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What did you think of Frank muttering "classy" under his breath when Karen shot him down with that "I should take your word on that?" I JUST !


Here’s my take, okay – Frank mutters it because she just took his genuine explanation (aka: The Frank Castle Apology) that he struggled with really vocalizing for the first time (when Matt accused Frank of being unhinged in his methods/beliefs, Frank just knocked him out cold) and Karen seems to consider it, only to throw it back in his face. SHE’S UNYIELDING.

She thrusts the picture of his family in his face, right, and then she agrees to talk to him alone, but as soon as he’s giving into recollecting that tragic day like she wants, she gets overwhelmed by his emotions and tries to leave. It turns awkward. And I think the fact that Karen showed that emotion and then stays despite being uncomfortable when he says ‘please’ is what makes him try to formulate this explanation. 

It’s not really necessary – but Frank wants to address it. He wants to move past it because she’s not just a truth-seeker, she’s an incredibly compassionate person, and if they move past it then there’s no lingering doubts.

And maybe it’s a little bit of a test, because IMO he does that with her a lot – he tests her reactions, her beliefs. He tests to really find out the depth of who she is, how she thinks, and mostly I think to be sure she’s not placating or lying or acting deceptively in any way.

I just love the progression of this dialogue so freaking much because you can see WHY he’d be caught off guard by that response. She takes in his information, she explores his psyche. He gets a little vulnerable again, at the end. And then she rejects him.

F: You were never in any danger.
K: What?
F: The other night. Babysitting that shit brick, running around with that Grotto. I just– I only hurt people that deserve it. I wanted you to know that.
K: You think he deserved it?
F: I do….. You know he used to do hits for the Irish? Huh? One time, he shot an old lady because she saw his face…. I guess he– He didn’t tell you that, huh? Yeah. The point is, you were safe, okay? I just… wanted you to know that.
K: Guess I’m just supposed to take your word on that.
F: Classy.

When it comes to the word choice, I’ve kinda settled on him muttering ‘classy’ because she’s so blunt about it. She doesn’t sugar-coat the blatant dismissal or the hard look in her eyes and she turns away immediately afterwards in the body language equivalent of 'I’m done’ when they both know full well that she has that power – the power to end this conversation entirely if she wants to, because she’s the one that can leave, she’s not the one strapped to a bed.

Which is why I think Frank immediately follows it up more urgently with an explanation of his skills and “Point is, if I wanted you dead, you’d be dead.”


The scene in 2.07 after the court outburst by one of his victim’s kids.

K: I need you to take the stand.
F: Come on, for what? Why would I–
K: The jury has to know what happened to you, what you go through every single day. After this afternoon I don’t think we have any other shot.
F: What? And what do you think is gonna happen here? We’re not gonna win this thing.
K: No, but we can still reduce the charges. Look, that might not be important to you, but it is important to me. All of them, they all think that you’re a monster. But I know that you’re not. You’re not!
F: You sure about that? …What if I find these men that did that to my family? What if– What if nothing changes? What if this is just me now?
K: …Then don’t you deserve to know that, too?

Frank takes in her information, listens and explores the possibilities vulnerably with her. Karen thinks they’ve reached an agreement (which, contrary to the hospital, they actually have). And then other factors intercede and he explodes on the stand, brutally disregarding her help and opinion of him.

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do you have any otps?

aph ro and financial prosperity


A single soul dwelling in two bodies…

Variations of “Two Men in Love.

Yes, that’s really a quote on friendship. XD

I said I have “another version.” I meant… I have “other versions.” Because I can’t decide which looked better haha! I actually took a reaaaaaally loooooooong time in deciding what the BG would be. So yeah it was just a gray BG for the longest time.

Guess which one I made first? And if you think it’s the one without clothes…….. Yes. (◡‿◡✿)

It’s great for anatomy practice, I’m telling you. XD
Hope you guys like this! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


No matter how much we fought…

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Here's some angst: we all think about Shiro having nightmares about the galra prison, but, Instead, what if he's having a really nice dream about Keith, Keith's smile, his uniform, stargazing, sparring and grinning and touching their noses together and suddenly Keith has a strange look on his face and then Shiro wakes up in pain in a dark place millions of miles from Earth and he doesn't think he'll ever see Keith again????

why are you like this

I will love you like the desert burns along the sun when they are 
and when you will be gone,
just like every one else,
I will cry for you like the snow that melts at the first hint of
and hoping that you'll be back
I will miss you like the clouds lose themselves when it rains...
—Sanhita Baruah