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Jooheon + kihyun friendship is so overlooked. Remember that time in right now when they were eating ice cream and jooheon chose to sit on kihyun (THE SMALLEST) of all people and kihyun didn't object, or when kihyun handed him a fish that one time, or when they give each other piggyback rides? Their friendship is really cute

“when kihyun handed him a fish that one time” sdjfhgjk u mean when he scared the living shit out of him/absolutely TERRORISED him w it…. but yeth they do have a super cute friendship e.g. today’s ep of mxray when furry!jooheon clung to kihyun w a back hug :(

im sorry this is so late btw jkdfhjg 23 days ago…..

[more than 3-week-old] asks under the cut :<

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Magnus handing the reins to Jace after he’s exhausted everything in his arsenal, and then having to watch Alec actually die and gosh the devastation and heartbreak on his face..and also most likely feeling powerless and guilty because Alec is dead and all that power in his body couldn’t save Alec in the end. And then the utter relief that fills his body and the small smile that he lets out and the way his eyes brighten and smile too as Alec finally wakes up killed me.


RIP the Vine we know and love (January 24, 2013 - January 17, 2017)
(Warning: some videos are abruptly extremely loud)

Funny Vines - Part 1, Funny Vines Part 2, Animal Vines (coming soon), Relatable Vines (coming soon)

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