It’s been five years since I have been dating ~FunkAlmighty. Five years ago, we stumbled through the awkward process of asking each other out after four short weeks of learning each others’ schedules, following each other to gym class, and general stalking. Five years ago, we bashfully hid behind crudely created drawings and poems to express how we felt about each other, and five years ago, we giddily accepted the thought of holding each others’ hands in a display of coupling for the next day of school. Since then, five years have past, and we are still those same kids, holding hands, giggling in public, and dorking out over the silliest things. Our love has not faded for one another, but instead has flourished into a contagious bug that flares up its symptoms whenever we are in one another’s presence.

For better or for worse: I love you, Felix.

January 23, 2007

The characters depicted above are Funk and Fuzz, our original characters from our collaborative story The Illustrious Escapades of Funk and Fuzz. They are shapeshifters that can take on the forms of four different animals respectively. Funk is the catfish, Fuzz is the anglerfish.