Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the new review rating system for anime and manga databases in 2017. 

if you think the ending of bleach was in any way good and not a complete asspull w 0% of the character development necessary to warrant that ending fite me immediately

And I’m not an IR shipper bc I actually ship RR so miss me w any accusations of salty ship war bullshit
just bc certain ships “won” doesn’t mean characters weren’t murdered along the way

Beginning Thoughts of the Fall Anime Season 2017 . . .

Welp, fall is here, and as usual, it is time for me to do my annual first impressions of the season’s anime titles.  My gods if you thought the amount of shows I checked out last season was a lot, this season’s amount is insane.  This season, so far, I have checked out 22 shows thus far and plan for at least 7 more to pick up.  Insane, right?  So how do they stack up so far?   Let’s see.  Also, please keep in mind, that these are solely based off of the first one or two episodes, and are purely my opinion, so if my opinion is different than yours, then I’d love to here it.   Also, I will try to remain as spoiler free as possible.  

Netojuu no Susume:  Studio Signal.MD

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Dropped.  Alright, so I feel like I have to mention this.   I’m a serious gamer.  More specifically, I love me some MMOs.  How much you ask?   Well, so much so that I actually met my husband on World of Warcraft.  Insane right?  I mean my god you do not want to see our /played time on that game.  So, needless to say, I am a bit critical on gaming anime because of this, because I know what it’s like.   This anime was just… . cringey.  I found myself sighing every chance I got and by the 20 minute mark, completely turning it off.  Everything about the first episode was just  … bad.  There’s really just no redeeming qualities… well, one line said by the Guild Master which was something along the lines of “you have no idea what her irl gender is.”  I laughed.  It’s accurate.  85% of female toons you see on wow are actually guys. Anyways, moving on.   

Evil or Live:  Haoliners Animation

Dropped.  Mmmm  I had such high hopes.  After reading the summary, I will admit, I was hyped for this show.  On Paper, this show sounds wonderful.  I thought it was going to be some horror psychological thriller that at the end of it left you questioning the very meaning of the world around you or something.  Instead, what happened?   I …don’t even know.  The series starts off with massive amounts of Live Action, which, while being completely unexpected, I didn’t mind so much; the series became an instant drop for me when the MC and Co were clearly showing a break from reality and needed actual mental help, was beaten instead.   It wasn’t “horror” or “edgy” it was just poor writing.  Needless to say, I have dropped it.

Just Because!: Studio Pine Jam

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Dropped.  For no other reason that fuck it’s boring.  I fell asleep watching it not once, but twice.  It was that boring.  This series proves that even the prettiest of shows can bore you to death.  

Omiai Aite wa Oshiego Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji:  Studio Seven

Porn.  With Plot.  Alright, so this is an actual hentai series.  Not like Soft-Core either like Hajimete no Gal was last season.  This is an actual hentai series, and if you could believe it, it’s actually more plot focused and semi-interesting than 95% of hentai out there.… Well, as interesting as a hentai series about a female teacher and a student banging and “engaged” can be.  Don’t get me wrong here, it’s totally trash, but hey, each episode is only four minutes, so I’m going to keep watching this trash just a bit longer to see where it goes.  

Sengoku Night Blood:  Typhoon Graphics

Mmmm Still waiting for the day with they make a good anime based off of an Otome Game.  Alright, so here’s the story.  Girl gets sent back into another world and gains a harem.  A vampire harem.  That’s it.  I’ve saved you the trouble of checking this series out.  You’re welcome.  

Urahara:  Studios Emt^2 and Shirogumi

Originally posted by ufotable

Dropped.  Instant Drop.  Jesus Christ that animation is fucking trash.  You have two studios working on this series, and the animation still looks that garbagey?!?!  How?!?!?!  I can’t even with this… Ugh, nope, moving on.  

Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara:  Creators in Pack

Yet another series that will probably be dropped halfway through.  Honestly, there’s just nothing that really happens in this series, and I know it’s really hard for anything to happen in a four minute long series, but literally nothing happens.   Wife comes home.  Husband makes her drink.  Wife gets tipsy.  Thank you husband.  I mean the main reason why I’m going to be sticking it out just a bit longer is to keep getting cocktail recipes haha.   

Imouto Sae Ireba Ii:  Sliver Link Studios

Will probably be dropped.  Is it just me or is this series like Silver Link’s answer to A-1′s EroManga Sensei?  Honestly, this show is meh at best so far.  The art is nothing too great, and the story screams EroManga, and since I wasn’t a fan, I really don’t see myself watching more than three episodes.  

Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-Bitch na Ken:  Studio Diomedea

I started watching it with hopes of it doing two things.  One, fill the hole in my heart that was left when Hajimete no Gal ended; and two, explain what the hell a Sho-Bitch is.  In all honestly though, this show is probably going to be dropped.  While the art is generic, the characters are bland and too common; I also the comedy too forced at time and repeatable.  Yes, we understand main waifu really just wants to figure out what Haruka likes, and obviously misinterprets everything, but does that really have to be the joke every single time?

Inuyashiki:  Studio MAPPA

Ah, the latest from Studio MAPPA.  I have one question:  MAPPA, what the fuck?  Let me clarify.  The opening few minutes of the first episode made me feel.  Fuck, I almost started crying.  It was depressing and yet the story was just relatable and beautiful all at the same time.  I was feeling feels I didn’t want to feel.  It really kept true to the Drama tag, which I love.  I’m a sucker for some hardcore drama filled series.  Then… .it got weird.  Some weird like mecha space alien thing weird.  So, again, MAPPA, what the fuck?  Don’t get me wrong here.  I will be continuing to watch this solely because despite the series taking that weird turn, in no way did that make the actual tone any less enjoyable.  Plus, the art style is so unique to the show, I’m curious as to where it can go from here.  

Mahoutsukai no Yome:  Wit Studio

Alright, I’m a fan.  This has to be a contender for Anime of the Season, and we aren’t even three episodes into it yet.  It’s wonderful, and not only one of my favorites from this season so far, but my favorite thing Wit Studio has ever done, (and yes, that just brought me a ton of hate from SnK fans haha).   I can see and agree with the hype this series has had.   Honestly, check it out.  It’s good  and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.  

Blend S:  A-1 Pictures

I found my Moe-Blob for the season, and I’m so happy.  I actually really like this series so far.  It was adorable, and literally just what I want in my seasonal moe-blob.  It’s nothing too driven plot wise, and definitely won’t be anime of the season or anything like that; it’s literally just Cute Girls waitressing in this cute cafe.  Regardless, I’m definitely going to continue to watch it for a bit longer at least.  

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou:  Studio White Fox

Keep your eye on this one this season.  It’s probably going to be the Dark Horse of this season.  In all honestly, I became instantly hooked watching the first episode.  The tone at the start was so eerie and grim that I found myself getting literal goosebumps.   Maybe it’s the high I’m on after the Made in Abyss ending, or just wanting to find something to fill the void that series has left me with, but I’m getting serious MiA vibes.  I’m hoping this series is even half as good as MiA was.  Also, I’m a major fan already of how unique the art is for this show.  

Ousama Game The Animation:  Studio Seven

I’m biased.  Period.  I will be watching this show no matter how terrible it could ever get solely because my favorite Seiyuu is the lead.  Mamoru is a God, and I will watch it religiously every week.  That being said, I can tell you that this show is edgy as fuck, and with it being one of two survival game anime out right now this season, this one is definitely the weaker, edgier of the two.  It is a pretty cool concept though, and I’m already a fan of the survival game concept, that I don’t mind watching this one until the end.  I would also like to warn that this one is definitely gory so if you don’t like that than this isn’t for you.    

