ripaille's art

I’m gonna draw some girls and not Klaine for a change! Yes, and they shall be random girls, not based on anyone! *starts sketching* …. This one sort of looks like a genderswap!Blaine….. No, brain, don’t go there!!….. Oh look, I accidentally drew genderswap!Kurt as well…….. I have a problem.

All the cool kids have done it! Kate Hummel and Blair Anderson, ladies and gentlemen!

I absolutely suck at Halloween-related drawings, I can never reach the creepy/scary factor I want, so I rarely do them.

In other news I’ve had Ding dong the witch is dead stuck in my head all day and decided that Kurt would be the cutest, quirkiest witch/wizard/warlock/whatever to ever quirk, and then this happened.

Anyway, Happy Halloween, everybody!

“Blaine sighed with bliss. He was sandwiched between Brittany and Kurt, and the mattress was so soft beneath him, and Kurt was purring, and he couldn’t imagine anywhere else he would ever want to be.”

Alsdkfihslfjdnsafdmnoi there was so much lovely fluff I had to!

Based on the incredibly adorable Morning and Night by Chazzam. I didn’t completely follow the reference, but I need puppy!Blaine to have curls, dang it!