Always keep your fangs sparkly clean! I commissioned this from the fabulous @lousysharkbutt as a gift for @gairid/ @vampchronfic, one of my fave fic writers in the VC fandom, for her birthday today! It’s Gairid’s OC Brian Callahan, with Lestat de Lioncourt and Louis de Pointe du Lac.

I headcanon that the vampires don’t always bother with this sort of thing but when it’s been a really messy evening, as they get ready for bed, they might want to brush their fangs, too. Brian is a very close mortal friend of theirs, and he lives with them sometimes, and even though he knows what they are, seeing those fangs is always a little unnerving.

A++ to @lousysharkbutt for including in all these little details I asked for, including Brian’s Night Island tourist tank, Louis’ ripped up nightshirt, and his mom-style showercap, and Lestat wearing nothing bc reasons <3 Their expressions are perfection and this is a wonderful artist to work with, fast turnaround and delivers more than requested, can’t recommend them highly enough ^______^

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You and Bucky are partnered together for the first time, your dislike, arguing, smoldering fights you have done over the years must be put aside for this competition. Dancing the Tango for the first time together, the chemistry is scorching, the passion blazing between you both is high. By the end not being able to hold in the passion, the steaming kissed, pushing each other into the wall or door to your bedroom. The need to touch skin so great you both ended up ripping clothes, had the best sex

Imagine how well he can move his hips too

Sinful Sunday™

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Can i confess something funny me n my bf did? We were eating somewhere so fancy u needed a suit. And my boyfriend said he wanted to fuck me with his suit on and i was like YES PLS and it started with him spanking me really good but at the end he couldnt get my dress unzipped and it was so funny bc we always joke around and he ended up ripping it by accident. i was PISSED but he was so shocked by himself he looked at his hands and whispered "is THIS my final form" andi just..... This fucki..

Oh my god you guys win sex

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Btw I was wondering if you'd be willing to share the little changes you made to compliment your ADHD. My quality of life has improved ten fold since getting diagnosed and starting meds, but I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out other ways of managing my ADHD. I also just like to hear how other people manage their ADHD out of curiosity haha For example I find using a physical planner is easier than digital, but I know a lot of other diagnosed ppl find using mobile apps easier.

Yeah! Everyone manages it differently. Small things I’ve done include always taking note by hand in class (as opposed to computer). Also, having something to fidget with on hand during class does a lot. I destroy stuff otherwise (i.e. rip up paper, erasers). And I also took stock of what kind of worker I am. I stopped procrastinating entirely bc if I wait I’ll forget something small but major (that’s a whole other story) so mentally moving deadlines up has helped a lot. (This is more a me thing. I know a lot of people with ADHD procrastinate but if I procrastinate I get Stupidly Anxious.)

And I don’t really tell people I have ADHD unless it’s extremely relevant, but I do explain small things to them (like the problem I have with processing overlapping sound, or, for friends, the “I’m so sorry I checked out can you repeat that?”)

I also have a problem talking to people on the pone, so I got a few low-attention demanding apps to play while talking.

Also I 100% let myself talk about my special interests but only with my very close friends! I ask them first, like, “Hey you don’t have to reply,” (because its a lot to expect someone to care as much about The Thing as you do) “but can I tell you about this thing?”

Just a lot of open communication and finding the right things for you I think. My career/classes are all very open and loosely structured so that helps me a lot too.

Releasing Spell

Hi there! I decided to post this because it’s been extremely helpful for me, and I’m sure it will be for everyone else too!! It’s a super easy spell I love to do.

This spell can get rid of your doubts or can get rid of a negative situation.


  • Piece of paper. Lined or printer is fine.
  • Black pen or marker.
  • The elements, be safe with them.


First, write down every single doubt you have on that piece of paper, or instead, write down the situation you want to get out of.

If you’re using fire,


If you’re using water,


If you’re using the earth,


If you’re using air,


That’s it.

For fire, burn it and rid of the ashes. For water, soak it until the words are unreadable then flush it down the toilet. Earth, bury it. Air, rip it up on a windy day and throw it into the wind.

Using the elements will allow the negativity to detach from you.

Do this as many times as you need to, and let me know how it works for you, I love feedback!

~ Eris

autumn house aesthetics

HUFFLEPUFF - tortishell glasses and cable knit sweaters; doodling in notebooks; crunching yellow leaves underneath boots; marshmallow scented candles; feeling quiet, feeble sunshine on your face; cats purring on warm blankets

RAVENCLAW - trenchcoats and corduroy skirts; the sound of rain on gray sidewalks; wire glasses and thick eyeliner; staying home to study on halloween night; sad eyes; writing poetry in quiet cafes; cobblestone alleyways; black coffee

SLYTHERIN - black lipstick and ripped jeans; staying up late; sly smirks blowing bubblegum; skeleton face paint; window shopping with friends; doc martens; cloudy, starless nights; cigarette smoke

GRYFFINDOR - pumpkin spice; going to haunted houses; homecoming night; talking during class; jumping into piles of leaves; scaring your friends; drive in theaters and thick blankets; scarves and beanies