I survived jaebum’s and jinyoung’s teaser only because they were alone but now we’re going to get jjp’s teaser photos, jaebum and jinyoung together, inventors of love and friendship, the mother and father of got5, actual soulmates breathing the same air in one photo and you know what that means…..

Another legend has passed away. June Foray was one of the most distinguished, versatile and prolific voice actresses who ever lived and she worked until the very end. 99 years just wasn’t long enough. Thank you for making generations of children laugh, smile and cry. I know my childhood was made so much more delightful by her work. Thank you for all the wonderful memories, inspiration, trailblazing and decades of joy you’ve brought us all.


RIP June Foray (September 18, 1917–July 26, 2017)

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are you even human¿¿ how are you apart of so many blogs and always have quality content omg i stan a superhuman don't i

bxksnfkdk ahhh! ;0; me a superhuman?!? im not anything special ;; jdkwjf im shook! who are you you absolute sweeheart and lovely person idk why you stan me but I’m so grateful and i might cry because that’s the sweetest thing ever ahh thank you i love you anon ;u;

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If you say ur okay... then I'll stop talking about it. ANYWAYS, I wanted to tell u that I played "Mysterious Message" at my uncle's b-day party yesterday and he liked the song;; And he asked more about it;; And I ended up telling him about MM and everything (obviously trying not to activate the weird fangirl mode) and he's now seriously planning to play the game =_= What have I done to my uncle...?




I know it’s been some time, and that a lot are still in pain from Chester’s untimely passing. I know there are, and always will be, people struggling out there, famous or not. A lot of us, at least from my friend group, were impacted by Linkin Park and their music since as long as we can remember. I speak for myself, I suppose. There’s this hashtag going around on Twitter about Chester. And, well… this is my tribute. Linkin Park helped me through a lot. They still do. So… here’s to you, Chester, and Linkin Park. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.