Konohana Kitan:  Studio Lerche

CUTE LITTLE FOX GIRLS.  I REPEAT, CUTE LITTLE FOX GIRLS.  Having read the summary for the series prior,and seeing both the Seinen and Shoujo Ai tag on it and that it would be done by Lerche, it became an instant check out at least, and I’m glad I did.  This series is the calming pallet cleanser.  It’s the show where you can turn off your mind and just watch the cuteness.  Plus, did I mention cute little fox girls?  What more do you need?   

Black Clover:  Studio Pierrot

Alright, I’m split in two for this.  Part of me wants me to look at this show for what it is:  a stereotypical shounen series, with decent animation, predictable plot and bad voice acting, if you saw the first episode you’d know what I’m talking about.   This show screams Naruto, Fairy Tail and Bleach rip off; and hell, since I hate Naruto, never got into Bleach, and am still VERY pissed at Fairy Tail, combining the three into one really just makes me both cringe and glare at the screen.   Evil Glare.  A glare that if I could, would totally shoot lasers out and everything.  I mean hell, it’s even done by the same studio as Naruto.  Regardless, the tons and tons of shounen I’ve seen makes me just feel like this is repeating it all.   That’s one part of me.  The other part of me enjoys this show, solely for the fact that my husband LOVES the Black Clover manga, so watching it with him makes me at least want to give it a chance.   I do however doubt it will be as big as people hype it up to be, and if it does get big it will be nowhere near as good quality wise as a lot of other shounens, and will take a lot for me to become a fan.  

Juuni Taisen:  Graphinica

Without a doubt, my favorite from this season.  I’m hooked.  This series has it all:  unique character designs, well executed art, and a killer story line, (pun intended).  Mmmmm this story is wonderful.  It hooks you from the start, which is to be expected since the original source is written by the same original writer for the Monogatari Series.  There’s plot twists and betrayals and just epicness.  It also has one of the best openings and closings of the season.  Side Note:  THE PSYCHOTIC LITTLE USAGI BOY IS BEST BOY AND I WILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE, AND IF HE DOESN’T WIN I WILL RIOT.  

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru:  Washio Sumi no Shou:  Studio Gokumi

When I first saw that Yuki Yuno was getting another season, I was fucking thrilled.  Yuki Yuno was a magical girl series that I fell in love with not only because of the Madoka Magica vibes it had, but because of the beautiful art and animation and vibrant colors it used.  It’s visually stunning.  So, how is the prequel turning out?  Still just as stunning.  In all honestly, I’m going to love this series provided it stays true to the themes and tones of the first season, and if the opening episodes are anything to say about the rest of the series, then I know it will.  Plus, who isn’t up for Magical Girls this season?

Osomatsu-san 2nd Season:  Studio Pierrot

Originally posted by ninjago904

I actually genuinely missed this show.  My gods this show is a gift.  This has to be one of the underapprieciated comedy gems to come out in the recent years, and it fills me with joy knowing that it still shines just like the first season did.  I enjoy watching the episodic skits of everyone’s favorite sextuplets.  Seriously, why have you not started this show?  

Shokugeki no Soma:  J.C.Staff

DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I’VE WAITED TO SEE MY SON KUGA ANIMATED?!!??!  TOO LONG.  This is hands down the best season of Food Wars yet, and we are barely a couple episodes into it.   I love the pacing of this season, and having being a manga reader, I can confirm for you that it’s completely accurate with the manga thus far.  J.C Staff is clearly showing that they still care about Food Wars and aren’t rushing with the season.  Also, thank the gods for the 24 episode season.  THAT’S MORE EPISODES OF MY PRECIOUS KUGA.  

