"offensive" things to yell when you've lost TFSquad

@bpddrift: “The velociraptors were based off of the utahraptor" 
@lostlightsperceptor: “A butterfly flaps it’s wings”
@witchyrobobabe: “Open,, the briefcase,,,,, stop having it be closed”
@theatricalassassin: “Max Steel is shite and honestly it won’t catch much attention bc it’s obscure”

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Hey. It's your favorite Food Network All-Star, Bobby Flay. I don't appreciate the mockery regarding the various clay golems that I possess. It's how I maintain my immortality, numbnuts. Try reading a book sometime. Preferably, "Bobby Flay's Grilling For Life," written by Bobby Flay. Which is me.


i’m sorry mr. flay please don’t stand on my cutting boards i meant no harm

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I'm writing a little something about this group of teens (14-15 y/o) that are fighting an empire or powerful group of people. I was wondering how I would portray how they fight if they aren't as skilled as seasoned warriors. Thanks!!

First, I wrote a post about tips when writing battle scenes that might help. Of those the most important, I think, for you would be to try to avoid too much technical talk. If you yourself aren’t a fighter and your characters aren’t experienced warriors, then you probably shouldn’t be saying things like “Compound-Riposte” which is a fencing term I just now learned 😜. Focus more on describing how the fighting is going in terms of what the fighters are are actually doing to protect themselves and fight back. What wounds are they getting and inflicting? How do they feel in this fight? What are the sounds, smells and tastes? 

Also, given that they aren’t very skilled, they may try to go for a more sneaky/smart attack rather than just outright fighting. Maybe more secret agent and less burly knight. If they do get into a fight they aren’t going to be worrying about maintaining good form or playing within the rules of sword fighting or whatever it is they are doing, which could possibly work to their advantage. Have them be cunning and use whatever tools they have at their disposal whether it’s a sword, a big rock, or the agility and speed to outmaneuver a 250 pound knight clad in armour swinging an ax.

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Emma's turtle has broken away and run to the forest. SQ

“I never knew you even had a turtle,” Regina groused as she picked her way slowly through the forest. She regretted not changing out of her heels before being whisked away on this adventurre.

“Well, to be fair, he never knew I had a girlfriend.” Emma bent down and peered into a dusky hole. Satisfied that Harold wasn’t in there, she stood and brushed off the knees of her jeans. “I like to keep my pet life and my love life very separate. What if you two met and got along, and then we broke up? I couldn’t do that to Harold.”

Regina rolled her eyes. “He’s a turtle.”

“He’s the only friend I had for a long time,” Emma riposted.

“Fine. But if we don’t find him by lunch time, we have to take a break. He’s a turtle, Emma. He can’t get very far very fast.”

Emma nodded. “But you have to promise to actually look.”

“I am. I swear I am.”

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if u look on feferis now, there's a post made by fef, not charm, saying that they're both leaving tumblr :0

yeah, i just read it! i’m really having a hard time believing that apology tbh. 

i appreciate the gesture, but the fact that an apology came after losing as many followers and receiving as much criticism as they just did seems pretty suspect to me, especially when they felt the need to say that it’s still wrong for me and anyone else involved to ever post content that can be interpreted as character hate because there might be someone, somewhere, who is kin with that character and takes it personally.

i don’t think there’s anything wrong with fictionkin being upset by content that can reflect on their id’s flaws, but i think that’s something that should be solved by conscious tagging, not by a complete lack of discussion of a character’s nonpositive traits. this isn’t meant to be anti-kin at all but i don’t think it’s a realistic or fair expectation.

 feferi peixes isn’t an example of this ofc but there are so so many characters that people see their abusers in, or are otherwise Not That Great, and i understand that someone could see themselves in a character like that if they have self worth issues and consider themselves just as negative of a person– but that doesn’t mean that it’s wrong for people to be vocal about disliking that character and acknowledging how harmful they can be.

ofc someone like that is welcome to set their own boundaries– ask for character the to be tagged by people that they follow, for people who dislike that character not to follow them at all, etc– but none of these things happened here. i participated a joke post that exaggerated a character’s flaws, and someone who i don’t follow or interact with happened to see it and reacted violently. it’d just lead to so many problems imo if the lesson learned from this was that it’s wrong for anyone to criticize a character, and problems like this should be taken on a more personal basis.

i hope feferis is alright but i’m glad that fin is leaving tumblr, i think it’s best for both of us, and i’m not going to apologize for thinking that this was an awful experience that i’m not at fault for. i’m sorry that this turned into such an ordeal.

