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it’s almost been like 3 years since i started watching jack???, i remember the first video i watched was the evie video where she said his real name. now seeing how far the channel and he has come it’s really insane thinking that i’ve been around in the community for that long to sEE that happen. i still haven’t watched him that much in the past couple months but nitw is really good so far (i’m only on episode 4 rip angus is my fave i lovE). in these past 3 years jack has been the only reason i watched youtube and got a tumblr, and even though i have a new fandom (haAAAA;;;;; ONE LOOK AT MY BLOG AND YOU’LL KNOw) i still really love his videos and who he is, so even though i don’t post about him as often now don’t think it’s because i’ve stopped liking him, because honestly i think that’s impossible. jack’s always gonna be my fave no matter how many channels i watch. xD :))

congrats boiiiii


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I was going to draw cute sexy times to lift spirits but i thought abt namjin and sugamon in this au and i just ended up watering my succulents w my tears again

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I am looking for hate free SQ blogs. It's kind of a hassle to find good ones. Do you have some recommendations? :)

!!! yes i do my friend 

@ginnyparrilla @regiinamilfs @charmingsregina @snowscharming @braveswarrior (posts sq stuff as well as other ships) @miss-swan @sassqueenregina @reginasevilpanda @swan-queeen @swansmayor

i don’t follow that many people but i think all these blogs are chill and top quality!! 

man·lyˈ/manlē/ adjective -having or denoting those good qualities traditionally associated with men, such as courage and strength.

Tae likes to think he’s manly 24/7


illustration © attack on titan: lost girls by seko hiroshi

a very merry late christmas to attackthekilljoy! ta-dah, i’m your secret santa. i wasn’t sure what you wanted, so i hope this graphic isn’t too disappointing. i hope you had a great holiday!


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Quality dropped because I ripped these through puush. //cries

I was catching up on @baraschino‘s blog when I realized how much I appreciated these faces, so of course, my natural reaction was to compile them so I could admire them later.

If a girl could smirk like this to me irl, I would probably fall for them in that moment.

Trying to edit on mobile so I apologize if formatting is shit ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

I got permission from baraschino to post! Sorry for not including that in my initial post!

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hey bud! i rlly like your bog and your content + i'm very new to this fandom so do you have any blog recommendations on who i should follow?

afadfkskvjjhsg thank you! If only youd found me/got into this stuff like 3 months ago when I actually actively blogged, RIP I’m sorry @ my 12 followers. Anyways, I assume ur thinking haikyuu fan art when u say content & fandom. I’m on mobile so I can’t recommend u every single quality hq blog I follow, but heres a list of some (mix of bloggers and artists):

@priintaniere / @mochiiron (RIIN IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND HER DAISUGA ART IS TO DIE FOR), @tsukishimmers @burningocean @ohohohobro @ikipin @i-nu-ko @sassysugawara @suga-swan @kagehina @karasuno @lametooru @craziiwolf @blackandorange @burningocean @karasuno @kagehina @kuro-ken @kuroushi @lametooru @naydeity @ohmilk @pussycat-scribbles @reallycorking @viria @vivasimplemindedness @viktvr @yankasmiles

aksdjjahf my dumb ass phone deleted half of the blogs I rec’d right as I was about to post this. But I think I got them all back- just 4 u anon

possible hiatus?

so my laptop charger broke today, which is gonna make it difficult to post any digital art given that my pc is gonna die pretty soon here and i’ll have no way of reviving the meantime, i might post some traditional art instead, although im a little on the fence about it just because id like to keep the style/quality of art on this blog consistent. 

so just a heads up, there may either be a break in vaporeons or some traditional vaporeons, haven’t decided yet.


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Oh my gosh every 6 weeks I was thinking like no shorter than like every skating season or like 6months maybe but probably longer, I was way off rip. Do Victors gold blades actually exist and if so can it be assumed they're more expensive?

Victors blades do exist! There are several theories going around about which particular brand they are, but this blog believes that they are custom John Wilson’s.

The blades would be fairly expensive because a) the quality, but also the gold color would add to the expense because they’re probably custom, since there are very few gold blades on the market. 

Yuuri’s are actually identified, because you can see the brand name in one close-up shot. 

It should be noted that most younger skaters are moving away from Victor and Yuuri’s more classic blade design, toward the models with the diagonal stanchions that are still as strong but lighter in weight. 


a comment i received from my friend and i’m feeling the decision to look for more blogs (rip) so if you have quality:

• aesthetic
- like pastels, scenery, sky, plants, etc.
• photography
• music
• fashion (esp project runway bc i get into that!)
• aesthetic (pls)
• humor
• manga/anime edits/caps
• free!
• haikyuu!! (i’m awful)
• gangsta. (i’d really like more)
• nge
• snk

so if that’s you, please like/reblog (if you reblog, putting what you have in the tags would be A+ and super helpful btw) and i’ll check out your blog! thank you!!!