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Ivonne’s 12 Days of Deadpool, #10

Spideypool x Reader

Peter and Wade give you two amazing Christmas gifts. 

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It was Christmas morning and you were resting on the couch in your apartment; nursing a warm cup of coffee. Your eyes watched in delight as wrapping paper flew in the air, as Wade ripped opened his gift from you

“Holy son of a preacher man!” Wade looked up at you, “You can’t tell but I have a huge boner right now.”

You laughed, “Now you can sharpen the twins, it’s suppose to be one of the best ones out here.”

“Thanks, sweet buns,” Wade placed the katana sharpening kit down and  stood up from the floor. He made his way to you on the couch and kissed you on the forehead.

“Baby boy, let’s go get the stuff,” Wade motioned for Peter to follow him into the second bedroom you used as an office.

Peter placed his new camera lens down and smiled at you, “Close your eyes.”

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survival-cfthe-fittest  asked:

" Good tidings bring cheer. Hearts bring hope. I wave to you as you watch me through your rifle scope." (:3)

“’Oooo, I’m En Sabah-Nuuuurr, I’m probably only gonna get post-digested flower balls on the rug from my cats for Valentine’s Day because-’” 

The rifle was almost flung out of his hands as Apocalypse waved at him.


[[ May 7th is Free Comic Book Day! Go support your local comic shop, and, if you’re lucky, meet a bunch of people who also love comics and get introduced to some new series yourself! 

Wade’s been preparing his cosplay for the whole year. Meanwhile, Nate only has a Wonder Woman shirt because he thought the logo looked cool.]]