The Canticle of Exaltations: Prophecy Breakdown Edition

So by now some of y’all might know I just can’t help myself when it comes to Thedosian lore. It’s partially why Bioware owns my soul. This post is going to theorize about the future of the Dragon Age series through the lens of a part of the Chant of Light called the Canticle of Exaltations. No, I’m not exactly pro-Chantry. So why this?

I think Exaltations hints at things to come in DA4 and way beyond, once you remove the Chantrification (that’s totally a real word). Including…

  • The removal of the Veil and Mythal’s return
  • all hell (Fade) breaking loose
  • Balance restored?

As always, I claim no special insight. Take everything here with a grain of salt. Also this post is long. Very long. As in I break down an entire canticle stanza by stanza type long. Continue forth at your discretion. Or, if you want, skip to the end, where there be predictions and a tl;dr.

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Avenged Sevenfold wishes Jimmy a happy birthday on twitter  

 Happy birthday Jimmy!                                                                                            We love and miss you. You were a legend and your smile was contagious.  You continue to put smiles on everyone’s faces even if you’re not here with us.  We’ll always love you! Happy birthday Jimmy Sullivan <3 

❤ Gone but never forgotten  ❤ 


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