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Enkindeled Knight!Satsuki and Mercenary!Ryuko

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When ya gonna just admit you hate otherkin instead of trying to poorly sugarcoat it

Ah yes. Asking people not to tag my art in rude ways…a crack in my perfect facade…crumbling away to reveal A BIG OL RELIGIOUSLY INTOLERANT DING DONG…you found me out. Curse you, anon. I never thought that they would suspect that I, a person with my own offbeat coping mechanisms and beliefs, could be capable of such hypocrisy, but here I am. Exposed by your blistering riposte 

aaaaa I’d forgotten how much Trespasser DLC is basically “Fen’harel was so greeeeeat and a saviour and you don’t get to argue with him even though the arguments he gives you, and his ripostes to your accusations are shit that some reddit edgelord could come up with”

I hate it that I can’t argue with people in this game. Why the fuck are they always smugly shutting down the Inquisitor? With the worst offenders being the Iron “you’re not like one of THOSE vashoth” Bull and Solas “wouldn’t you kill millions of people to save your own”. 

It’s so frustrating! And by the way no, I wouldn’t level someone else’s house with the people in it just because my house used to be there once but I burned it down and then disappeared without a trace, Solas. I wouldn’t do that, no. Please, game, let me tell him that.

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The fucking Hamilton_flops dude is pissing me off Tbh. Like they say they are riposting people's art to give them critique and Im just??? At a lost for words on how full of shit that is and most of the time their """"critique"""" is judging the artist on what ship the draw. What fucking garbage person they are.

I know, now they’ve moved to Hamilton.flops and are still doing it i think, keep reporting them, we had their other account taken down. Some ppl just don’t have enough to do in their lives so they choose to be assholes, and that’s just unacceptable. Yeah, they’re fukin assholes.

[Gwen] parked and went in search of the team. She found Owen and Toshiko standing on the concrete jetty overlooking the turbulent black water of the river. The SUV was parked a few feet away, next to a warehouse made out of some kind of angular corrugated iron. Toshiko was holding a portable scanner of some kind. It looked like she had detached it from the car. Her face was underlit by ghostly red light.
‘Well met by moonlight, proud Titania,’ Owen said.
‘I’m guessing there’s a porn version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream that you’ve seen,’ Gwen riposted. ‘It’s the only way you’d get to know any Shakespeare.’
‘I studied the play at school, if you have to know.’ He sounded hurt.
‘OK, and there’s A Midsummer Night’s Wet-Dream, but I swear I haven’t seen it. Not for years.’
Gwen just looked at him.
‘You can’t even get it on DVD,’ he trailed on. ‘I think they only ever released it on Betamax.’

Slow Decay by Andy Lane (Torchwood Novels #3)

Not strictly Jack and Ianto… but hilarious.