On days when thin rain falls like today,
I remember your shadow. 
Our memories that I secretly put in my drawer,
I take them out and reminisce by myself

For Nami-Nee (@duckiesteasmiles). ❤

I always pictured Nico as someone who would have bottomless supply of milk carton because she wants to get taller she wants to grow even by a little and her siblings would ask her if she has any and Nico would be like ‘i got u fam’ and hands them each with one

lil Maki here found that Nico does not only carry milk but also tomato juice so she has acquired a liking to this peculiar human. she keeps her meeting with Nico a secret because she doesn’t want anyone to hog Nico the tomato juice

But RIn and Pana soon find out the bottomless supply of milk and chaos ensues lol

Mack just gets sad because she cant have Nico all by herself now


ilL draw the continuation tomorrow. (probably)