ripe plantains

2011 Bodega Elvira Calle Ca’ de Calle Reserva Red Wine

Enjoying this Argentine red blend. Dried strawberries, golden and dark raisins, a hint of ripe plantains, and a whiff of ground beef on the nose. Cooked strawberries, cherries, and boysenberries on the palate with a hint of banana/plantain peel.

4/5 bones


Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot

14.5% abv


I made pochero today. The house smells so good. This is a popular filipino dish. There are so many versions, but this one is mine. He he. I used ingredients that I have. Other people add string beans and corn. I didn’t, because I don’t like string beans. Haha!

My mother usually makes this during the rainy months. And since it is monsoon here in Arizona, I find this should be fitting.

To make-

Heat Olive oil in a pot and sauté garlic, onions and pork cubes. You can use any part you like. You can also make this with fish, chicken or beef.

When the meat turns white, add water, potatoes, carrots, plantains. Simmer until the veggies are tender. Mash the ripe plantains to incorporate the sweetness into the soup.

Add a can of tomato sauce. Simmer until the pork is super tender. Lastly, add the cabbage, turn the heat on low and serve when the cabbage is cooked. Don’t forget to season with salt and pepper.


Fried Sweet Plantains

Disclaimer: I don’t know if this is the traditional method of preparing plantains, this is just how I do it

This makes a really yummy sweet treat that’s relatively cheap to make (I think plantains are 44 cents each at my local grocery store). It’s a great side dish or dessert. Just a hint though, if you’re buying plantains and want to cook them for this recipe anytime soon, avoid the green ones because they’ll take forever to ripen. Green plantains are much more starchy than sweet and this won’t taste right. You can use them for things like tostones however! 


  • 1 ripe plantain (hint: probably going to look like a rotten banana, the blacker plantains are the sweeter they are. google what they look like if you’re not sure)
  • Some type of oil or butter to fry them in. You only need a couple of tablespoons, we aren’t deep frying
  • Sugar/vanilla/cinnamon/honey or salt/lime juice to put on top (optional)

These are actually pretty simple to make

  1. Slice ends of plantain, then make a slice down the center of the peel, pull peel off
  2. Slice plantain
  3. Heat your oil/butter in a frying pan over medium low heat (ripe plantains have a high sugar content and will burn easily if the heat is too high so watch them)
  4. Put the plantains in the oil in a single layer (don’t overlap any of them)
  5. Once one side is golden brown, flip them with a spatula/fork and brown the other side
  6. Once both sides are browned, remove the plantains from the pan. You can add your sugar/salt topping now if you want
  7. Enjoy!