Got your nose


(^し^)               へ([6]ω[6]へ)

(^し^)           へ([6]ω[6]へ)

(^し^)     へ([6]ω[6]へ)

(^し^) へ([6]ω[6]へ)


(^_^) し へ([6]ω[6]へ)

( ゚ o ゚)(ノ [∂]ω[∂])- し

( ゚ ︿ ゚)       (ノ [∂]ω[∂])- し

( ゚ ~  ゚)            (ノ [∂]ω[∂])- し

( ゚ _ ゚)                    (ノ [∂]ω[∂])- し

( 。◕‿◕。)▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一               し -([6] д [6] )/


no but honestly to be alive at an actual turning point in the history of pop culture and the music scene, where a BROWN MUSLIM is breakin records left and right, unprecedented, in a time where prejudice against the very identity of this person is wildly rampant in all aspects of life fills me w such gratitude and awe??
we keep yellin abt #zaynsimpact but damn we’ve barely gotten a taste of it? it’s going to change everything, it really is. and fuck anyone who tries to undermine or sour this triumph for ppl like me. ppl like me, the minority, the marginalised who finally feel like maybe there is hope, a chance of things working out if you just follow your dreams and believe in your own worth, regardless of skin or faith or background. ppl like me who don’t feel as afraid to hold their heads up and to embrace their identity, have someone with the same roots to identify with.

i guess i just wanna say with the utmost sincerity and love: thank you, zayn. you don’t know how important you are and how many lives you’ve touched and changed for the better. thank you :)

I didn’t want this to be some ridiculous solo project. I sure as fuck didn’t consider Pat, Nate and William my backing band….my goal was to have another band. We got together and it was soon apparent that this was to be that next band.

Dave Grohl – Rip It Up magazine, New Zealand August 1995