Gotta admit I’m kind of mad that back in season 1 the fandom cranked out art and meta of Keith being outright attacked or threatened by team members as part of a galra keith reveal but now that Allura, who experienced an incredibly traumatic loss and reacts accordingly, the fandom is lining up to aggressively rip on her because how dare she be skeptical of the Marmorans and her trust in Keith being damaged and Hunk actively points out hey it maybe has something to do with the literal destruction of her entire species and home planet that’s not something you get over in ten seconds.

As if, y’know.

Considering this:

And this:

would tell us that Allura probably grew up with most of her life as Zarkon as a family friend at minimum and quite probably a surrogate uncle figure. Someone she trusted, and was very close to, who just, incidentally, went on to kill her father and destroy every single planet in her solar system.

It isn’t as if the writers of the show specifically timed it so that Allura and Keith’s distance happened after s2e6 where we see that Allura pretty unambiguously trusted Keith with her life, in which case she was probably not having a visceral “ew, Galra” reaction as much as taking home the realization that once again there is someone that she genuinely trusts, feels close to, who is also a paladin, in the context of the last time this happened, she lost everything, and shutting Keith off and trying to bury that reaction because she also understands as Keith’s boss she’s responsible for him and shouldn’t hold that against him but trauma is not rational.

It isn’t as if in regards to the Marmorans, Allura agrees to go along with their plan as soon as Kolivan presents it, even if that means sending off all of her allies including Coran and leaving her alone on the castleship with Antok and Kolivan who are both twice her size and armed.

But. yeah. Clearly Allura isn’t making any leap of faith here. It isn’t like the last time galra were on the castle, Sendak’s invasion subtly messed up the systems in such a way that nearly killed her entire team and forced her to destroy Alfor’s AI. It isn’t as if she’d have every reason not to let Kolivan and Antok stay on the ship, much less count on them to watch her back in a fight considering they did something while Shiro and Keith were on the base to make the Red Lion flip into fight mode.

Also like… because everyone else had absolutely no reservations and welcomed the Blade with open arms, right.

TL;DR: Maybe remember Allura is some degree of traumatized and that she also made every concession she possibly could in spite of that, remember that Hunk in s2e9 points out exactly why Allura is upset and suggests she just needs some time and space to work through what are probably some deeply upsetting emotions, and how later Allura proves Hunk completely right on all counts in that regard.

RIP Club Penguin, 3/30/17.

You shall be missed. And so the beginning of a new era,  “Club Penguin Island” starts, now. Along with the tremendous loss in stupid parent’s wallets.

But wait- 

And as expected, you literally have to pay for everything. EVERYTHING. I hope this app fails epicly, and the creators will learn from their mistakes. 



why you should check out club penguin rewritten

- free memberships. for everyone.

- it’s club penguin out of 2009-2010 (that’s when cp hit its prime, imo)

- the creators are fellow fans, so they want what we want. they are motivated by love of the game, not their own financial interests.

- the parties are all of the old favourites. so far there has been the puffle party, mountain expedition, st patrick’s day party, and currently the april fools party!

- the community is great. people actually talk on here, act in plays, make friends. it’s not full of igloo promotions and boring parties like cp was before it closed.


I recorded the last minute of Club Penguin!

I’ll miss it dearly!

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Sirs, ma'ams, nonbinary pals, this is Angus. I'm a very capable boy and the world's greatest detective, and I feel it would be nice to maybe have a little more respect? What I'm trying to say is, Taako, sir, please give me my books back, not to be rude but anyone would see through this bullshiyjuhjjn