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CRAIG FERGUSON: How closely does Ted’s room in Brooklyn resemble your childhood bedroom?

DAVID DUCHOVNY: Ted’s room looks nothing like mine did. I grew up in Manhattan, not Brooklyn (less space), with a brother and sister (less space still)—so I always shared a room. Didn’t go in for posters. Though for a while, we used to rip the advertising off buses back when they were cardboard—the advertising, not the buses. I remember I had a Peter Max ad on my wall that I’d pulled off a bus on Fourteenth Street. Psychedelic. The ‘70s city equivalent of big game hunting. I might’ve had a Minnesota Vikings poster too. I liked purple.

CRAIG FERGUSON: Like Ted, you studied literature at an Ivy League university. Are English majors kinder, smarter, and generally better than other people? Are poets (especially Hart Crane and John Berryman) superior to fiction writers? Is Jerry Garcia superior to everyone?

DAVID DUCHOVNY: Yes. Yes. Yessssssss.

…a snippet, David Duchovny interview by good friend Craig Ferguson, Bucky F*cking Dent, 2017 (paperback)
Tattered, Frayed - Zillabird - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
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Fandom: Batman (Comics)
Rating: General
Warnings: None
Relationships: Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, Dick Grayson & Jason Todd
Characters: Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Roy Harper, Koriand’r, Bruce Wayne
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - No Powers, Asexual Character, Aromantic, Alternate Universe - College/University, Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Soulmate-Identifying Marks, Platonic Soulmates

Jason’s soulmate mark has to be a mistake. He doesn’t want to fall in love; he doesn’t want to be in a relationship. While the world rushes in search of The One, Jason longs to settle into his life without romance. Then Dick shows up with his smile and his charm and his perfectly matching soulmate mark to the one on Jason’s wrist. Jason doesn’t know how to tell Dick that he can’t be in love with the man, that somehow the universe made a mistake. The lies are getting bigger and Dick’s heart is on the line, Jason is going to have to tell the truth.

Jason dropped his backpack on the floor as he examined the flyer he’d put up a week ago. None of the If Interested Call pieces were ripped off. Half of it was covered by a big pink flyer, hearts around the advertisement for Match-Marking services. Jason clenched his jaw, ripping off the advertisement blocking his search for a roommate.

“If I didn’t know you better, I’d think you were suddenly very passionate about finding the love of your life,” Roy said, stepping up beside him. Jason didn’t respond. “Fortunately, I do know you better.”

Jason threw the balled up flyer into the nearby trashcan.

“The search for a new roommate not going too well I take it?” Roy asked. When Jason only continued to remain silent, Roy sighed. “I’m sorry, Jason.”

“Don’t be,” Jason said, finally. He dragged a hand through his hair. “It’s not your fault. You found Kori, it’s only natural that you’d want to move in with your soulmate. I’m not angry, I’m not even upset.” Maybe a little disappointment but Jason wasn’t going to make Roy feel worse by saying that out loud.

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AQUARIUS Leisure Interests

While a great many of Aquarius’ interests are intellectual, they also love tinkering with things, using their inventive skills to fix, create, or supplement technical gadgets or useful implements. Aquarians often work on several hobbies or interests at the same time.

The typical Aquarius enjoys the following pastimes:

radical politics
rhythm, and singing
science fiction
controlled exercise
writing his personal journal
scientific or inventive hobbies
theater, comedy, and home movies
flying, gliding, and parachuting

fame or recognition
learning about the world
quiet time to think
dreams and mystical experiences
surprises and brilliant ideas
the latest techno gadgets
telling others what they think
eccentric friends
studying history
travel to exotic


too much emotion
people who are boring
being taken for granted
having freedom curtailed
any kind of rip- off false advertising
making loans or borrowing
revealing their own motives
the herd mentality

sarchale-deactivated20141030  asked:

suddenly, dipper starts noticing that there are triangles everywhere. windows, signs, chairs. triangles are appearing with an uncommon frequency. he's not sure if he's imagining them or not, but then the diner starts serving triangle pancakes and he just flips his shit.

Busy Schedules  

“No. It could’t be. Tell me this isn’t true!” Dipper exclaimed, ripping the advertisement from the diner’s window. Written across the paper in large black ink were the words “Come try our incredible new Triangle pancakes!” and in the corners, are printed “Wow!!” and “Amazing!!” in different colored boxes. In the center of ad was a picture of a  perfectly triangular pancake with butter on it and a saucer floating in midair pouring maple syrup onto it. Dipper tried everything he could to wake himself up. He tried slapping himself in the face, he tried pinching his arm, and he even tried punching himself in the stomach. But nothing worked. As far as he could tell, this was actually something that was happening in real life, and he didn’t like it. Grumbling to himself, he placed the ad in his pocket and walked into the diner. He sat in the first available booth and hid his face in the menu already provided for him so he could take a closer look at the ad. He took it out and flattened it, and placed it in front of him. Before long, a younger looking waiter came over to the table. “I see you’ve taken interest in our new item” He says, and Dipper crinkles it back up and places it back in his pocket. “Would you like to try that? or do you want to upgrade your order to the Pine Tree special for only 5 dollars more?” He suggests, and Dipper shakes his head. “No, thank yo-” He pauses halfway through the sentence. Something about that question seemed awfully familiar coming from that voice. Dipper dropped the menu, and saw a boy  who very closely resembled Bill standing over him.

“Bill? he asks, and the boy nods and squishes in next to Dipper at the mention of his name. "What are you doing here?” he asked, and Bill smiles. “I was waiting for you, kid. It took you a while to find my fake ad. I would think you would’ve found it sooner.” Bill responds, and begin to clap slowly. Dipper only becomes more confused. “But why?” he asks, and Bill pushes him in more. “Because I wanted to see you. Is that really a crime in your book?” he asked, before grinning and pretending to swoon. “Arrest me, officer Pine Tree. It appears I’ve done you wrong”. He laughs when Dipper becomes flustered.

“But why me? Why not Gideon or whoever else’s lives you’ve ruined with those deals of yours?” Dipper asks, and Bill grins. “Because I like you, kid. You’re fun to be with.” Bill says, and Dipper gives him another confused look. “I’m serious!” Bill starts, raising his hands in the air. “You’re fun to be with. Ever stop to think I took your body for more than just to get to the journal?” Bill asks again, and Dipper blushes. “I never get to interact with you anymore. I miss that” Bill smiles, and Dipper sighs. “I want to hang out with ya, kid. But we’re on different schedules, you know? I found out recently we both had an opening today, and I figured the only way I could get you to come to me was by sending you little signs. I’m being completely honest here, kid.” He sits up and gives Dipper the puppy dog face.

Dipper rolls his eyes and fails horribly at trying not to laugh. “Alright, Alright fine. The official summer fair started a few days ago, do you want to go to that?” he asked, and Bill smiles. “Great!” he says, and then snaps. A plate of pancakes, all shaped like pine trees appear in front of Dipper. “But eat first. I didn’t set this up so you could just walk out of here without eating anything”