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George Harrison, Saturday Night Live, 20 November 1976

Photo: Richard E. Aaron

The following is an archived interview from India Today, published on 31 December 1976.

India Today, 31 December 1976

“Why turn to the West?”

I love India because the ancient traditions remain: George Harrison

“I’ve cum here to do things, don’t have to do any interviews.“ George Harrison’s mid-Atlantic Liverpudlian accent firmly ruled out all meetings with the Press during his recent stay at Bombay’s Taj Mahal hotel. The 33-year-old ex-Beatle still sells records for the millions (his latest album "33 1/3“ is currently high on the USA’s charts), but manages to do so with a rare minimum of live appearances and an almost paranoid hatred of all publicity. Nevertheless, he finally relented, and in an hour-long exclusive interview agreed to talk to India Today about the Beatles, India and his personal life-style.

India Today: George, do you see yourself as having got off the pop-star merry-go-round?

Harrison: My God, yes! It was such a strain having to live up to people’s conceptions of the Beatles and not be able to do what I really wanted to do. I’m not knocking it - man, I’ve done it all: got drunk, fooled around, done crazy things and had a great time. But that’s not where it’s at. It’s O.K. for a while, but finally you want something deeper. I think that we all ought to increase our God-consciousness and try and find a purpose in life.

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i’m watching an mst3k ep someone ripped off a vhs tv recording and they’ve paused during the adbreaks so this was only on screen for 2 seconds but i feel like it is an aesthetic i want on my blog

i know the way the heart works.

there’s four chambers and a valve.
the heart is shaped like a house.

i used to leave keys for strangers.

it’s warm inside.
you look cold.
and i’m lonely.

the robbing should come as no surprise.

mostly household items.
a bottle of perfume i’ll never be able to wear again.
a song ripped off a record.
the back of a pair of earrings.
but i still feel the absence like a phantom grip.

i woke up today with you in bed.
and how you looked at me scared me.

it wasn’t because i knew that the room would be cleaned out by the time we were done.

it’s just that - i don’t remember giving you a key.

—  the heart is a house

i LOVE this record. more ppl should listen to this band

HOT NEW MEXICANS - Wah - Unfortunately, HNM are going to slip into the ether of early-to-mid 00′s indie punk that goes largely unappreciated, but they wrote amazing songs. This record is no exception. Just about everything they did was golden. “When you wake up, do you expect it to be any better? Me too.” If you ever wanna see pure abandon, true tears and beautiful moments, get a time machine and transport yourself to one of their hometown shows in 2005 in a little farmhouse in a field in rural Mississippi. 

HOT NEW MEXICANS - Well….Um..Er…Ah - They gave me a copy of this and I let it melt on the dashboard of the van…while I was on tour with them. I’m a dick. Now, I have a back up copy and their “display” copy from tour that still has a price tag on it. I always told them that their name was fucking stupid and that no one would ever pay attention to them because of it. I’m a dick. “The Great Unpaid” is one of their best songs. 

HUNCHBACK - Inside / Out - I only have this because it came inside of a used LP I bought somewhere. I was never into this band, but I can understand why people like them. It just reminds me of when your friends stop being pissed about the world and just write classic rock. Oh, just realized the dude from this band is one of the people who joined SCREECHING WEASEL after his whole band dumped him. Cool move, dawg. It’s for sale.  For 50 cents. Plus shipping. 

HUSKER DU - Eight Miles High - This is possibly one of my least favorite HUSKER DU records, but I’m gonna hold onto it because I love the band. I feel like this record grows on trees. It’s in every record store and there are 48 copies of it for sale on Discogs right now. Why are there so many copies of this?

THE INFECTIONS - Kill For You - Post- RIP OFF’S band and the last good band some of these guys were in. SF garage rock. Good use of minor chords. 

THE REDS - Yeah, I just got this one because I’m kind of a MARKED MEN completist, but I don’t really like this record when you really get down to it. Also, if I was really a completist, I would have way more REDS records, right? This is like the MARKED MEN if they were more of a punk band. I’m selling it. 

REPLICA - Demo Flexi - Flexis are such a joke, but I love REPLICA and I love their demo, so I got this. 5 songs packed onto one side of a record. One of the best hardcore bands in Oakland. I can’t believe the New York Times wrote about them.  

REPLICA - Strings - The shortest band in hardcore. Still REPLICA. Still ruling. On “Big Black Boots”, I appreciate using “AAAACCCCKKKK” as a lyric and I always hear the last line as “…and you’re white!!”, even though its not. 

REPLICA - Beast - Living up to its name, this one is a beast of a record. Probably the most fully realized and polished record by them. Best bass tone. I hope they start playing shows again soon so I can watch their singer Dharma mow down idiot dudes in the pit. 

