rip sean taylor

Eli deserved so much more than any of the victims on Scream

because Kieran ruined his life in many ways. He fucked with everything in his life and made him miserable. He killed ppl he cared about. He turned everyone against him. He got ppl to think he’s a bad person and a pervert. He got him a criminal record. He made him look like the bad guy and Kieran is his fucking blood. Eli tried to help figure out who the killer is and protect Emma because he actually cared about her. He’s considered a hero. He got killed trying to help and rescue her. Like, Kieran has a fucked up mind to be able to do this shit. But man, Eli Hudson was once again one innocent soul taken in this show. Eli got no credit for being a normal person but got credit for being sneaky and creepy but all this time he was good and just needed proof about Kieran. Even when he died and after they didn’t talk about the fact that he was innocent of everything from the beginning.. RIP Eli 💟💟💟💟

Still Thinking About Redskins Player Sean Taylor

On the morning of November 27, Redskins player Sean Taylor was still alive in my mind. Still alive when I walked into class that morning and pulled out my laptop. He had been shot the day before, and I’d even joked in a semi-depressed way to some friends about how there goes Sean Taylor, again getting into trouble. Last I’d heard when I went to sleep the night before, I thought he was stable but facing a long recovery. If anything, I was worrying about when he was going to be able to play again that season. Then I opened up my Facebook wall that morning, and I saw my friend Paul had written “dude man.. i cant believe sean taylor died.. it’s so sad”.

And I rushed to and tried to read the story. Because I couldn’t believe he was dead. And I couldn’t believe I cared about him playing later in the season when it turned out his life was in peril. And I really could not believe that he was actually dead. Then I sat there in class, not knowing what else to think about.

Sean Taylor’s death consumed my thoughts for the next few weeks, and it still consumes me whenever I think about it, and whenever it’s around this time of year when the anniversary of his death comes up on the horizon.

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