disney marathon with luke hed be over at your house and it was just a v lazy day so you were both in the couch, sprawled across each other going through your old dvds trying to find something to watch and the lion king would come across and hed be all excited bc he loves that movie so you play it and when simba asks mufasa if theyre friends youd catch him tearing up a bit as well as you and youd both look at each other and laugh at how lame you both are and when mufasa dies youre both a mess and he puts his hand on your face and says “shut up stop” and youd laugh and grab his hand and thered be lots of gummy bears and lollypops that hed often catch a glimpse of you sucking on one and hed have to remind himself that you were actually watching a kids movie and hed be all happy and giggly while singing hakuna matata and reciting the whole dialogue and youd glance up at his squishy face and just admire all his beauty and youd get the most intense feeling in the pit of your stomach bc you love him so much so youd leave multiple kisses on his cheek (hed giggle a lot and give you one in return of course) before resting your head on his shoulder. the night would go on like this and honestly it couldnt be any better RIP

Okay but imagine a zombie AU for Tales from the Borderlands:
Imagine this AU were Rhys is bitten and turns- but Handsome Jack the hologram is still there because the brain has basic functions working, like the echosystem. So zombie Rhys is just wondering around while Jack aimlessly follows and every time they encounter someone, Jack is just “please kill him. Put us both out of our misery– oh no cupcake stOP EATING HIM I WANT THE SWEET EMBRACE OF DEATH.”

So I was just taking a hot shower and wanted to turn the water cold (if you wash your hair with cold water after your shower, it’ll get more shiny)

but I was singing really aggressively and obviously not paying as much attention to what I was doing as I should and instead of turning the water to cold I accidentally turned it even hotter

And that’s the story of how I almost burned my skin off omg

Phantom of the Opera (1943)–the Phantom takes Christine to his lair.

I didn’t want this to be some ridiculous solo project. I sure as fuck didn’t consider Pat, Nate and William my backing band….my goal was to have another band. We got together and it was soon apparent that this was to be that next band.

Dave Grohl – Rip It Up magazine, New Zealand August 1995