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BREAKING NEWS: Exclusive picture of the man who recently wrote threats to Anita Sarkeesian on twitter.

He has been identified by a female police officer as Aneto Serkaasien, the CEO of the Men’s Rights Movement and president of 4chan. The (female) police officer, who conveniently asked to remain anonymous (even though she is a very brave woman), claims that Aneto is very dangerous and armed with weapons of mass misogyny.  


Robin Williams & daughter Zelda talk about their love for Ocarina of Time

I just logged on and found out about Iwata and I’m honestly in shock…. like Iwata is one of the people who has inspired me the most throughout my life and him and his work have affected me positively in more ways than I can honestly list… Thank you Iwata, for all the times you’ve made me and many other people smile and laugh and for making the world a slightly better place to live in. Rest in Peace, Iwata, you will be missed.