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International Programmers’ Day

Person A asks for Person B, a programmer, to write the code for a site/game/app for them. Person B accepts it and decide to add some hidden things (like Easter eggs, maybe a hidden room in a game, a secret button in a site, etc.) telling how they feel about Person A.

George Harrison, Pattie Boyd, John, Cynthia and Julian Lennon at the Lennons home, Kenwood, late March 1965, photographed by Henry Grossman (Photo source: Brandeis Magazine)

“My mum taught me how to turn everything around: you just kill people with kindness. There is no need to be mean, nasty or cruel to anybody.” - Julian Lennon, The Telegraph, 23 May 1998


Actress and activist Anna “Patty” Duke has passed away at the age of 69. Her career began in the late-1950’s and as a child she won an Academy Award for her role as Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker. From 1963-1966 she starred in her own television sitcom. Outside of acting, she also had a successful recording career. Both her career and personal life were tumultuous, due in part to an undiagnosed bipolar disorder. The diagnosis came in 1982 , and five years later she wrote about it candidly in her autobiography, Call Me Anna. Much of her life since the 1980’s was devoted to educating the public about mental illness, as well as providing support for those suffering from mental illness.

She is perhaps best known to fans of Sharon Tate as Neely O'Hara in 1967’s Valley of The Dolls. The two women became friends during the production, and would remain friends for the rest of Sharon’s life. Ms. Duke attended the February 1968 Los Angeles wedding reception for Sharon and Roman Polanski, and would often socialize with Sharon when their busy schedules allowed it. In 1968 Sharon and Roman moved into Duke’s house on Summitridge Drive. Sources claim that the couple had wanted to buy the home from Duke, who was happy to sell, but her then-husband raised the price which angered Polanski, and the couple moved out. Even though the sale of the house fell through, the friendship between the women remained.

Some of the kindest words about Sharon were said by Ms. Duke, and I along with many other fans, thank her for them.

She was a great woman who accomplished a great amount of good in her 69 years. She will truly be missed.


Okay, I’m not one to hate on a ship, but is it me or Westallen is just getting worse and worse ?
I mean, from the beginning their storyline has been lame, even though I’m a sucker for the best friends to lovers trope, and also the actors have no chemistry at all!
I mean, Grant Gustin has chemistry with literally every other actor on the show, but this ship is really bad.
RIP Barry x Patti.