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How and when do you think Wirt told the twins about the Unknown? (Apologies if you've already talked about this.)

Never, never apologize for Wirt Pines inquiries–I would happily answer the same question fifty times if I had the chance. This is a new one, though, and, as luck would have it, one I’ve thought about a great deal. 

(Spoilers for both Over the Garden Wall and Gravity Falls follow):

Wirt always meant to tell them when they were older. Like any nervous parent, he has that tension between wanting his kids to be informed and wanting them to maintain their childhood. He looks upon his time in the Unknown as an irreplaceable gift–one that shaped him as a person and changed his perspective forever. At the same time, he wants to protect his own children from the darkness he encountered in those woods. He understands that telling them might arm them against that darkness, but it’s easier said than done. His irrational urge is to keep his children and the Unknown in separate boxes for fear that some horror should reach out its ghastly fingers and touch them. They’re so unspoiled, so innocent. So he puts off the talk.

Eventually, however, observing them and fearing for them, he realizes that what he would like best would be for them to have their own journey, like the one that he and Greg had–but safe. Of course, he knows that safety would undercut the purpose of such a thing, but he’s only human and, to be fair, dropping them both in a frozen pond is hardly a viable option. He sees the summer trip to Gravity Falls as an opportunity for them to have an adventure in safe surroundings, under the watchful eye of a relative he trusts (at this point, of course, he believes Stanley to be Stanford, his grandfather Filbrick’s golden child–he’s quite estranged from his father’s side of the family, so there’s a lot he isn’t aware of. There is a watchful eye in the picture, but it isn’t Stan’s). 

When Mabel and Dipper land in Gravity Falls–and by this time Wirt is hard at work, using their time away as an opportunity to write that account of the Unknown he’s always meant to write–they’re shockingly uninformed about their family’s supernatural history. Dipper would flip his lid if he knew that his boring dad had been one acquainted with the night. And so Wirt doesn’t tell them the whole story until they’ve found a few things out for themselves, until Dipper’s arms are scarred by forks and Mabel has ripped the unicorn out of her favorite sweater, until he’s kicked himself good and hard for not giving them the warning that they needed. 

And yet…there are things, little unexplained strangenesses–black turtles, as it were–that might, like a constellation, have formed a larger picture if they only had the context for it. Why does their father linger in graveyards, and why does he talk to birds? Why has he always placed so much emphasis on their getting along, as though to do otherwise might put them in danger? Why does he act so strange when the weather turns, alert and alive in the high winds of October, half-dead in the first December snowfall? Why do he and their uncle Greg seem, sometimes, to speak a language entirely their own? Why does he refer to his black moods as “the Beast”?

also who the FUCK coded unicorns to be so aggressive in oblivion if they’re gonna stick the ‘ride’ action symbol in there when you hover over it like you walk up to it expecting to have a magical frolick through the swamps of cyrodiil but instead you get ass kicked and your dreams broken 

0/10 i demand a refund, personally, from todd howard


And just like that a lesser spotted ninja unicorn appears *tadaaaaaa*

- Yvonne attends the TIFF/InStyle/HFPA Party, September 10, TIFF.

Our campaign, for a bit of backstory. We were all aboard a ship (by many different means) that eventually ends up sucked onto a moving island, that none have ever escaped, theres a small city in the works, and crashed ships are used to build more, and the survivors usually add to the population.

A ship crashed, and we get ourselves a world renowned cook from the omnomicron (or something like that) a cook book for cooking magical creatures. We have Lulu, the possible insane Rogue Goblin, and Sha Ta'hir, a decent Teifling Paladin.

Sha ta'hir: You, I know who you are and what you do, and i’m against it. I’m giving you this one chance to tell me now what ingredients you have. If you try to hide anything I will find it, and if its horrible, I will kill you.

The DM rolls to see what the cook has with him, one item.
Dm: oh, shit well.. rip man.

Cook: Powdered Unicorn horn, in the chest over there.

Sha Ta'hir:….. what the fuck. You’re dead, I’m killing you, you’re dead.

Lulu: You can’t kill him! You said you would if he hid anything, he isn’t hiding anything!

Sha Ta'hir: it’s fucking powdered unicorn horn

severely underrated things from last night’s episode 

  • mabel finally gets a side plot that has nothing to do with a boy
  • and it was actually really good 
  • wendy is the true feminist icon
  • that gnome cop sting scene was actually the goddamn funniest thing i’ve ever seen 
  • that scene where mabel realizes she’s been played and rips the unicorn off her sweater like damn. the “your heroes aren’t infallible and are actually awful people who sometimes play with your emotions for fun” is unfortunately a very relatable thing for me and a lot of people with abusive parents and i’m really happy to see the lesson that you shouldn’t base your worth on what they think shown to kids because i know it really would’ve meant a lot to me when i was younger
  • “mabel’s sins”
  • when mabel clocked a unicorn in the face and came away with blood on her fist
  • “everyone wants sausage but no one wants to know how its made”   
  • that side plot was just totally not what i imagined it would be and for that i am glad 
  • grunkle stan only had 10 seconds of screen time but he used each one wisely
  • that whole “morality is relative” thing was sort of played for laughs at the end but that is such an important message. everyone has different morals and you’re not a bad person if you violate someone else’s ridiculously high expectations. perfection is unattainable, and you don’t need anyone’s validation. that is just so important to teach to young girls wow 
  • “if there was an owl in this bag he would be long dead”
  • finally an answer for why there was so much bill imagery in the shack 
  • one of dipper’s thoughts was “i miss Tyrone” and that absolutely breaks my heart. this boy really needs to open up to someone