The Slippery Process of Christening

Tim Keane

That’s not gale-blown marran grass
Not a trembling perp’s finger-press
It’s not sleep-messed tresses on a satin headrest
Not a blood blotch suspended in white emulsion
Not some would-be bullet trace
Nor a hypothetical comet
Not a wind-catcher hewn out of broom bristles

There are, obviously, affirmatives in these negatives
You can’t unsee whatever words make visible
And no one’s here, God knows, to smarmily riposte

No             or   Yes

To whatever you
Claim you see
In the unnamable

So nominate anything’s is-ness
for yourself, and grow
properly stoned on that
slippery process of christening.

Call this the heel-print of Pindar’s sandman
Or streaky arithmetics shaded in by some philistine
Or a cloud making a sidewinding, pseudo-Vesuvius
Or funny sedge, or barren reek, or a precious terminus.

Or go for a plagiarized, teacher-pleasing rhapsodic flourish
Name it a trace where the wind goes weightless in the leaves.

NB: Three phrases were lifted from Ezra Pound’s Cantos and Jonathan Williams’ “Ovid Meets a Metamorphodite.” Art submission by Tim Keane.

La mode de salut à la romaine faillit même devenir courante, non par goût, mais par riposte, quand les communistes défilaient le point tendu vers l'Arc de Triomphe. On leva le bras, on chanta la Marseillaise.

Robert Brasillach. Notre avant-guerre.

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tbh having flaws does not make someone evil, so saying a character has flaws doesn't mean they're scum even though this site can make it out to be like that. feferi has flaws, it doesn't mean she's evil, you're not a bad person for reblogging the comic and making a joke.

umm yeah, i think i agree, ty.

2 pet peeves of each class


  • Not finding the right power in time
  • People screaming at you to heal them


  • Missing
  • Riposte


  • Not dodging
  • Black fog not showing up in the first round


  • Not being able to shoot because there’s obstacles in your way
  • Nausica


  • Fizzle
  • Witch hunter

Non so se sia peggio cercare conforto da qualcuno e non trovarlo oppure chiamare qualcuno per parlottare e sentirsi dare le riposte del cazzo che si danno alle persone che stanno sulle palle alle quali però per educazione bisogna rispondere.
Sono stufa e non ho voglia proprio fisicamente di vedere e parlare con persone reali che tanto non capisce un cazzo nessuno quindi che si parla a fare? Chissà com'è che la gente bella è sempre lontana. Poi il Karma me lo spiegherà, soprattutto prima o poi smetterà di punirmi.

I know it’s just me—I have this weird, fetishistic thing about collections of hard-to-procure journals—but sometimes I get such a strong sense of desire and sexiness looking over our magazine shelf that I just keep walking past it, stopping and staring for long periods of time, aglow. I know it’s weird. So warm and sexy, much there, so much energy: stories, information, sex, design, ideas, history, love. (Pervert for printed matter, similar to Ballard’s Crash.)

(Printed Pages, The Great Discontent, Drift, Brownbook, Peeps, Riposte, Paris Vogue, Modern Matter, Les Others, Oak, Musotrees, Suitcase, Twin, Lagom, and Benji Knewman.)

Dimanche 17 juillet

On a marché sur la tête

Le cac 40 nous fait plus chier depuis le 49-3

François Hollande se dit plutôt infini tifs

Une jeune femme après avoir loupé son cake aux ogm part à l’attaque du géant vert en 45 jours

Afin de réduire les dépenses en énergie le gouvernement déclare la semaine au petit bonheur la chance à quoi le Front National riposte avec un quand on veut on peut

Les températures sont de saison qu’importe l’ivresse

A cantenet les mines la madeleine de Proust à été retrouvée moisie sous un tas de souvenirs

Nous n’irons plus au bois les lauriers sont coupés

Le petit prince dessine des moutons méduses dans la banlieue de Mérinos

Dark Vador saisit la cour internationale des supers héros du côté obscur afin de détourner les tests de paternité sur la planète Vega

Le ballon rouge se qualifie à l’euro 2016 en retard. Il aurait pu avoir toutes ses chances.

Il n’y a pas d’amour heureux débouté de sa requête

La vie en rose aussi


adoro questo vento mio padre lo chiamava il vento buono…quello che ti porta voci che cercano il tuo nome..che porta odori intrappolati in ricordi indimenticabili…che mette un fremito addosso..quasi voglia di più intensa..adoro questo vento…sa di odori mai sopiti di incanti fioriti..di tragedie non annunciate.di speranze ben riposte…sa di buono…e il buono lo sai..lo trovi anche scavando nel marcio


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did the fe//feris thing get solved,orrr?? like, did they answer you or did everyone just kind of slowly forget abt it

i talked to feffie and another alter privately, yeah, they don’t want anyone talking about it anymore and they think that leaving tumblr would take too much of a toll on feffie’s mental health. feffie is going to be a lot more careful about who fin follows, apparently, and make sure that everyone is aware that fin needs feferi negativity blacklisted. 

basically i don’t think that talking about it publically anymore is going to get anyone anywhere, but i really don’t consider it solved either? there isn’t really anything else i can do lol