3-Gatsu no Lion 2nd Season:  Studio Shaft

Originally posted by just-to-express-not-impress

I cried.  I fucking cried.  Hard.  My god I missed this series.  Everything about the first episode was fantastic.  The music and animation were spot on, but of course nothing out of the ordinary for the phenomenal Studio Shaft, but what did I love most you ask?  Character Development.  MY FUCKING GOD.  Compare Rei to the start of Season one, and you’d never think it’s the same person.  I can’t stress that enough.  If this first episode is a sign on how amazing the rest of this season is going to be then I’m beyond fucking happy.  This is the series I’ve been waiting for since the start of the year.  

Gintama.  Porori-hen:  Bandai Namco Pictures

Has there ever been like a bad season of Gintama?   Like Ever?  All this season has proved to me is: one, life is boring and dull without Gintama.  Two, Gintama is the king of comedy series.  Three, Gintama is without a doubt one of the greatest series of all time.   This season is hilarious and easily makes me burst out laughing from start to finish.  Thank you Gintama, I’ve truly missed you.  

Ballroom e Youkoso:  Production I.G.

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How is the second half of the season you ask?  *Insert Pouting Face Here*  Fuck you, Chi-chan.  Worst Girl 2017.  THERE I SAID IT.  YEAH, I SAID IT.  WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?  #BRINGBACKBESTGIRL2017  Like, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Tartara has a partner now, but like seriously why her? -.-  Why couldn’t Mako just be his partner forever and they could live happily ever after?  


So, yeah, those are my thoughts so far on the Fall Anime 2017 season.   Let me know yours, and if there is anything I’m not watching, and should be, then please tell me!  I love recommendations, and I already know of a few that I need to pick up… .

this person who had to be in their late 50s-60s was just like “i like what you’re wearing it’s very……… Colorful” as i’m @ my car, @ the grocery store, in a bright red shirt, jeans that are more bleach & rips than fabric, yellow-framed glasses, & a jacket covered in apples, lemons, cherries, limes, etc…

Happy birthday, Gina!

In honor of @twopoppies birthday, I have a very special gift.

Let’s go ahead and start with your favs, Gina…the frayed hem look!

These have bonus bare feet and ankles!

Look how cute! x

Wow. I think he made these himself. V creative how he made one side longer than the other! V v creative. x

Take a long look at this half folded up version! x

Here we have a true cuffed look…x

Now, I think we should sit and admire the jortiest jorts that have ever jorted. Bleached, ripped, with some sort of patterned lining. <3 <3 <3 x

Not enough? Because he’s worn these more than once! You’re welcome! x

But listen…Louis isn’t the only one who has rocked the jorts…x


Let the jorts walk into your heart, Gina. x

Happy Birthday!!

[JIMIN] trains to somewhere


warnings: none, just a bit cute really
words: 1,599
my masterlist can be found here! always open to requests x

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박지민 J I M I N
something about this boy that sits next to you on the train, keeps you thinking about him more
[part one] [part two] [part three] [part four]

Sometimes, you wonder where people are going about their day. Maybe just out for grocery shopping and other daily errands, or perhaps on their way to see someone dear to them for a meal to catch up. Sometimes, you wonder if other people think the same thing. But there’s curiosity within you since you were a child that always leaves you completely intrigued by the doings of people around you.           

So, as you sit on your usual spot on the train into Gangnam, your eyes mostly try to make out the towering buildings speeding past the foggy windows. They drip with condensation in the winter months and a thin layer of white snow lays over everything you can see. However, over the loud music streaming through your ears, you always find yourself looking up as you hear someone new step onto the train.

Normally, your eyes never gaze back to the person stepping onto the train. This time of year, everyone appears flustered from the harsh cold outside and tug their clothes closer to them as they sit down. But this time your eyes linger over the boy who steps onto the train. You find yourself transfixed by his aura as he too pulls the sleeves of his hoodie around his small looking hands. Though you can’t see his face – of which you imagine to be so very incredibly beautiful, most likely to be angelic knowing this boy – you can see the wet strands of darkened hair peeping from his black hoodie. Snowflakes speckle and fall from his hoodie as his hands shake his hair from underneath. Even dressed in ripped bleach jeans and the fact you haven’t even seen his face yet, you are completely certain he’s ethereal. You hear a loud sigh over the beat of your song that you aren’t even paying attention to and it doesn’t take long to realise why. There’s nowhere else for him to sit on the moving carriage - besides next to you. He moves swiftly in the chair next to you and your breath catches itself as you can smell his sweet scent right beside you.

