Austin just lost a little bit of its soul with the passing of Leslie Cochran.  Our semi-official City motto is “Keep Austin Weird,” and Leslie was always at the forefront of true ATX Weirdness as our beloved cross-dressing, semi-homeless icon of pride, panache and protest.  He prowled SOCO and 6th Street with better-looking legs than Cyd Charisse, ran for Mayor countless times (and nearly won), battled police brutality and oppression and generally reminded us that we should be kind and tolerant to one another despite our exterior differences.  In this town, it was perfectly normal to see Leslie eating lunch with a State Senator while wearing a pink tutu and a thong.

I met Leslie many years ago while riding the bus.  We use to sit together each morning and work on the NY Times crossword puzzle.  Once, we got stuck on the name of some Russian author, and after some thought we simultaneously hollered “TOLSTOY!” so loud we scared half the people on the bus out of their wits.  That became our greeting in the ensuing years.  I’d pass him on the street and yell TOLSTOY! out the window - he’d see me at some festival and do the same. 

In 2009, somebody beat the crap out of Leslie and left him on the side of the road to die.  He didn’t - but he never really recovered from the head injuries he sustained and suffered several strokes as a result.  Nonetheless, he still made his rounds, posing for pictures, signing autographs, and hawking his private line of dress-up refrigerator magnets.  He’s on my freezer door now, dressed in a leopard-print mini, walking an armadillo.  This town just won’t be the same without him.


I am so happy the writers didn’t make Eddie into a bad guy! They didn’t pull off the cliché and have him become a jerk because he couldn’t have Iris. Instead he just kept fighting and always respected Barry. He knew what a good person Barry is and how important he is for the future. So instead he became the hero, he killed himself in order to save Barry and everyone. He knew it was the only way. Rest in peace Eddie, you’ll always be remembered as a hero to all of us!


Last night my bunny rabbit died. He was just about 9 years old, and I got him as a present for my 8th birthday. He was honestly one of the coolest pets ever because he would like to cuddle with you and would lick your nose to give you kisses and was just a happy little bunny. I remember when I picked him out, I wanted him because he was the smallest of all the bunnies and he couldn’t get to the water and he kept getting stepped on so I felt bad for him so I chose him. Yesterday morning we saw he was really weak and cold and so I wrapped him in a blanket and we cuddled the entire day and watched movies and it was really sad because I could just slowly see the happy little bunny start to get weaker and weaker and he was just fading away. You could tell he was scared because he kept grinding his teeth (what rabbits do to show fear), and then he just got really calm and moved up further towards my chest and he passed away. I will honestly miss him so much and I just hope that he wasn’t in pain on his last day because he deserved the absolute best. We built him a coffin today and buried him outside right below the window in the dining room where he used to take naps in the sunlight. I loved him so much.

godlingcaptainchristina asked:

Are you planning on showing the first Tadashi impersonator? Cause I think that would be beautiful. Watching all the hope build in Hiro's eyes then get squashed under the reality in front of him.

Firstly: OWWWWWwww.

Secondly yeah that’s a possible thing I might be planning, I need to delve a little bit further into the whole backstory of things, which I’m working on, so that scene could very well pop up at some point. Haha hoo boy though if you thought Hiro was scary before, wait till he finds out that the guy is actually an imposter

You’re all really important. Not just to me, but to a lot of people in your life. People you haven’t spoken to in years, people who see you in their notifications, people you see in your daily grind. You’re significant, truly, and you mean a lot to a lot of people. Your life matters and I know you are capable of wonderful things. Maybe not even big things, or world-changing things, but wonderful and exciting and nice and sweet and good things. You matter so much to so many people. And you might not even know it. People are thinking about you all the time.

I love you all, and I hope you all are having a good night. I wish I could be there for everyone I’ve ever met and everyone I’ve never met. But I can’t. I hope this helps someone today.

So heartbroken and upset to hear the news about Clint Reif , if any of you are struggling im always here because mental illnesses and suicides are not something to joke about they are extremely serious so if any of you need somebody to talk to im always here


Rick Rypien got to live his dream, playing in the NHL.
I want to congratulate him on doing so. He had a great, long career & I’m super proud of him. 

I just saw a report confirming Robin Williams’ death as suicide with all these details and I just… Was it really necessary to release those specific details? How the hell does it benefit people to know that shit? It makes me sick, the total lack of respect it shows for the man we all knew and loved, when they let the whole world know the exact scene. People should be allowed to remember him for his work and talent, rather than a gruesome mental image of how he left this world - a world which caused him enough pain to even consider that action. I feel sick that this is considered okay.