Legends of Tomorrow/The Flash Headcanons

Mick and Len tend to try and secretly toast marshmallows on the Firestorm duo when the two merge.

Ray once got so high on painkillers, the team found his miniature ass sitting on a flower, helpfully piling pollen up for the incoming bees as they landed.

Everyone has carried Mini!Ray around on them at one point or another.

Both Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson, have both at some point, wondered why they looked on Caitlin with love… until they realized it was because that’s what Ronnie used to do.

Rip Hunter has given up on controlling the Waverider crew, but he hopes it won’t end badly for everyone.

Rip is also sure that Barry Allen’s ability to time travel is the reason for half the things the crew has to fix.

Barry actually plans a lot of things, he just does it so super fast and yet has it end so badly, that people don’t realise he’d actually made a plan.

  • me:i LOVE what they've done with the enchantress's design!!!!!!!!!!!! i love that they don't give her the overused witch hat trope and that they don't make her look like a cute witch bc witches are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enchantress looks like she's 0.00000000001 seconds away from jumping onto the table and rip everyone's throats out in the clip!!!!!! i LOVE that she looks scary !! i LOVE that she looks like she broke out of a horror film !!!! i LOVE that she doesn't look conventionally attractive and isn't cleaned up !!!!!! i LOVE that she doesnt wear something that endears her to everyone !!!!!!!! i lOVE That she looks like she won't ever care about what people think of her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • all the haters:but she looks so SEXUALIZED EWWWW
  • me:did i fucking stutter

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The only people who really call Hinata is his family. Since they're his family he always ends the call with "I love you". Everyone else texts him. Once Noya and Tanaka have a sleepover and they decide to prank call Hinata. All goes well, and they're given up by Noya's giggles. So goodbyes are said, but not before Hinata says I love you since it's been kind of drilled into him. The next day is really awkward because both the senpais think they have been confessed to. -witch anon