You quietly continue to peek out of the window to the left of you, watching drops of water create a path down the glass. It takes a lot to figure where the boy could be going but you convince yourself he’s an intern somewhere meeting a few friends before he starts. He’s never stepped on this train before with you noticing everyone from the corner of the train. You’re pretty sure you would’ve noticed before if he walked on your daily train into the centre. And if he isn’t distracting enough, he starts fumbling with the black gym bag on his lap, hastily pulling out all the interiors before sighing again, “do you have a pen? It’s important.” 

His rounded brown eyes look directly into your own, briefly scanning your features as if that’ll give him an answer. You, on the other hand, are completely hypnotised. Your voice can’t compare to his earthy voice that easily passes past his lips so smoothly. His lips. They appear plump and are flushed light pink like his full cheeks. “If you don’t respond, I’ll have to ask the elderly lady over there. She doesn’t smell all that pleasant.” His cheek is evident in his voice as he notices you practically gawking at his face. The boy’s eyes crinkle into small half-moons that pulls you back on your feet.

“Oh,” you stifle a small chuckle, “I can save you from that misfortune, she’s sat next to me countless times. Let me just find one.” You can feel the heat rushing to your cheeks, probably as saturated as the small red handbag beside you that you begin searching in. You pulled your earphones out of your ears, “What’s so important?”

His eyes gild from your hand to your face again before responding, “just a few notes. Do you mind if I keep it? I need to make lots of notes today in training for my internship.”

“Consider it a gift,” you say lightly, zipping your bag to face him. Both of you find yourself grinning at one another before he begins to scrawl countless notes on a small fold of paper with the watermark BigHit in a faint grey. Once again you were taken away by this boy. Did he work as an intern at BigHit? You knew how hard from experience it was to become an organiser for the k-pop stars. It had taken ages for your application to be processed and the stress from it led you to getting a temporary job elsewhere that you despised. But you couldn’t be envious of this boy, his enthusiasm must have made it easy for him to work there.

“What do you do at BigHit?” you questioned, “event organiser? stylist for the stars? Ooo! Are you a star?! Can you imagine? It must be really exhausting work, but I can see it being worth it. I’m not really up on the groups and artists but gosh it looks good.”

There was a loud giggle from the boy next to you and he slipped the paper in his hoodie pocket after your ramble and interview. “It’s worth it but yes, some of the dance routines and schedules are tiring. Right now, we’re practising constantly for our comeback.”

“Well fuck,” you cursed under your breath, completely embarrassed, “I’m sorry that I have no idea who you are!”

“Sometimes I prefer the simplicity of that,” he mentioned kindly. From there, for the rest of the journey you couldn’t stop talking. He spoke happily of his childhood in Busan and his journey to becoming a known artist. You briefly told him of your childhood and your goals to achieve many things. His politeness and interest made you content but you were convinced that his lifestyle was so much better than your own. 

“You look cold,” he commented. And again, his eyes scanned you, concerned by the way you were hugging your bare arms slightly. The train wasn’t exactly cold, but the look of the snow outside made you shake.

“Only slightly, don’t worry. I didn’t plan for it to snow this morning,” you giggled with a quick shiver. His face softened quickly and without hesitating he slipped his hoodie over his head and shoved it towards you. 

“An exchange for the pen; given the circumstance, you are most worth it.” He gave a toothy grin, revealing a dimple on the right side of his lips that made it impossible for you to decline his offer. All you could do was return a bright smile before bringing up another conversation with him. This time a jokingly intense debate about that best places in Gangnam to get kimchi. 

