Ava Lavinia Gardner (24 December 1922- 25 January 1990 )

[on why she acted] The answer I usually gave was, “For the loot, honey, always for the loot,” and there was more truth than poetry in that remark. I had to do something and I didn’t know how to do anything else.

She had this natural poignancy and her feelings ran very deep. To my mind she developed into a fine actress. I’ve been telling her that for years, and she always waves it off.”- Gregory Peck

She was a real good dame.”- Lena Horne


Archibald Alexander Leach, a.k.a. Cary Grant || January 18, 1904 – November 29, 1986

“Cary was a lovely, very generous actor. A good comedian. And so funny. He had a wonderful laugh. When you looked at that face of his, it was full of a wonderful kind of laughter in the back of the eyes.”

-Katharine Hepburn

“I am a profound admirer of Cary’s. He was eager for everyone to have what was coming to him. There was no upstaging. Quite the opposite. He would give you your moment. He was always laughing and great to work with- so friendly and receptive. But after a while you realized he was a little… shy isn’t the right word… reticent. Cary had a polite sort of reticence.”

-Ralph Bellamy

“He made me feel though I were the most interesting and witty person. He had that unique ability to make you feel as though you were the only person in the room.”

-Elizabeth Taylor

Vik’s depressing bio

(( mun: vik is really the real definition of depression but he secretly still wants everyone’s luv rip my bb boi )) 

(( also art made by mun pls don’t h8 i know its terrible ))

Name: Soviet Union//USSR(Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)//“CCCP” 

(( mun: basically when Russia was under revolutionary time but he woke from hell now look at him dead in the eye ))

Human name: Viktor Braginsky

Gender: Male

Age: 100 years old (( this year o-o well it was then the revolution broke out ))

Birthday: 1922 (1917)

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Crimson 

Height: 6'6 and Tol 

Official Languages: Russian 

Other Languages:  Abaza, Adyghe, Altai, Bashkir, Buryat, Chechen, Cherkess, Chuvash, Crimean, Erzya, Ingush, Kabardian, Kalmyk, Karachay-Balkar, Karachay-Cherkessia, Khakas, Komi, Hill Mari, Moksha, Nogai, Ossetic, Tatar, Tuvаn, Udmurt, UkrainianIndo-European, YakutTurkic. (( i know i was on wikipedia and this came up and i was like wow dis lot of shit help jesus o-o ))

Appearance: Viktor’s appearance is similar to his 1p, Ivan but you could say the colours are the opposite from each other. His dark brown hair is that perfect bed hair (( that everyone wants and admires, yes that is true but he is mine so do not touch my bb )), crimson eyes and a little brown birthmark on his right cheek. He wears a big black coat that reaches down to his knees with kind of a red outline to it, and some black trousers and boots underneath. He also of course wears a scarf that is red since that first of all covers his deep scar on his neck and also red is the colour of his flag (( I don’t know if that’s correct because I just made that up.. sorry )). He also loves to wear a black sweater with his vibrant red scarf. 

Personality: He is quite dark and the complete opposite from his 1p. He tends to act all stone cold (( just like me wow )), dark and gloomy all the time and is slightly depressed you could say. His childhood wasn’t the greatest one and had a great impact on him as an adult. He is also portrayed as the stoic, quiet type. He does not speak often, usually preferring not to speak at all. He is portrayed as serious and mature.

Interests: He likes to be alone, sitting in his gigantic mansion on his big throne being served by the Baltic trio. He also likes to fright people with his bloody pipe, like always… he also secretly loves smol kids, absolutely not in a pedophilic way, he just wants love like everyone else but he tends to hide it. Deep inside he knows that he wants to even become a father someday. 

Pet: бурый медведь(brown bear). Yes, Vik has a little baby bear at his home and when he is sitting on his couch watching something, the bear tends to be very clingy and wants to cuddle all the time, so he jumps on Vik’s lap and starts to roll into a ball so he can get cuddles.

Why the heck hasn’t Bellarke gotten together yet, a Meta.

So here’s a meta I never thought I would write, cause everyone is always so caught up on the “behind the scenes” (aka jason, eliza, etc interviews)that they miss what the show is saying (screaming)

And to prove I’m not crazy, here is the reason why i’m writing this in the first place:

So there you go, @ivthegreatest​, as promised this meta is for you (i LOVE YOU for questioning this).

So without further ado, let’s discuss Bellarke’s development and their obstacles.

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