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okay but thinking about Harty changing the nappy to a toddler Alfie and they always talk like "little man you did a mess here eh" "no daddy I didn't" and Harry kissing his tummy ahhhh cute times

“Yeh not gon’a wee on me, are you, little man?” Harry snickers, as he pulls the straps tightening the nappy to Alfie’s hips, hearing him squeal out a “nooo!” giggle erupt from his tiny figure and drowning out the ripping sound, all three mixed up and filling and echoing through the bathroom, “did that as a baby, you did. Daddy changed you for the first time, just a few hours after you were born, and you weed right up my shirt.”

“No, daddy!”

“You did. You weed all up me. Mummy found it so funny,” Harry chuckled, pulling the damp nappy from Alfie’s hips, and pushing up the t-shirt that covered his 14-month old son’s torso, “look at that mess! You did a mess, didn’t you? What’s mummy been making you drink, hm?” Harry snickers, setting the dirty nappy on the side, “that was until a few months later when mummy was giving you a bath and you weed all down her jumper. Your sister found that very, very funny,” he continued, pulling out a new nappy.

And before he sticks it on, he takes time to tickle and drag his fingers up his son’s hips, leaning down to press tiny kisses to his pudgy belly. Growing and blowing raspberries against his flesh as he cackles out and tugs on Harry’s hair. xx

Ok so this beautiful flower that Daryl noticed while out looking for Sophia..

and later brought to CAROL  (f my memory is correct) to make her smile and have hope and feel better and shit..

In front of a bunch of which he would later apologize to her for being a jerk..

(hey i’ve been there haha)

And that Carol ripped up after Sophia’s death..

And of which Daryl took the time to find, yes that specific flower to put on her empty grave later on..

And of which Daryl saw on walker later on..

The one that Norman himself (you know the guy that plays Daryl) said was a specific call out to something specific Daryl and Carol.

This rose which has become a symbol of this beautiful ship.

I heard that some tried to co-p[ it for their own ship and it pisses me off a bit. I don’t co-op shit from other ships. You know why cause I don’t need to. Mines got more than enough original canon moments I don’t need to take from others to make mine ‘special’

The Cherokee Rose is a Caryl thing, specific to those characters and their story. However you may see the relationship this is specific to them. It’s no better than taking one of them out of a picture that YOU claim isn’t romantic and then putting your own choice of character and claiming it as romantic. 

We don’t NEED to co-op others moments and stuff (and I would hope we don’t btw) because like I said because our has more than enough canon materail. And hopefully a lot more.

So don’t take our Cherokee Rose cause that’s ours.. get your own thing..

(gifs by @dixonscarol and another whose name has changed and I can’t remember at the moment, but not mine)

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tip: do not use the heart on a no-kill run on d2 because you will want to murder everyone. i knocked out the guards, and decided to ask my mum to dish out their darkest secrets for fun, and had to stop myself from throwing them to the ground ('cause I stash most bodies up high. rip the person waking up on a lamp post) except for one guard who i love. he wanted a better life, so stole a dead persons identity, and? i cant criticize him since i am an agent of the outsider out for vengeance!

Arkane: We’ll make a first-person stealth game with supernatural powers

Us: nice!

Arkane: And now we’ll make you care about some of your enemies

Us: wait

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I know I sound like the grandmother wanting the kids off her lawn, but seeing this Instagram hate lili got, I'm so glad I grew up in a world before social media. If we were jealous of a celebrity, we ripped up their picture out of tiger beat magazine. Also, what do these kids' parents think they are doing while they are saying disgusting things on a stranger's picture? Sorry, rant over. I'm going back into my SH bubble.

Well TBF, people did send fan/hate letters and made phone calls, but still, it’s true, these kids today…..And agreed, what parent permits this behavior?? I still don’t even know what specifically was said, but I’m given to understand it was from some rival “ship”? And again, trying to somehow turn this back on SHs is ridiculous….we are literally the LAST group of people on the planet to EVER do this.

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Hey, I have TS, and so does my mother and brother. I was wondering if I was the only one who gets intrusive thoughts that are urged to do something very socially inappropriate, i.e breaking a family heirloom or ripping up your best friend's photo even though you care for them very much? It makes me so upset because I would never want to do that to anyone.

YES. This is a very infrequently discussed part of TS/OCD/ADHD. Intrusive thoughts are super duper common, and don’t actually show any indication that we’re going to perform those actions. They’re just thoughts, scary as they may be, and it’s important for you to understand that thoughts don’t have to lead to actions.

This property is HOA-Free.

This is a long one, because it involves a growing escalation of actions. TLDR at the bottom. Some terms are translated because I don’t live in an English-speaking country.

We moved houses last year, to the ugliest in the street. The previous owners must have loved Mondriaan, because the front was red/blue/yellow in windowframes and door. One paintjob, many thankful neighbors and several months later, I get an invitation to a voluntary “Collective of inhabitants”, the terms read like an opt-in HOA that you can never leave. A long list of restrictions, and no benefits? No thanks.

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Like, I’m just beside myself that people are too lazy to do their conspiracies away from their IPhone, like just writing “Hey, just checking are we still cool with the treason meeting this afternoon?” Get off your ass, go to a public telephone, call a number that was written on a piece of paper that you ripped up and swallowed, say “Parakeet,” listen as the voice on the other phone says “21st street deli,” sit down at a booth, and listen as “Mr. Williams,” who is sitting in the booth behind you, says “Get the Smoked Turkey. It comes with Fries.” and you know immediately what the fuck that means AND you get to enjoy a Smoked Turkey sandwich. Then take the cab back, NOT TO YOUR PLACE, but a movie or a mall so you can suss out if anybody followed you. Then change your clothes in the bathroom, and get picked up in the parking garage. Yeah it’s a little work but it doesn’t leave a paper trail.