”I had the most bizarre day. Do you remember the movie Rugrats in Paris? Because my day was that weird and chaotic, except I had no excuse for my behavior because I’m not a two-year-old. Also, no excuse to be walking around with a gaping hole in the back of my jeans. I was walking around with my hoodie around my waist like a mom at Disney World to hide it. This day couldn’t get any worse, honestly. Wait, can I retract that statement? I’d rather not test fate.”


i hope to god you’re not as dumb as you make out
and i hope to god i’m not as numb as you make out.
rip it up and start again.

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Unpopular opinion... I hated Wrapped Around Your Finger live #PLAYIFYOUDON'TKNOW2K16

i love wayf and i’m v pleased i got to see it live but ! i’ve seen it you know, they’ve played it, it’s on the dvd! I’d rather hear things i haven’t seen live yet, personally! like how about we go all out and, if we’re replacing wayf, we replace it with over and out or story of another us tbh

i was tagged by @tinyshoopuf to share 6 random facts about myself; thank you for the tag~!

  1. I like to reorganize my room often bc i get bored w/ it
  2. i start a lot of sketches but i rarely finish them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. it bothers me to no end when i have to buy things i won’t use or enjoy like college textbooks
  4. when i talk w/ my best friend late at night i try not to laugh too loud, but then i end up snorting a lot instead
  5. i actually really enjoy being alone
  6. whenever i find a new song that i really like i end up listening to it on repeat for an hour boy do i live life on the edge

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I didn’t want this to be some ridiculous solo project. I sure as fuck didn’t consider Pat, Nate and William my backing band….my goal was to have another band. We got together and it was soon apparent that this was to be that next band.

Dave Grohl – Rip It Up magazine, New Zealand August 1995