I became a Linkin Park Soldier seven years ago, with the songs Papercut and In The End. Chester was such a talented person that he expressed all the emotions we felt in his songs. He became a voice for the ones who cannot express themselves. I am so sad since yesterday, when Talking To Myself music video was released, I made a gif and tweeted it to Chester so that he could see and reply to me for the first time. Bu he could not. I cannot believe we have a world without him now. I do not want to. You will always be remembered with your funny moments, amazing speeches and of course, with your marvelous songs. I will miss you Chaz. I hope you are better wheverever you are now.  Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to make new friends who are now a part of my life. Rest in peace 💜
20.03.1976 - ∞

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joots with a short s/o that likes to try to sneak kisses but it mostly unsuccessful

I hope these are okay!

  • Jotaro tends to get wrapped up in his work, so he can be pretty oblivious to his s/o’s advances- especially given that they’re about level with his chest, so they’re not really within his view unless he’s making a point to look at them. There were a few times at the start of the relationship where his s/o stretched up for a kiss, only to have him walk right past without realizing what they’d been going for. His s/o assumes this is because he’s not used to relationships and doesn’t know how to respond.
  • His s/o is wrong. He literally did not see them.
  • After this happens a few times, his s/o will realize that he’s quite literally overlooking them- so instead of doing something obvious, like asking for kisses, they decide to just wait for when he’s settled in at his desk or something. They’re always bringing him coffee or food, so he wouldn’t think anything of it if they stepped into the room. The next time they bring him something to eat, they lean over to kiss him as they set the plate on his desk- only for him to slam his forehead into their face as he looks up. Okay, so this was probably not the best idea.
  • Okay, next step; early-morning or late-night kisses, when he’s tired. It’s probably not quite what they wanted- they would’ve preferred he return these affections in some way- but whatever, it’s cute and they get to kiss him, so it’s fine. It’s not uncommon for him to sleep on the couch in his office instead of making his way to their shared bed, so the next time he shows signs of doing so, his s/o’s quick to suggest he come to bed with them. It’s late, he’s been working for so long- it takes a lot of begging, but he finally agrees. As he sluggishly moves to get out of his chair, his s/o takes the chance to lean forward and brush their lips against his. He falters for a moment, settling back in his chair and just staring at his s/o with a look of both confusion and amusement. “What the hell was that about? Don’t tell me you’re lonely- it hasn’t been that long since we last saw each other.” His s/o sighs at this, but doesn’t elaborate, instead continuing to usher him to bed.
  • Over the next few days, his s/o notices that he starts responding a bit better. They keep stretching up for kisses at random times out of habit, and he’s finally started noticing and indulging them- it’s rarely anything long or intense, but the fact that he’s making an active effort to notice and return their affection is more than enough.

R.I.P Chester Bennington. Thank you for creating your music. Thank you for sharing your art. The impact of your lyrics will remain with us. Every song you’ve left us with is another reason to miss you. May you live on through the lyrics and continue to help people going through tough times, like you did with me