THE RETARD BEATERS - Pulling Jive - I used to live with these fools and when they set up their only tour, the singer was calling around for shows using a fake band name, understandably, because she was embarrassed of it. These songs still sound really good to me, all out of tune and shoddy and barely held together. I might be their biggest fan. (interested in finding other fans of this band) (not really…don’t contact me)

REVOLUCION X - I tracked down this record after hearing this song in a documentary and deciding its one of the best punk songs in the history of the world. The insert has a lot of info about the EZLN in Spanish, French and English. The other songs pale in comparison to that one that I bought it for, but they are not bad by any stretch of the imagination. It’s more in the hardcore vein than anthemic punk. I’ll never let this record go. 

Random Record Workout 10 inch special part 2

Ok, ok, ok, so I had so much fun with the one ten inch battle, I thought I would do another. My record collection is not currently organized/entirely accessible. Additionally, it wouldn’t be very “random” if I excluded half of my collection, now would it? But I DO have access to all of my 10" records. So why not battle those? In the world of vinyl, the ten inch is a very special and storied piece. It is basically, a larger ( and better sounding, litterally) version of a 7" single. You can usually fit a few more songs, and make it into a true EP without sacrificing sound quality. Plus they just look really cool. I LOVE ten inches. They are even easier to store! But they are far more rare. The ten inch was originally supposed to be an improvement over the existing technology, but was quickly improved upon again and consequently discarded by most standards. Sort of like beta max vs VHS tapes. Anyhow, the ten inch still exists, and it is super cool in my opinion…so I will pit two 10 inches from my collection against each other, and all the regulation rules still apply. “He who burns the most calories per song wins”.

New Bomb Turks: Drunk on Cock
The Problematics: Blown Out

New Bomb Turks: Drunk on Cock
Side A: American Soul Spiders/ Grounded Ex-Patriot
Side B: Tall Order/ This Place Sucks/ Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

New Bomb Turks are one of those bands that come along once in a blue moon. They have an EXCELLENT understanding of rock and roll history…both where it has been and where it is going, and they are doing everything in their power to get it back on track. Never one to shy away from an obscure cover, often times, in fact, enhancing it. Also, never afraid to shell out a powerful riff. This band is high energy plus, plus , plus!
You get five screaming guitar filled punches in the gut on this one. Even some slower grinding ones, like “Grounded Ex-patriot”. Still rocking though, as only NBT know how to power chord do. “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” You ask? Not me, as this is a punk rock song about Elizabeth Taylor. I’ll bet you didn’t see that one coming did you? Side A carries out a full on military theme, and the B side…well, let’s just say when NBT is involved, the B sides certainty are not throwaways. You even get a cover of The Queers’ “This Place Sucks”-a punk classic! As if you need even MORE reason, it’s all laid out for you on grape purple wax, baby! This is the Turks at their absolute peak!

The Problematics: Blown Out
Side A: Here We Come/ Everything'sGonna Be All right/ Punk Girl (unlisted bonus!) / Teenage Kicks
Side B: You Make Me Lose My Cool/ I Guess I’m Not Cool Enough For You/ Real Rock ‘N Roll Don’t Come From New York

I would like to feel that I witnessed something special with this band. They are Indiana home grown after all. I even had to chance to record with one of the members as an engineer on one of my bands first records. They were a blip on the radar, a small rash on the arm or even a common 2 week cold as far a timeline would be concerned. Lasting from approximatly 1996-1999 I believe. I only witnessed them live a handful of times, but my f#@&ing God, could this band rock! Garage rock to be exact. And executed on a level so grand, you would think they invented it. It was an event not to be missed for sure…wether it was the Sitcom, or Club Knowhere…(hell, I was AT the show the front cover photo was taken at and have some very similar pics in my personal collection) these dudes tore you a new one and you loved them for it. They knew their roots, too…I mean they do a Gizmos cover for crying out loud! Instant rock and roll anthem party time smash hits!! Get anything and Everything (which wasn’t much) they did. This is one of the bands that sealed the deal for me that I wanted to play live rock and roll for as long as blood flows through my veins. Simple, chaos and harmony all at once in a gruff, but firm 4 chord blitz. A plus plus, and a-mazing! Highest possible recommendations / accolades for these cats. After you hear a song like “Kids all suck”, you will say the same. (Sorry, song not present here)

The NBT took 11 minutes to blitz through 5 songs and burn 86 calories. A nice little 17.2 calories per song, and 7.82 calories per minute. The Problematics took their sweet time (16 minutes) to run through 7 songs and burn 123 calories in the process. They burned a total 17.57 calories per tune, and 7.69 calories per minute. Looks like more problems for the problematics, and the New Bomb Turks are the New 10 inch Champs!

New bomb turks: American Soul Spiders

The Problematics: I Guess I’m Not Cool Enough for you