Even though you wished for more precious time with the black-haired boy, you knew this was just a fluke to speak to such a sweet person and end up with a new hoodie to add to your collection. You don’t think you’ve ever been blessed to get to know such a nice soul on your train journey to work. The elderly lady a few seats behind the two of you clearly can’t compare to him. Your cheeks ached from all the smiling, but your grin faltered when the train halted at the stop you knew was right near BigHit. You saw the boy you’ve spent the past 10 stops chatting to swiftly pull his gym bag over his shoulders and step up from the seat he claimed not long ago. You gave him a small longing look, hoping he wanted to at least get your name as much as you wanted to know his. But there was a breathy, “I hope to see you really soon!” before his frame stepped off the train and behind the foggy windows he became a small black blob that moved away to go about his day. 

As the train started clonking as it moved along the track, you wondered if that was all it took to get to know someone who could impact your life so heavily. You already felt like you needed to experience his high-pitched laugh again and his bright smile. You wondered if he thought the same thing. Now with no company, your stop seemed to arrive much slower but you were happy as you stepped onto the platform near work today. Thinking him as just another person you’d encountered on the train was difficult and you found yourself pulling the black hoodie over your head and searching in the pocket for your headphones. A distracting waft of the same sweet smell overwhelmed you. The smell was enough to forget everything else around you for it was his hoodie, that was on you. Inside the large pocket was your pen and his crumpled slip of paper. Your lips curled upwards as you laughed at how stupid this boy was. Curious as ever, you took the slip of paper with scribbled writing into your icy cold hands before scanning it. His writing was in no way neat, but at least it was eligible, right? Show choreography for made for choreography, buy Taehyung Gucci for his birthday – possibly more slides since he always is in need of more pairs, tell hyungs of the gorgeous girl on the train (sorry Namjoon, I didn’t get her name) 

From then on, you walk to work wondering if you’ll ever see him again so you can tell him his name – for Namjoon’s sake. From then on, you wonder if he ever wonders the same thing. There’s a simplicity to that that makes you sigh lightly as you get on with your day. But this day was no usual one.

much love xx

anonymous asked:

Would it be Ok to request some h/c of Shuuhei, Renji and Ichigo with a small, chubby s/o?

It absolutely is okay to request that! FIRST OF ALL, ALL OF THESE BOYS END UP BEING AROUND 6’ TALL. AND I HAVE A WEAKNESS FOR TOLS WITH SMOLS. I feel personally attacked. Also, if you want more headcanons for specific characters, please feel free to send in another ask!

Shuhei Hisagi

  • Piggy back rides! It’ll make Shuhei blush across his entire body, but, he cannot deny a request like that and they’re small enough that it’s not any trouble, especially if he ends up working late and they fall asleep at the office? Piggyback ride home. If they’re awake, pressing kisses into the back of his neck and behind his ears will make him even redder and stutter out conversation.
  • Has invested in step ladders, mostly out of fear of his s/o, because, as short people are wont to do, climbing on any available surface to reach things that are too high up is more of a challenge than a deterrent, and if Shuhei came home to find them precariously balancing on a chair and a stack on unsteady books ONE MORE TIME he was certain he was going to have a heart attack.

Renji Abarai

  • Totally the boyfriend who rests his chin/arm on their much smaller s/o’s body, ESPECIALLY if it irritates them. He likes to watch their faces turn a bright red color and get flustered at the attention and then as soon as they make a fuss, he’s there to apologize and kiss them breathless. Definitely worth it. S/O just make fun of how gangly he looks, it’ll shut him up and you’ll have the greatest revenge for when he tries it again.
  • S/O cannot escape nighttime cuddles – once the two of them are in bed for the night, they’re prepared to basically be wrapped up by Renji’s obnoxiously long limbs. At first, they tried to fight them off, but soon realized that their attempts were futile, because as soon as they managed to pry one off of them, the other one had already returned to around their body – definitely exasperating and endearing. Pro Tip: Just shove cold feet against his legs, he’ll wake up and they can try to build a pillow wall. Again. For the fifteenth time this month.

