rip-bleach is probably my all time favorite place to shop!
here’s some clothes i’m planning on getting soon!

top 5 tops:

  1. CUPCAKES print shirt
  2. Floral Crop Tank Top
  3. Round Neck Camouflage T-shirt
  4. Trees Print Crop Tank Top
  5. Green Ombre 99 Print T-Shirt

top 5 shorts/jeans:

  1. Black Slim Pockets Denim Pant 
  2. Blue High Waist Fringe Denim Shorts
  3. Blue Skinny Ripped Denim Pant
  4. Blue Ripped Flange Denim Shorts
  5. Blue Ripped Bleached Slim Denim Pant

top 5 dresses:

  1. Black White Sleeveless Striped Bodycon Dress 
  2. Grey Halter Backless Bodycon Dress
  3. White Sleeveless High Low Striped Dress
  4. Grey Round Neck Zipper Slim Bodycon Dress
  5. Black Short Sleeve Bodycon Dress

top 5 shoes:

  1. Black Chunky High Heel Hidden Platform Casual Boots 
  2. Black Snakeskin Pattern Flats
  3. Black High Heel Hidden Platform Pumps
  4. Black Buckle Zipper High Heel Sandals
  5. Black Thick-soled Eyes Print Flats

[click here for my fashion haul video!]

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sangxfroid asked:  talk to me about his different voices. his inner thoughts voice, his speaking voice, his reading voice etc. does his voice / speech patterns change depending on who he’s speaking to? why or why not? how does it change if it does ?

          URYUU DOES INDEED have many different voices. speaking in a normal setting, he has a deeper than average voice, which most people who have spoken to him would likely find quite audibly appealing. despite that, he is somewhat monotonous, though it’s largely due to the fact he often seems distasteful and bored. his voice can, however, become quite animated when the scene allows for it. it can also carry quite nicely when he yells. when he hears himself speak, or in his mind, he believes he sounds “cool and villainous.” around others, that’s how he tries to come off, and is often successful, though when speaking to ichigo his syllables become blunt and rounded by annoyance. orihime is likely the only one who’s heard the softer tones of his voice.