LESLI = Queen of Hearts!

Look at the necklace!!! It’s a heart with a queen crown on top!

Queen of Hearts is a major A team theme. Could she be big A?

Remember all this?:

- When Mona was still working for A, she held a queen of hearts card and sang “in the eye abides the heart”. She also played house of cards at Radley and noted how anyone (A) can do anything with the right foundation (A team). 

- Jenna had an Alice-in-Wonderland birthday with card decorations (especially queen of hearts) everywhere! She also wore a queen of hearts pin in her hat.

- In “Pretty Dirty Secrets”, Noel waits for a female companion to try on a queen of hearts costume in the dressing room.

- In “This Dark Ride”, someone in a queen of hearts costume (later revealed to be Wilden working for A) drugged Aria and attacked spencer. Aria was put in a box with Garrett’s body and almost thrown from the train. We later find out there were TWO queens of hearts on the train, the other being Melissa.

Reactions to PLL 5x12

hannily in the beginning

alison lie detector test

“Why the grim faces, did somebody die?”

“Hanna?” “I’m waiting for the cookies.”

Paily kiss

Alison smirks at Mona

Ezria and pie

Officer Toby

Emison acting like they like each other

Spencer getting arrested


After 5x12

It was all to set Ali up. Makes sense now…when Mona looked in the mirror and said “Game Over Alison, I win” we thought she was going to spill info to the liars…but nope…just setting Ali up for murder! I’m sure that’s where Leslie Stone came in. She was put up to being a witness. And I’m thinking Mona set up the liars as well. I can’t figure out her motives!


i wanna start by letting you know this
because of you, my life has a purpose
you helped me be who i am today
i see myself in every word you say
sometimes it feels like nobody gets me
trapped in a world where everyone hates me
there’s so much that i’m going through
i wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you

Paige killed Mona, Alison witnessed it

First of all, this is my first theory so bare with me. None of the pictures/gifs are mine and were found either on Google or Tumblr. I apologize to any Paily shippers that may feel offended but I never liked Paige from the begining, shes suspicious!

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Why (and how) Mona might not be dead after all

Not long ago I read this theory that Mona was getting ready to fake her own death. While it seems like she’s really dead right now, here’s why I think that’s not the case:

1. That wasn’t a panic attack
Remember 2 episodes ago where Mona fainted? She also had a band-aid on her arm (exactly where they normally draw blood) in at least two episodes. I’m sure a lot of you noticed that. What happens if you lose a lot of blood? You faint. In last night’s episode Holbrook mentioned the amount of blood that was in the house and I thought that little detail was important. Mona had to make sure to draw enough blood to make it look like she couldn’t have survived.

2. Let’s go back to season 3
Remember when Mona stole a pair of tweezers from Hanna, and then stabbed her finger? So… in Radley different patients have different problems, and I’m pretty sure at least one needed something called ‘exposure therapy’ - if you have a phobia you’re gradually exposed to whatever is making you feel anxious, from little things to big things step by step. What does this have to do with anything? I’m sure it’s not easy to draw your own blood, is it? I sure as hell wouldn’t be able to do it. So you have to start with little things like stabbing your finger.
My point is, Mona must have been aware of the fact that she was in danger and she might have to fake her own death at some point, so I guess she started practicing?

3. But there’s a body!
Is it? Mona has quite a doll collection as you probably noticed, and she obviously really likes dolls. She’s probably a regular visitor at Vail’s Doll Hospital, so it couldn’t have been that hard to find someone who’d make her a life sized doll. As for the face - remember the creepy mask maker from season 4? There you go.
But why go through the trouble of making a doll like that if you can’t use it for the crime scene? Well you can still use it for pictures.

She looks like a broken doll.

4. Noel Kahn
That fascinating character who was on Ali’s side…but then he wasn’t. A few episodes back he lent Mona his notes. “As a favor.” He’s clearly not on Ali’s side, and he’s doing Mona favors? He knows how to help people disappear too…. just saying.

5. But Alison broke into her house!
We never saw a face. Yeah, we saw some hair but for all we know that could have been Noel with a blonde wig on, making sure someone saw a blonde in a hoodie breaking into the Vanderwaal house. He’s broken into a house as a favor before, remember? And before you say that black hoodie actually scared Mona when he/she entered her room… Sometimes even if you know someone will show up you twitch or gasp. Black hoodie did enter the house very quietly though, so maybe she was expecting to hear some kind of noise. You never know. Also, maybe Mona was legitimately scared that Ali would get to her first so she could have simply been paranoid and every little thing scared her.

6. What about the black hoodie at the end of the episode?
We know Mona owns a black hoodie. That could have been her driving away with her huge Mona doll. After all, A MONA DOLL was placed in the Christmas crib.

