You know, whenever I go shopping……the person at the counter puts my groceries into bags. For a nobody like me. their hands, they’re working so hard. And it’s just for me. Those hands are stuffing my food and snacks into bags. When I see that…I feel my chest tightening. It makes me want to cry.

Happiness has a limit for me. A limit where I can’t take any more. This limit comes to me much quicker than other people. It comes even quicker than a tiny ant. 

The mailman brings up a heavy package just because I ask him to. Someone gave me an umbrella, once on a rainy day. But then…All this happiness at once, I can’t stand it. It’s much easier just to pay for it. That has to be why money exists.

A Bride for Rip Van Winkle 2016 ‘リップヴァンウィンクルの花嫁’ Directed by Shunji Iwai

Why of course!

GIF Request: Reunion with Lover: Hellsing + Millennium


He is not one to make a big deal, no matter how long he and his partner have been separated. His affection will instead show in private or while his partner is unable to react, in which he will look at them tenderly or run his fingers through their hair.


At first, she will remain calm and collected. However, when she was in front of her partner, her composure would fade and she would throw her arms around them, a soft smile on her lips as she held them tight.


She would be angry at first, screaming how they were gone for so long and she had no idea if they were even alive any more. Then, the embrace would happen, most likely brought on by her partner, as tears streamed down her face.


He would approach his long-lost love casually, remarking how he knew that they thought he would never return. They would run to him and he would catch them, playfully teasing them about their lack of faith in him.


Though no one would have known, the separation had a huge impact on Walter, and he went through a severe mourning process when you left. However, when you were in his arms again, he squeezed you hard, wanting to make sure you were real.


He would use all of his strength to sweep you up, eliciting a giggle from you. He would exclaim his happiness for all to hear as he held his most beloved in his arms once more.


It would definitely be a classic run-into-each-others’-arms deal, only going in slow motion in their heads. He would wrap them in his arms, not wanting to let go of you ever again.


The two of you would stand a bit apart, tears forming in your eyes as you looked at him from a distance, disbelieving what you were seeing. When you finally cried out his name, he would run, fast as he could, to hold you.


While her partner would be ecstatic, should act indifferent, never allowing her joy to show through after being away for so long. She would hold them, probably not realizing how long she’d been holding them.


A reunion with Schrodinger would be playful. He would lift his partner into the air, twirling them around as he laughed and shouted how much he missed them.


Her joy would be immense. She would want to dance with you before ever allowing you to hold her. She would quote every romantic line she knew before you shut her up with a kiss.


He would find you, wanting to surprise you with his return, before appearing behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist. At first, you didn’t know who he was, until he spoke your name, causing you to smile and turn to rest your head against his chest.


He would act like it was nothing, allowing his partner to run to him, probably tease them on how he didn’t recognize them. He did miss them, but his pride wasn’t going to allow them to know that.


He would want to touch every part of his partner, especially their face, when they back together. He wanted to remind himself of everything the two of you had, and somehow memorize it.