rip you sick bastard

(for the hc_bingo prompt “strapped to a moving vehicle”. also known as “hey guys, i’m back from the alps and ready to make kashaw suffer B)”, bc apparently the poor boy hasn’t had enough of that in his life already.)

warnings for violence, slavery, and vaguely implied (canonical) past rape


“My best friend’s gonna kill you,” says Kashaw, conversationally, trudging along behind the cart the traders had leashed his hands to. They’d caught him unawares, stripped out of his armour and down to the waist in a rare moment of vulnerability. He’d not known there were slavers in these parts, when he’d decided to stop for the evening and take the opportunity to wash in the cold mountain river that ran alongside the road.

That’s clearly what these people are, though – slavers. There’s him, hands bound and then tied with rope to the back of a covered cart, but there’s also several others in a cage-wagon ahead of him, faces pressed wide-eyed and filthy against the bars. He can see what looks like a tiefling amongst a few humans, their reddish-dark skin standing out against the peaches and browns of the others, and what might be a goliath child, and feels the anger bubble beneath his skin.

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