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Hi honey! I've just watch TPLOSH and I loved it! It was so gay, I hope they could have gone all the way with the gayness, but I understand why they couldn't do it. Now I want to watch more Sherlock films/series like TPLOSH ("Queer-coded" would be the word? I think) I also heard that Granada Holmes is sort of portraying Sherlock & Jhons life as a married couple in a non-explicit way, is it true? Should I watch it? Apart from Granada Holmes is there any show/film you would recommend for me? Thanks

OH NONNY What a Joy! TPLoSH is sooooo good!! :D 

Yes I do recommend Granada Holmes – it’s VERY domestic and just Jeremy is the quintessential Sherlock Holmes. You can tell how much Holmes and Watson mean to each other, and they stay together pretty much right through until the end of the series! Here’s a masterpost that’s going around for Granada, and all of them are also on

May I also recommend the Old Russian Holmes??? HOLY CRAP IT IS SO GOOD. Watson is SUCH A BABE and SO SWEET and they LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH and when Watson does get married he pretty much “LOL BAI”’s Mary all the time. Oh, and Sir Genry (It’s Henry, but I think the subs fucked it up so we laughed about that LOL) is pretty flamboyant. If you want a sampling of Russian Holmes, why not watch how Watson mourns for Sherlock? It’s literally the most depressing thing on the face of the earth and makes you want to rip off your own face. This post here sums it up nicely why it’s so gay.

Also, The Great Mouse Detective, if you haven’t seen that yet either.

Other than that, those are all I have seen. I know there’s also a femlock Holmes, thought I can’t remember the name of that one, but @cupidford would know. I have a post here of all the adaptations that I have been able to dig up, and Cupid would absolutely be able to add more to your list!

Essentially Nonny, All versions are pretty gay, but Granada and Old Russian are the best way to continue enjoying that flow :)

Why the recently cancelled Hannibal was the best drama in TV

“It’s instructive, on this note, to compare Hannibal to the HBO hit True Detective. Much of True Detective’s appeal—the stylized visuals, the over-the-top lyricism of the dialogue, the cosmic-horror undertones, the hallucinations, the thematically significant conjunction of naked lady corpse and decapitated stag head—seems practically airlifted in from Hannibal. But True Detective is almost entirely reliant on the clichés that Hannibal studiously avoids. The plot turns out to be a standard buddy-cops-catch-the-killer mystery, complete with clichéd backwoods pervert in a tumble-down shack. Every single woman, up to and including Marty’s pre-teen daughter, is primarily relevant to the plot in terms of the sexual things she does or the sexual violence that’s forced upon her. It’s not enough to have a cult of serial killers worshiping Lovecraftian Elder Gods: They have to be a cult of Elder-God-worshiping serial-killers who also gang-rape children, or else it’s just not scary. And, whenever the plot stalls, we’re magically whisked away to a strip club or a harlot’s boudoir, so as to revive our interest in the show through naked breasts…

…The standard defense for these tropes is that horror filmmakers need them to get decent scares. It’s true: Child rape is a very unpleasant thing to think about. (Although there are plenty of True Detective fans who seem to spend multiple hours per week speculating about it on Reddit). But Hannibal’s most profound accomplishment is the fact that it proves these moves are unnecessary. It never comes across as prim or neutered. It’s horrifying, both on a jump-out-of-your-seat level and a queasy psychological level. It turns out that being buried alive until your skin disintegrates, or having to rip half your own face off to save your life, or just finding out that your psychiatrist is actively trying to give you brain damage, is still pretty disturbing, even when there aren’t any gang-rapes included in the package. And the plot doesn’t suffer when women are allowed to play real roles: Speculating on Abigail Hobbs’ precise level of complicity with her father, or what Bedelia du Maurier knew about Hannibal and what she thought of it, comprised a major part of the fan theorizing during Hannibal’s first season. For feminist filmmaking to succeed as a political statement, it has to succeed at being decent film, and that’s what Hannibal does. It’s horror with a profound respect for human life, and for the human beings who watch it. That, more than anything, is why it deserves the “Best Drama on TV” label.

Sady Doyle, “Hannibal’s Feminist Take on Horror”


  • me: I'm really sorry that I'm late or really early a lot. Or I say something will take me a certain amount of time and I'm not even close. Or I forget how long its been since I've done something simple like shower or eat or talked to you. My sense of time is almost non existent and I sometimes lose chunks all together.
  • some neurotypical: oh I know what you mean! Sometimes I get on tumblr and only mean to be on for ten minutes but stay for an hour lol! You just need to learn how to manage your time better :)
  • me: *rips own jaw off face*

Janson: This isn’t The Maze, you won’t last a day in the scorch

Thomas: *loud sarcastic gasp*

Thomas: OH NO

Thomas: SAND. Sand compared to giant mutant fucking spiders that can scale walls like pros and sting you, causing you to rip your own face and your friends faces off, as well as that the maze is fucking terrorfying, dark, cold, full of dead gladers and fucking giant mutant robot spiders