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AQUARIUS Leisure Interests

While a great many of Aquarius’ interests are intellectual, they also love tinkering with things, using their inventive skills to fix, create, or supplement technical gadgets or useful implements. Aquarians often work on several hobbies or interests at the same time.

The typical Aquarius enjoys the following pastimes:

radical politics
rhythm, and singing
science fiction
controlled exercise
writing his personal journal
scientific or inventive hobbies
theater, comedy, and home movies
flying, gliding, and parachuting

fame or recognition
learning about the world
quiet time to think
dreams and mystical experiences
surprises and brilliant ideas
the latest techno gadgets
telling others what they think
eccentric friends
studying history
travel to exotic


too much emotion
people who are boring
being taken for granted
having freedom curtailed
any kind of rip- off false advertising
making loans or borrowing
revealing their own motives
the herd mentality