Guys this is awful, Even though I don’t know her personally I feel like I lost a sister, she is a fellow Directioner, also a member of the 5SOSFam and was taken away so quickly from the world. I don’t understand why God always takes the good ones, ugh my heart is breaking. Praying all the time for her family and friends. I know we have lost a freind, Directioner, sister but you know what, heaven has gained another Angel. I don’t care if you like or reblog this post but all I ask is you pray for her and her family, please. RIP Magda

This is so sad! @1Dcrew (Twitter name) passed away waiting for her bus after school. She had a heart attack and today she finally got her 5/5 this is so touching and it’s so sad that she isn’t here to see this. Even Anne and Eleanor tweeted about it! Us Directioners may have lost a sister, but heaven gained a beautiful angel. RIP xx


Dear Magda, you were trending on Twitter last night! Wish you were there to see it. 

Dear Magda, never I have ever met someone so genuine and nice. I wish I could be more like you.

Dear Magda, I don’t always believe in God. But I know you are with him now. 

Dear Magda, moving schools is always difficult. At the start of this school year I was scared, anxious, nervous and most importantly worried I wouldn’t make any friends. But you welcomed me with open arms. We connected instantly, talking about boybands and celebrities. I was glad to meet another fangirl just like me. I knew in that moment that we would be good friends.

Dear Magda, I was always so jealous you got to meet your favourite celebrities like every other week. I asked you how you managed to do that. You said you’d tell me one day. I’m still waiting.

Dear Magda, remember when I was so excited to get Taylor Swift to tickets that Friday morning. You were right by me trying to spot out the best seats. And when I finally got them, you were so happy for me. I’ve never seen anyone be so happy for me. You told me about how much fun you had going to see One Direction live and how I would have a lot of fun too. 

Dear Magda, I was supposed to go to that concert in February. I was supposed to come back and tell you all about how much fun I had. And you’d be happy for me and listen. Even though you hate Taylor Swift. Because thats how great of a friend you are.

Dear Magda, yesterday was such a good day. Jessica was in a very positive mood as she mentioned 3628 times. We were playing with the FaceFusion app I had just download. You and Veronica made and ugly baby. You wrestled Simmy and took her shoes off. Me and Manveet grabbed it and threw it away from her. Pippa sat there giggling.

Dear Madga, it wasn’t the same today. Jessica was horrified. I have never seen her in such a terrible state. Veronica shared funny stories about you and tried to make us laugh because that’s what you would be doing if you were there. Simmy and Manveet were devastated. Pippa cried so much. We all did. I hate seeing people I love cry. The entire school was in mourning. We sat in the common room listening to One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer all day. You would’ve loved it. Know that every time we hear a One Direction or 5SOS song, you will be remembered.

Dear Magda, I don’t know what else to say. This happened all so sudden. You were such a great friend even for the 5 months we had known each other. You did so much and asked for so little in return. You were kind to everyone and always so cheerful. You touched so many people. Your legacy will live on.

Rest In Peace
Magdalena Szablinska
31.05.1997 - 21.01.2014


Can we please get this trending on twitter!!! There’s this girl ( @KelseyHilton) that has been sending hate to Magda! She called her a whore and fat pig!! I don’t think this kind of pleople deserve our simpathy! Please go report her and let’s get #Report1DHaters trending worldwide!!