I pray and hope for the best with the people that lost their little boy or little girl. I am truly sad and was practically almost in tears just hearing about this and i don’t want anyone that lost someone just to hate that they might of not let their child stay home or anything but to be strong. Everyone is there for you. Not everyone might say this at first but thank you to the teachers that were dedicated to their jobs and actually took the bullet to try and save the little kids and try to keep them calm. I hope that this world will finally come to a peace and all this killing and hurting people will stop. My blessing are with the families and hoping that all the little kids and teachers will do well in heaven #RIP #Newton #RIPNewton #PrayforNewton

This is way to awful beyond my thoughts. And right when the holidays are near. A time of joy and peace and happiness, all gone. I can’t even imagine what the families are going through. The fact that there were innocent little children killed makes it so much worse. Everyone is grieving, no matter if they lost a child in the shooting or a family member. The ones that did, though, are unfortunately hit the hartest. My heart aches for this. This is just plain terrible. So horrific. Sandy Hook will never be the same. I don’t think any of will.  #pray #prayforct #prayfornewton #prayforsandyhook #rip #ripct #ripnewton #ripsandyhook #connecticut #newton #sandyhook #tradgedy #shooting #children #masscre #awful