Archibald Alexander Leach, a.k.a. Cary Grant || January 18, 1904 – November 29, 1986

“Cary was a lovely, very generous actor. A good comedian. And so funny. He had a wonderful laugh. When you looked at that face of his, it was full of a wonderful kind of laughter in the back of the eyes.”

-Katharine Hepburn

“I am a profound admirer of Cary’s. He was eager for everyone to have what was coming to him. There was no upstaging. Quite the opposite. He would give you your moment. He was always laughing and great to work with- so friendly and receptive. But after a while you realized he was a little… shy isn’t the right word… reticent. Cary had a polite sort of reticence.”

-Ralph Bellamy

“He made me feel though I were the most interesting and witty person. He had that unique ability to make you feel as though you were the only person in the room.”

-Elizabeth Taylor


1 year since Paul Walker’s death: September 12th 1973 - November 30th 2013

Rest in peace angel,you are truly missed.


R.I.P. Tyrone Power

Born Tyrone Edmund Power, Jr.

May 5, 1914 – November 15, 1958

“Ty was everybody’s favorite person, and all agreed that he was that great rarity – a man who was just as nice as he seemed to be. With his flashing good looks, graceful carriage, and easy laughter, it was no surprise that he was a Pied Piper to women – they followed him in droves wherever he went – but Ty was a simple person, with a great down-to-earthness and modesty about himself.”

-David Niven

“He takes great pride in what he does. He’s a very nice star actually. He doesn’t make trouble. He isn’t temperamental. Those who work with him- executives and members of his company and crew adore him: Talk among themselves of his sweetness and wish sometimes that, for his own good, he was less sweet. But this, I am sure, will never be. For, however he grows, the fundamental strains I have known in him never alter.”

-Elsa Maxwell

“Truth be told, I think my father would not only like to be remembered as a great actor, but also as the wonderful, warm, human being that he was. He really was special.”

-Romina Power


the four princes who stand with Soo. 

                                                            (and the one who won’t.)


Ava Lavinia Gardner (24 December 1922- 25 January 1990 )

[on why she acted] The answer I usually gave was, “For the loot, honey, always for the loot,” and there was more truth than poetry in that remark. I had to do something and I didn’t know how to do anything else.

She had this natural poignancy and her feelings ran very deep. To my mind she developed into a fine actress. I’ve been telling her that for years, and she always waves it off.”- Gregory Peck

She was a real good dame.”- Lena Horne

That’s it. I’m dead. I have officially found the CUTEST gif EVER of Jimmy 


If you don’t think James Dean is the most adorable human being to ever have existed, then I don’t wont to associate with you. Sorry, I’m not sorry.