Shakadi Stormbreaker

Not a commission, for once!

As if my fiancee and I didn’t already have enough RP characters, I wanted another one. A… friend for her monk. Thus, this lass was born. I’ve yet to give her a name, but I can say that she’s ex-Sentinel turned Mercenary. She’s a little beaten up, and she’s incredibly cocky.

Also, Blizzard, why can’t female night elves have some of the female troll hairs?!?! Why do trolls get some of the literal BEST hair styles in the game all to themselves? It’s not faiiiir! 

Anyway, I should be finishing the last commission I have tomorrow. I may do another edit of this girl sometime (though her hair is a pain to add on since I literally just shopped it off a troll lady orz).

Tagging @riposaurusrex for obvious reasons and @sarnehthelostboy because hot nelf ladies!

riposaurusrex  asked:

It's crazy seeing all this stuff about healers in FF DPSing. I main a healer in WoW and we usually get screamed at of we throw any other spell that isn't a heal. My heart goes out to you brave souls in FF. Stay strong my healing brothers and sisters.

Thanks for believing in us. We try hard. I personally blame whoever thought making the meta a standard in raids was a good idea.

– Mod Mhi