rip off records


When you need to deal with a nest of spiders, then just NERF THIS 

i’m watching an mst3k ep someone ripped off a vhs tv recording and they’ve paused during the adbreaks so this was only on screen for 2 seconds but i feel like it is an aesthetic i want on my blog

i know the way the heart works.

there’s four chambers and a valve.
the heart is shaped like a house.

i used to leave keys for strangers.

it’s warm inside.
you look cold.
and i’m lonely.

the robbing should come as no surprise.

mostly household items.
a bottle of perfume i’ll never be able to wear again.
a song ripped off a record.
the back of a pair of earrings.
but i still feel the absence like a phantom grip.

i woke up today with you in bed.
and how you looked at me scared me.

it wasn’t because i knew that the room would be cleaned out by the time we were done.

it’s just that - i don’t remember giving you a key.

—  the heart is a house

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