Ichigo Kurosaki

  • S/O’s lap and stomach are prime napping spots – long day of classes or out killing Hollows? This boy is going to curl up with them and just bask in how soft they are. Their fingers trace across the planes of his face, and as soon as they start, Ichigo is immediately out, he’s sort of like a cat that way. 
  • If s/o is at all insecure about themselves, Ichigo will literally be the first person there to tell them that it’s ridiculous to feel that way because they’re beautiful, and it doesn’t matter that they don’t match society’s standards – he knows the feeling, and he’ll beat anyone up who dares try to make fun of them. RIP.
Loved >> Jungkook

► I try at this angsty stuff, Player Kook 

► 491 words  

► Sorry if there are grammar mistakes ;-; Don’t hate me

He was the one you loved.

He was the boy with the ripped jeans and bleached hair. He was the one in a band, the one that had all those piercings. He was the one your mom told to avoid, yet you couldn’t.

You were the girl with the good grades. The one that had her life set out on a golden road. You were the one that had this idea of a perfect life; where you will find the perfect boyfriend, have perfect wedding, the perfect family. But he, he entered your life and wrecked down those dreams, rebuilt his own, and you didn’t bother stopping him.

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—Neymar Imagine: Good Intentions—

“Calm down!” my friend yelled over the phone.

“I can’t Julia! I don’t know what’s going on?” I replied, scrolling frantically through my boyfriend’s Instagram for evidence to confirm his infidelity.

“Exactly,” she bit out. “You don’t know what’s going on. So before you start assuming things why don’t you just ask him about it?”

I laughed. “Ask him?” I asked rhetorically. “I can’t just ask him!”

There was a long pause over the phone and before I went to speak to break the silence, Julia cut me off. “Why can’t you talk to him about this y/n? You sound ridiculous. I mean, isn’t that what couples do in relationships? Talk about things?”

“But this is me accusing him of being unfaithful,” I replied. “I don’t know how he’d respond to that. There has to be an easier way to figure this out.”

“Easy… as in talking to him,” she insinuated.

I rolled my eyes aggressively. “Sometimes talking about things isn’t the easiest way Julia.”

“What did he even do?” she asked, ignoring my response.

“He’s been hanging out with that Sportscaster a lot lately,” I replied. “I feel like every time I talk to him, he’s with her and when he’s not hanging out with her, he’s being interviewed by her. It doesn’t help that he hasn’t been home much, and when he is, he’s quiet. It’s like he doesn’t seem romantically interested in me anymore, and I can’t help but wonder if she’s the reason for it all.”

I heard her let out a breath of frustration on the other end of the phone. “I think you’re overthinking the situation.”

“So you expect me to believe his change in behavior is merely a coincidence?”

“They were friends growing up y/n. Neymar has been in the spotlight a lot lately with winning gold at the Olympics and playing for the World Cup qualifiers! She just so happens to be covering it because she’s a Sportscaster, a very successful Sportscaster. They cross paths professionally and keep in touch personally. Yes, you’re overthinking it,” she said, trying to calm me.

“I don’t know Julia. I don’t think…”

The door slamming cut me off mid-sentence. “I think he’s here. Text you later.”

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High & Dry *Smut Warning*

“Alright. So Melanie you’re going to rush in and kiss Harry. Harry, you’re going to act surprised and then fall into sync with Mel. Let’s try doing the lines before the kiss this time, yeah? Everyone ready?”

I sigh when Christopher starts talking about the kiss. I’ve been dreading this scene since Harry came home with his script. I wanted to gauge Chris’ eyes out when I found out.

 I can remember our conversation clearly.

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