One million thank yous to everyone who came out to help me celebrate the release of Defriended at BookCourt on Saturday. I’m especially grateful to the brilliant people who read with me. Between their incredible contributions, my friends and family who showed up, and the ones who sent good wishes from far away, I had the very best time ever. In case you missed it, here’s how awesome everyone was:

  • My brother endured the humiliation of standing in a room with both of our parents and a bunch of our cousins while he talked about sex with his high school girlfriend. Then he wore a DIY silk-screened T-shirt in public, which I imagine was even more difficult for him.   
  • Maris said the words “reverse fingering” multiple times–turns out to not just be the funniest phrase ever, but also the technological innovation of my worst nightmares. She also made it seem like an anti-Slaughterhouse 90210 blog exists, so alert the authorities because apparently we have a maniac on the loose.   
  • Bennett previewed September Girls for us, and yes, he is about to introduce a new generation to Valerie Solanas. When Netflix gets an influx of requests for I Shot Andy Warhol, we’ll all know who to thank.
  • Lauren actually scared my pants off with the sneak peek from her new novel which involves human trafficking and fortune telling. It is going to be terrifying and terrifyingly good.  
  • It was my mistake for taking a sip of water while Max was talking; thankfully, I was in the front row so no one saw my spit-take when he reminded us that back in the ‘90s everyone was certain that if you even whispered your name near a computer a windowless van would immediately appear to take you away. He used his real name on Star Wars forums anyway, and we are all better for it.
  • And then Elizabeth fulfilled the destiny she’s been training for her whole life when she channelled Rebecca and did a dramatic reading of the deranged sorority letter–Michael Shannon himself would have bowed before her.  
They were all hilarious and perfect and a total delight to listen to. As for me, I wore a smoking hot red dress, read aloud from Defriended without feeling like I was reenacting Why Can’t Jordan Read?, didn’t apologize once, and sold out of books.  It felt great.