ripped fishnet tights

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Do you have any ideas on modern outfits for the main spring awakening character?

I went a bit crazy and thought of headcanons for everyone, hope this helps! (this is btw just how I see the characters and other headcanons are super cool too and I really wanna hear them tbh!)

-tennis skirts
-lots of flower patterns 
-loves harajuku fashion but isn’t allowed to wear it
-matching girlfriend necklace with Ilse
-only wears super old vans that’re already falling apart
-heart shaped sunglasses

-ripped jeans
-leather jackets
-wears earrings 
-always doodles on his shoes
-doesn’t own a sweater that actually fits him
-has lots of buttons and doodles on his backpack 

-button ups paired with sweaters are his brand tbh
-king of skinny jeans seriously get that boy some normal pants his legs must be numb by now

-also ripped jeans
-embroidered jackets 
-fishnet tights 
-dr. martens 
-eyeliner so sharp it could kill a man 

-mostly pastel especially lavender 
-cardigans + dresses

-many frills and lace
-only wears skirts and dresses
-loves lolita fashion but is too shy to wear it 
-flat ballet shoes 
-hair clips 

-definitely has a tongue piercing
-dr. martens 
-bomber jackets 
-doesn’t own a backpack, Ernst always has to carry all his stuff
-crop tops 

-button ups with cute animals and plants 
-wears fake glasses bcus he looks cute with them
-doesn’t own a piece of clothing without doodles on it 
-let’s Moritz draw on his clothes 

-super old converse
-eyeliner game is always on point 
-curly hair 
-septum piercing

-queen of bralettes 
-always has the prettiest nail polish 
-somehow always has flowers in her dr. martens (Martha puts them there)
-tends to steal everyones jackets 

-has an undercut 
-thin framed glasses
-actually buys normal jeans but they and up being ripped anyway 
-jeans jackets 
-always starts the vans/converse discourse 
-double helix piercing 

-only owns band shirts 
-has really cool socks and no one knows where he buys them
-rainbow bracelet 
-never wears jackets. not even when it’s december.