7. A concerned mother will be taken seriously

Mona knew that her mother would try to do something to protect her only child from a bully. Every [normal] mother whose child was in a mental hospital would try to prevent another breakdown, so she went to the principal, probably to talk about Alison being a danger to Mona. That way Alison would be the #1 suspect if something should happen to Mona.

8. Why?

Mona hated Alison and she was probably also terrified of her. What better way to get revenge than to frame her for her own murder? Not to mention, she knew she was A’s target (whether Ali is A or not) because she knew so much, so she had to disappear.

9. Mona’s little army

I’m not talking about the army Mona had in 5x1, I’m talking about Mona, Jenna and Sydney. There’s also a 4th person involved and we still don’t know who it is. Were they all planning to frame Ali for murder? I’m not sure if Sydney is capable of that, but let’s not forget that Ali blinded Jenna and she still didn’t quite get her revenge.

10. But it’s been confirmed - they said someone REALLY dies!

Let me remind you that it was also confirmed that Alison was dead. The show is called Pretty Little LIARS for a reason. I may be living on my own little island of denial right now (I’m emotionally way too attached to Mona… beyond the limits of sanity, specially for my age… 25), but for now I’m assuming that Mona is still alive.

I know everyone is still emotional after the #fatalfinale

…however, I just rewatched unmAsked (Season 2 finale) and it got me thinking… 


 I don’t know all the details to this theory, I’ll most likely flesh it out at work, but Mona has stated that she thought it was Ali who had visted her in Radley as Red Coat, but this was later revealed to be CeCe, but is it  possible that in her drug induced state that one time it may have been the real Alison? In her visit to Hanna at the hospital, Alison implied that she knew (or at least had an idea) as to who A was. What if Alison used this as a chance to steal the game back?

We know that Mona was unwell before she was uncovered as A, ALSO she was on heavy medications during her stay. Is it possible that the real Alison had been playing an unstable Mona? Or did she only assume control once Mona was admitted? It is possible that Mona would be unable to remember everything, which is why in the Season 3 finale, when she herself reveals to have no idea who she is working for.

The redcoat at the lodge is who we all know now to be:


Mona mentions in the FatalFinale, that Alison has looked at the girls as nothing but dolls. If this is true, than of course Ali would have pulled them from the fire. Nobody wants their toys to burn to a crisp, right? This plays into the fact that when Mona was A, the girls being her dolls analogy was shown a few times. Alison’s story (pointed out many times) show two girls fighting over dolls that look like the liars. In the Season 4 premiere, a group of girls are shown playing with dolls given to them “by Alison” that resemble Mona and the liars.

PLUS the exact same Mona doll is placed in the child’s coffin sent to the Liars in the Ravenswood episode, with the threat of Mona’s death. Mona at this point has left the A-game. Therefore she’s turned her back on “Alison”, just like the Liars have in Season 5A. 

Mona, is smarter than the liars, more resourceful than them, and knows the game having created it herself. Plus, she’s made her stance to Alison very clear since she’s returned. While Alison played the sad “forgive me” card, Mona saw through it. Therefore, she had turned her back on her twice, as A and as herself. Mona was smart enough to get to her once, so that would make her the perfect target if Alison is A. 

Notice how Mona wasn’t killed until she could take her down? Part of the game. it would be more enjoyable for Alison (if she is A and unwell herself), to pull the rug out from under Mona at the threshold of her victory, as well as the Liars when they think they can finally end the game. Mona is allowed to call Aria first, making sure the Liars are heading over to Mona’s before she is killed. A bigger show. A ‘twist’ in the plot as they arrive to find the only one that could stop her is now dead, and im going to guess her proof was taken or destroyed as well. 

Keeping in mind that Alison has ALREADY locked Spencer, the closest to Mona’s intellectual equal, behind bars at this point. A didn’t do this, Alison Lauren DiLaurentis did this as herself. To an outsider, this would make the two incidents look unrelated.The Liars arriving on the scene first, also makes their already suspicious looking group even more suspicious. Minimal investigation would prove that Mona had a bad past with the Liars and is a former Radley patient. Any of the Liars if not all of them would have a motive for doing this. The police wouldn’t look at Alison because Mona and her past ISNT so widely known. Therefore it’s the perfect punishment for dolls that no longer play the way Alison wants them to.I’m rewatching the series so I can look for more points to add to this and maybe fix any holes. I cant remember everything off hand… but it did get me thinking

The other day in science, Ms. A gave us a list of questions that are on an IQ test and one of them was, “Could a person living in North Carolina be buried west of the Mississippi River?” My friend answers, “yes.” Ms. A goes, “We don’t bury people alive.” The class laughs, so I raise my hand,
“They do on Pretty Little Liars.”