💐 the most beautiful flower to me is the one that bloomed in my heart because of you 💐

i was tagged for a biasxselfie tag by @jinmeowie , @imbambamsgf , @markmetuna , @choiyoungjaeaf , @jin-tuan , @lemon-amethyst …( *sweats* cos i let my tags pile up again rip….) thanks for tagging me, lovelies. also igot7selcaday just passed so why not…also, idk what to do after receiving flowers but then i got to take these matching selfies….

also i’m tagging @protectmarkjin , @limjaebeom, @ultjacks , @softdomjb , @mjbm, @ninanoona, @yugyeuhm @walmark @got7savedkpop @defsoulsgirlfriend @m-yien + anyone else who wants to do this…ofc only do it if you’re comfortable 

I didn’t want this to be some ridiculous solo project. I sure as fuck didn’t consider Pat, Nate and William my backing band….my goal was to have another band. We got together and it was soon apparent that this was to be that next band.

Dave Grohl – Rip It Up magazine, New Zealand August 1995