WWE Wrestling Superstar Chris Benoit Hall Of Fame

Question: Does Chris Benoit desverve to be in the wwe hall of fame for his in ring ability and person for who he was before the suicide??

Answer: Initially, I was supportive of Chris Benoit going to the WWE HOF after the suicide-homicide. My mindset was let’s just focus on the in ring accomplishments. Over the years since that tragic event, I’ve changed my mind. The WWE HOF gives professional wrestling an opportunity to showcase stars and talent that have advanced the professional wrestling, within the ring and outside the ring. To have Benoit in the HOF would be seen as justifying what Benoit did outside the ring, no matter how good his in ring talent was. Allowing Benoit to join the HOF would hurt the image of professional wresting among the general public. Benoit will never be allowed in the HOF.

Chris benoit hands down was a damn good wrestler and deserves it what he did was horrible but sometimes ppl do eventually snap that dont excuse what he did but lets not forget he was an entertainer and he did it well.

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chris was one of the best from wcw an wwe he was the candian crippler an the rapid wolverine his spirte lives though all of us that grew up during his time wit us we should not judge him 4 the suicide but his perfomance we all loved . R.I.P Chris

If your REALLY going to hold things against wrestlers then half of the ones the ones in the hall of fame don’t need to be there for the simple fact that some of them had abused their spouses, some are drug addicts, some have DUI charges, Chris Benoit’s talent in the ring was untouchable. Noone will ever come close to the scientific aspects of the wrestling business & the way he executed the moves was extraordinary. As far as the steroid abuse, ALL of the wrestlers in the past have been on steriods. Don’t take it out on Benoit just because you weren’t a fan of his.

He deserves it despite wat ever happened he wrestled like any other person an put on a great performance there r wrestlers out there that popped pills an done drugs an died an they were still put in the wwe hall of fame. For example one woman wrestler that passed was a pill popper n a guy wrestler an a bunch more were pill poppers but they were nominated for the hall of fame. He deserves it like anyone else so yes yes yes he should be added to the WWE Hall of Fame RIP Chris Beniot

One of my favorite pro wrestlers this man was like a ninja in the ring he knew what he was doing & always did his job to the best of his abilities while still putting on classic matches & it hurts to know that a generation of kids don’t know him because of his actions in his personal life I’m not justifying what he did but I will justify & defend his career & his accomplishments in the ring #chrisbenoit #fuckwwe #ripchrisbenoit #fuckjohncena