The Nutcracker announces they have entered the Land of Sweets.

40) All weariness leaves their bodies, and Kankri notices all their scratches and injuries are healing rapidly. He cannot help smiling.

41) The two meet the inhabitants of the Land of Sweets: the sweet little fairies. Delighted, Kankri talks to the wondrous creatures.

42) While he is watching his companion, the Nutcracker feels something new inside of him: a warmth he had never felt before.

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Living. Breathing. Loving. I’ve loved a dead boy for six months now. The first few I was convinced that maybe Eric wasn’t real. That him and Dylan were only imaginary friends of mine. But that was so wrong. I loved them. I was with them constantly, I let Eric caress me places a boy hadn’t ever even see before. I love him, I loved him with a gun in his hand joking with Dylan in front of his victims. I loved him as parents screamed in my face about how sick I am, how I’ll be the next shooter. That I should’ve gone with them to hell. I can’t hate them. I can only manage to hate parts of them. Dylan’s soul crushing depression was something I hated, it immobalized him for days on end and ripped his mental to shreds. I hated that I didn’t love him the way he needed me to. I can’t hate the way he would hug me before math, I can’t hate the way he’d always look back and give me a big goofy grin. I can’t hate the support he gave me when Eric just couldn’t seem to get it right. And God, Eric. I find it so hard to function without his face. But I do manage to hate parts of him too. I hated how he always felt as if he needed all of the control to feel safe. How he acted as if my comfort to him was an insult. The way he spoke to me when he was angry. But I did love them. I love them. I miss my boys..

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The new kid that’s just been cast as Spider-man is gonna get so much hate I can literally hear parts of tumblr already preparing to rip him to shreds.

Let’s remember that he did not cast himself and any comments you feel you need to make should be directed at Marvel.

  • Sirius: Do you like her?
  • Remus: Who?
  • Sirius: That Prewett girl
  • Remus: No I sort of got a crush on this other person
  • *Sirius tries not to sound too interested*
  • Sirius: Uhh....Is that so?
  • Remus: Yep, he's got the most gorgeous black hair, he's the biggest troublemaker I know, and he happens to be one of the marauders
  • Sirius:
  • Remus: Well?
  • Remus: Wait what no-
  • Remus: SIRIUS BLACK, YOU IDIOT I was talking about you
  • Sirius: Oh.
  • Sirius: My bloodthirst for James has suddenly vanished.
  • Remus: Just kiss me you fool
  • And that he did
Dating Derek Hale would include...

-stealing his leather jackets and his shirts when he’s not looking
-admiring his body because dAMN
-the pack calling you “mama wolf”
-being derek’s favorite beta
-“i’m just admiring the view”
-him getting over protective of you
-passionate sex
-rough sex
-sex about every other two days
-“i will rip him to shreds if he flirts with you or checks you out”
-being one of the few people to see his soft side
-using him as a pillow
-him turning into a wolf to warm you up when it’s cold
-“derek you have to be more careful i’d rather not carry your dead body”
-cuddling in his loft whenever
-him kissing you a lot
-make out sessions
-him being a huge dork
-him getting all pouty when you leave even for a minute

I know it hurts so bad that the pain in your chest feels like it will swallow you whole. I know that if you try to be around people so it gives you something to occupy your time but the second your alone, you’re thoughts consume you to tears on the brink of your beautiful eyes. I know that the first sight of him with someone else will rip you to shreds feeling like someone slapped you across the face. I also know that you miss him so much that you keep wishing over and over that it could go back to before and that you’ll want to text him… But don’t. Do not torture yourself, delete his ass. He left and you’re only remembering the good stuff, because anger fades. You will find someone who cherishes you. Even tho it kills you, you need to give yourself time and keep trucking along day after day without looking back. Cause I know that one day you will wake up and feel good, not wanting him back. You will have a great guy in front of you that makes you wanna keep looking forward. So don’t give up, because great things are coming. You just don’t know it yet.
—  Melindacaroline

At the beginning of Out of the Shadows, when Mikey crashes the Halloween parade, he is so excited to be given a compliment. While the guy in the sick Bumblebee cosplay thinks he’s just telling this other guy that his costume looks amazing, all Mikey hears is that HE looks good. He, himself, in his own skin, looks GOOD.

This plants a little seed of hope in Mikey’s head. April is all right with his appearance, and this random stranger told him he looked good, so maybe the rest of the world could look past the mutant thing too? It’s a pretty childish thought, but it keeps him going sometimes.

Which just makes the scene in police headquarters so much more heart breaking because that little speck of hope is ripped to shreds right in front of him.

i was so desperate to save him because it’s my natural fucking instinct to save people because in the midst of the storm i make sure im the calm and when i saw he had a hurricane ripping him to shreds i threw myself into it and told him “use me, pull me down, rip me up, tear me to pieces.” and he did that and i didn’t mind. i wanted him to. i loved the feeling of my bones breaking and my blood being transfused into him because it made me feel like i had some purpose but then i started waking up in a bed that was covered in blood because he wasn’t stitching up my cuts, he was only ever slapping a bandaid on gaping wounds so they bled through and i slowly bled myself dry and fucking lost myself in a boy who was never lost or needed saving, but who needed someone to make time tick by faster and i was convinced this was love but all it ever was was me slowly killing myself


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You had to think fast, to save Bucky. T’Challa would rip him to shreds if you didn’t. With that thought in mind, you quickly ran over to T’Challa, knowing he wouldn’t harm you, took off his helmet and kissed him as a distraction. 

Surprisingly, he didn’t push you away. He kissed you back and it allowed Bucky just enough time to run away, as the others fought.   

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oh im living for the day Aaron finds out. Part of me doesnt want him to know because its going to shatter him..but the other part is excited. I can't wait for him rip Robert to shreds. Robert deserves everything coming to be. He needs to get a taste of his own medicine and I can't wait

Same, it’s going to hurt Aaron so much (and me too lbr her) but I’m here to see Robert suffer too


“The dragon’s breath stank of decay. Someone far off shouted his name.[..]

“What are you doing?” A small voice in his head kept asking him that. “Why don’t you run?” He tried to tell it to be quiet, but it woudn’t go away.[…]

He was certain the creature would crush him, or that one of those feet moving would rip him to shreds.[…] Without thinking he stabbed upwards with his dagger, the metal ripping into the leathery flesh, and sliced as he moved.”

cole going in for the kill against an archdemon with only his mother’s dagger was the wildest thing i’ve ever read while listening to two steps from hell

Apartment 311

Stiles almost doesn’t think she’s going to tell him, but then she says quietly, “I broke up with Jackson.”

“Oh,” he exclaims at the confirmation, jubilant. But then he can pretty much feel her glare through the wall they’re talking through, so he hastily adopts a far more sober tone. “I mean, oh. So sorry for your loss. My condolences. Uh— rest in peace, Jackson.”

“He’s not dead,” Lydia snaps.

“He’s not? I thought you would’ve ripped him to shreds.”

AU. Stiles and Lydia are neighbours in their apartment building, and the walls are really thin, which means they get to know each other. Whether they want to or not.

AO3 or

Rated T. WC 11k. Happy early birthday @rongasm​ !! I finally did something with that prompt you gave me approximately three thousand years ago. I don’t really know what it is, but it’s here, and hopefully it’s at least vaguely coherent. enjoy :)

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*puts a lil sheet with eyeholes cut out over Edd* He wILL BE A GHOST.

Katie:.. *takes it off him then rips the sheet to shreds*quit… he needs to be relaxed to recover or the wound will reopen again…